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  1. MostWantedGTR

    Problems with Curtain Races

    Are they going to fix this because it's been awhile since the game breaking update ? And after so many crashes and freezing, my save data got corrupted (Saved it from a Backup copy)
  2. MostWantedGTR

    Problems with Curtain Races

    I'll keep on editing my original post with more details when i find more problems
  3. MostWantedGTR

    Problems with Curtain Races

    If u do a Hot Lab Qualifying and finish it, the game will freeze on the results page and if u complete the race, it crashes the game Also problems with the second round in Modified Pro Tour were it freezes as well Don't know why but it's just not playable for that race at all and don't know if that was before the update or after But the other races work fine Man there's alot of freezing on some races Game has crashed and froze so many times today Hard to play when u can't continue the career Console - PS4