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  1. Background info: PS4, v1.08, Monza single player full race distance, 108% AI, McLaren Lando Norris, cockpit camera. This bug has happened before on F1 2019 and now multiple times on F1 2020. The ERS battery life amount percentage is usually in yellow then goes to red when very low. I race in cockpit camera and when I spotted a car behind having an engine failure, I quickly pressed instant replay/flashback button and followed that car's cockpit camera as its engine went and then quit flashback to the pause menu and resumed my race. The ERS percentage is now white and always stays white. When onboard with the failing car it turns the colour to white and then it seems all other cars bug to white when you carry on having looked at cockpit cam. Image attached is my cockpit camera on Lando Norris after I unpaused and you can see mine is now white instead of yellow.
  2. Jackminda

    Perez overpowered

    Glad others have spotted this. I adjust my difficulty setting so I can have a good battle between P7-10 area. Everytime I see the results, Perez has stormed through and finishes a good 10-15s infront of next car. Compare it to Stroll who is miles behind and laps a lot slower.
  3. Jackminda

    Perez overpowered

    I thought I could live with this but it really is starting to ruin the realism(?) of the game. I always do 100% race distance with AI minimum of 100% and it doesn't matter where Perez starts, he always finishes 'best of the rest'. It just baffles me sometimes when you are in rhythm lapping about 0.3s faster than others (I drive as Norris) but you find out Perez is always lapping nearly a second faster. Is it just me noticing this?
  4. So I did a one-shot qualifying at Austin and qualified 8th. Then as I start the race, I notice a Williams in ghost mode between row 2 and 3 on the right side parked up. As the lights go out, it goes solid once in a gap and not overlaying any cars. So I checked the race director to see where it actually qualified and noticed it was 19th! Never had this happen before, any ideas? *note on the race director screen it shows Russell in 9th as that was a few seconds later after I paused at turn 1. PS4, v1.15, one-shot qualifying into full length race on single player mode.