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  1. I can confirm the issue, we had it as well. A detailed description of the issue. Even though both players ended the qualifying session we still had to watch the bots drive Report Code EHTE-ABVC-KHHG-VKMG Platform? PC Game-mode? Co-op Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 2 - @AcEPereZ and me [ONLINE] Were you the host? no, he was [P
  2. Yeah you're right. Also in multiplayer 101, 102 etc are used for other players. Not a smart move from the game devs, but you can separate them pretty good. In my code I have some conditionals which don't look pretty, but work fine for me: - if AI controlled lookup name by driver ID - if it's a local game (e.g. My Team) use the Name in the Participants packet - but this is uppercase, so with first & last name you have to handle it correctly (which I don't do yet) - if it's a network game just use "Player {ID}" (how can it take so long to just send the username in telemetry data?)
  3. +1 for this answer, such a thing is always mutually beneficial. We find bugs while developing and our programs may bring more people to the game or keep them here longer. But nowadays game devs tend to give influencers earlier access than 3rd party devs 🤷‍♂️ On another note, here are the additional IDs for F2 2020 that @Hoo was unable to add to the docs yet: Teams: 70: ART Grand Prix 71: Campos Racing 72: Carlin 73: Charouz Racing System 74: DAMS 75: UNI-Virtuosi Racing 76: MP Motorsport 77: Prema Racing 78: Trident 79: BWT HWA Racelab 80: Hitech Grand Prix
  4. Someone wrote a python tool here, maybe you can use this as an example. This has been discussed multiple times already. Codemasters claim they can't send the username because of data protection rules (which is ridiculous). As a workaround I use "Player" and the Driver ID in the ParticipantsData packet. I thought after two months there would be some updates here, but it looks like telemetry isn't important enough compared to all the other bugs that need fixing. Maybe there'll be some updates in F1 2021.
  5. While I understand this thought I don't expect everyone to read all 6 previous pages if the official documentation still states: If someone would be able to keep his first post updated or include an FAQ with stuff like "what about delta?" then this thread would only be half as long.
  6. I think I have noticed an issue in the Final Classification packet. When I start a Grand Prix race, drive a bit and then end the session I am shown as DNF in the game, but the result status is 4, which is documented as disqualified. So either the docs are wrong (like the undocumented result of 7) or the wrong result is sent.
  7. I'm not sure if this is what he meant. In my Go telemetry program I store all the information I get from the game and build my own arrays from that. These are then sorted by the CarPosition property and from there you can access any information of the driver in the specific spot.
  8. First thing: Please get the Player name thing sorted out. As others said other racing sims have been doing this for years... There's absolutely no personal information connected to this, especially on Steam you can change your name and imitate other people without any problems. This is really ridiculous. Apart from this I could find some missing/wrong information in your docs: 1.) Historic teams missing in the Team IDs: 63: Ferrari 1990 64: McLaren 2010 65: Ferrari 2010 2.) VisualTyreCompound values for F2 differ from F1 In the Car Status Package the com
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