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  1. Hajora

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    sorry for that , the word was c.r.a.p. . I m german , so my first language is not english , thought it means " bad" . But thats no reason to delete a complete post , normaly the part which is against the rules or filters gets deleted and and is marked with " Deleted by Mod , because ..." so the User can see what he did wrong.
  2. PS4 pro: Game freeze a few times while choosing a car in quickmatch lobby
  3. Hajora

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    which multiplayer achievement do you want ? "Play the same quickmatch 2500 times" ????? Nothing more is possible
  4. Hajora

    [GRID 2019] Multiplayer Thread

    Still the same Quickmatch races for 5 weeks *slow clap*
  5. Hajora

    Codemasters please read this to save this game :)

    they are not able to change the quickmatchevents for 4 weeks , so.......
  6. Hajora

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    some things/questions about quick match: when will the track /car combinations change? its getting really boring to drive the same events again and again. why is the AI still making laptimes under 10 seconds? why does the system give me a rented car when i own all cars in class ? when i choose a car , i must do that up to 3 times to get MY car , with my paint , that really stupid. would be nice to get an answer to that questions :)
  7. Hajora

    AI in Mutilplayer

    This stupid AI starts killing the game. After a clean overtaking they attack you and crash you into the wall . Have you rent the AI from Wreckfest ?? And in the Timeattacks the AI stands around in the corners , dont know what to do , you try to overtake and they attack the Player. This is the badest MP i have ever seen
  8. Hajora

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi , has this game regio lock ? i never see players from America or Aussies (PS4) , i m in europe
  9. Hajora

    Crash reports and resulting steps - updates here

    PS4 pro: crashes in MP after the 3 races are finish in the loading screen back to lobby CE-34878 , i use controller