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  1. Hi, He is "NSR_avakgunn" who I hit in the final laps, he is in a Williams which is quite relevant for the L15/16 clip. I had some time to go through my stream today and found something interesting or at least I thought it was. It seems like the desync happened quite early and before the SC, the first time I am able to see it is on lap 8. The desync might have happened earlier, but we were quite far apart from the start. I am at the back and on M-S he is at the front on S-M. The tire changes started around L7 for the field. Looks like the game shows his time on my time table every t
  2. I think you have just proven my point. Have you read Barry's post? The patch will address 1 of 2 identified issues and he says there might be a separate thread. Then I provided him with specific clips that were similar to point 2 and he responded the following: interested, this is a update on the highest priority issues from this thread. Create reports for these and we'll look in the normal procedure. So please create another thread were you are ranting and keep this relative to multiplayer with specific issues, so this isn't filled up with rants and spam a
  3. Yeah, I bet they use graphical designers to solve network issues…… if they did it would maybe explaine every thing though
  4. Good to see the game is fixed now, but because the aren't many reports being submitted although CM have stated they are interested and having difficulties reproducing one of the issue. All I see is some spam about some work probably done by graphical designers, who probably shouldn't/can't be working on network issues anyway.....
  5. A detailed description of the issue. My nickname: NewbieTubey Desync during a league race today. Short Q, formation lap and 50% race distance. Last lap I am approaching what I think is P1 and P2, but I cant see NSR_avakgunn in P3 and I take him out. I also take him out on the spectator stream, but this was just barely caugth/visible. Report Code KHVJ-DGPA-TPGE-GTVG Platform? PC [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? 14 players 2 Spectator [ONLINE] Were you the host? No. Sincus was the host. His connection was gre
  6. A detailed description of the issue. My nickname: NewbieTubey Desync during a 5 lap open lobby with no Q and random grid, 4th of October at approximately 23:15 GMT+1 KBD_Viking and KBD_Pedro kan see each other and KBD_Viking can see me, but I can't see KBD_Pedro. I was only able to avoid KBD_Pedro because we communicated on Discord. This also happened in an earlier race that same evening, but I don't have a clip of that situation. Report Code CGVB-HTAC-AHCP-TVVG Platform? PC [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? 19 players
  7. Hi, So to be clear you only want us to submit bug reports where the red cross is visible over our own or an opponents car? I.e you are not interested in these types of clips/issues since it will most likely be fixed on the 1.12 patch and no red cross is visible? PC-League 1 PC-Same race as "League 1" PC-Random League
  8. Ok, thx. I should have read the post above as well, were they state that they have tried.
  9. Out of curiosity, has anybody attempt to use the LAN option remotely? I mean open up the network and let players join the same network as the host, does that make any difference?
  10. CM isn't exactly on the top of my Christmas card list atm and EA....lets not go there. But this was posted 2 months ago and do we know that the e-sport version does not have these issues? I don't mind anybody venting frustration, but can it be done in relation to the desync/MP issue which is the topic and show CM the issues we experience.
  11. Hi, Not tested an E-sport qualification myself, but have watched Jarno do it. Isn't this just a scenario where a player set a time an submit it and technically not relevant to Multiplayer? I want them to fix the issue as well, but is not like they are bragging about a massively great multiplayer experience or promoting sales here? Hopefully the issues we are having are fixed before this years e-sports starts and if it is not fixed by next year I don't care, because I won't be playing it anymore. Can we keep the thread relevant to desync issues on MP?
  12. Hi @BarryBL, From what I have read you are doing testing right now. To my understanding F1 2021 uses P2P, or at least thats I understood the previous games did. For online lobbies It is probably hard to give any advice, but for online leagues the players communicate and set some of the parameters our selves. I have tried to find any pattern in this, but with only one race a week it is difficult. Practice is usually with less cars, but desync happens. Is related to migrating host? SC? Should we try and remake lobbies after Q with custom grid? Internet connection recommen
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