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  1. Miiicky

    F1 Mobile parts optimizer online service

    As well we opened a new page - Parts library, where you can find an image of part and levels for that part. FYI. You can add new data about some parts by click on levels table or send email f1mobilecalc@gmail.com
  2. Miiicky

    Events - points calculation

    FYI It's our data table. Feel free to add some comments with new data here
  3. Miiicky

    Events - points calculation

    Hey! Thank you for feedback. I think it's your calculations? first, second? So it calculates correctly. A small explanation of how it calculates. When you add a new part - you are adding Score number. Which means the sum of aerodynamics, brakes, power etc. in this part. Service doesn't know about how much power or brakes the part gives you. It knows only the sum of these indicators. And it calculates the best combination based on the maximum of R&D points. We are thinking about creating an option for calculating the best combination for power or aerodynamics as well. But in this case, you should fill in many more fields in each part (look attachment). Instead of sum(score) - you should fill in power, aero, lightweight, handling Based on that, at first, we want to create a library with all existing parts and have all data about these parts. Then you can easily choose your part from a library, and not fill each time this numbers
  4. Miiicky

    Events - points calculation

    It's just a picture (example). Add button adds a new part, and you should fill the field with your part. Yes, if you add all your parts - it will tell you the best points combination. We think about adding all parts to the database, but can't find all properties to them
  5. Miiicky

    Events - points calculation

    This is service my friend made for fans of the game F1 Mobile. Do you have a lot of parts and can't find the perfect set? Enter all the details in the fields and we will calculate the best combination! f1mobile.herokuapp.com