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  1. HI @Dashea, Sorry for the delay, we have BETA 2 running so we are a little stretched. Can you confirm a separate account on the same PC, works as designed on Multiplayer? Just we have something logged that sounds similar currently under investigation.
  2. May need another video of the crashes then. Can you advance sessions, or are you now stuck?
  3. Seems theres bigger issues you have are having here. Consider a full re-install.
  4. Yes. Consider turning them off if you have a MyTeam save/ custom livery in 'Customisation'
  5. If you have an livery/race-suit that isn't able to have sponsors on it (racenet, we race as one...), change it to an customizable.
  6. Locked, and users in DM's contacted. Not needed here. Apologies to @Therius281094, who asked a valid question
  7. We will be needing report codes on this, found in the pause menu. Adding these will help.
  8. Check your Steam chat's @massa88 as I'm awaiting a response for your tag 🙂
  9. Hi everyone, Season is over and winners are to be announced shortly (we are deciding over a tie at the moment) All users who raced 8 or more races have received a tag of 'Challenger' and I am awaiting final confirmation for the full list of award winners before adding those on. Update: Full Winners below: Drivers Champion: @UP100 Constructors Champions : Ferrari, made of @UP100, @NUKE05, @GobouSann and @PAPRYKK Most Improved: @Bonedog225 Community Drivers - Tied Result: @massa88 and @Pirier Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks for a great season!
  10. Yes please. I'm not too well versed in Stadia, so have to refer this to the team. So any report you get from your group, please add on here. Does this happen in single player game modes for you too.
  11. Delete the extra preset, and try using the Stadia controller. Have others users you know seen this too? Can you get them to make a report. May be worth removing all of your custom control schemes and trying again on the defaults and reporting back.
  12. We're contacting Google to see if theres any issue, however, we've made no changes. Maybe its worth looking into your lobby stability too, and try and see if this happens in other sessions with a differnet host? Does it happen in every lobby?
  13. How long has this been happening @Scanline? Also, what controller are you using? It's just 1.18 has been out for a few months and we've had no reports on this elsewhere. Does this happen to other players? How about if you have a different host?
  14. You are missing replication information and how you made it happen. Also, what troubleshooting have you done?
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