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  1. Moved to 'World Of Motorsport' as this is certainly not an F1 topic
  2. BarryBL

    [Solved] F1 2019 Won't Launch

    People may have got it to work, but I've never seen it and tbh, I wouldn't recommend it at all. 60Hz is for sure the initial diagnosis here. We have options for 50Hz and 60Hz, but not for 30Hz
  3. BarryBL

    f1 2019 crash

    @Malvarezr have you tried some of our wider troubleshooting tips below. Also does this happen at just one track or circuit. Could you add a video so we can possibly see where in the game cycle the crashes happen?
  4. BarryBL

    Problème de beug

    All, this is a English speaking forum. Please follow forum rules so others can contribute
  5. BarryBL

    f1 2019 crash

    Please complete a full bug report.
  6. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Yes mate, we're racing. Standings are live too. Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes split by 7 points off memory for P2 in the Constructors, P1 Alfa Romeo
  7. BarryBL

    Multiplayer Issue

    @serdarcoban the bug reporting template is in green at the top of the page. Okay, I find it difficult to recommend anything else here. Player B and C are on 'strict' NAT types, and A is on 'moderate'. Twinned with the more unstable wireless connection, I'm not surprised that you are running into issues. As tested by our league, wired connection is vital to stable multiplayer gameplay. Try to move to wired connections and 100% consider changing your NAT type to Type 1 (or at least Player C to type 2) to get moving.
  8. Bonjour, 

    Je vous ai envoyé un message avec un fichier des beug qui se produisent avec F1  2019, mais je ne sais pas si je l'ai envoyé au bon endroit ?

    Merci de votre réponse

    1. BarryBL


      This is an English-speaking forum

      To log a bug, you must create a thread on the 'Technical Assistance' sub-forum and complete the template in full.

  9. BarryBL

    Pit stop glitch

    @Roberto31 please post a complete bug report.
  10. BarryBL

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    Nothing I can confirm at this time.
  11. have sent a DM re: insider problem. thanks so much for helping us out dude!

  12. Being a newbie to the CM forums, I mistakenly posted a comment on the beta testing on the wrong forum yesterday. 
    I believe it was deleted by a moderator. 
    Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for my faux pas. 

    1. BarryBL


      No worries @Rebop as long as it was sorted.


    2. senna94f1


      I dont want to scoff but didn't you say people have more chance to beta test if they posted in the right way about bugs 

      Well that's what a few of us were led to believe. 

      No worries. 

  13. This has been a nice break from BETA to read through. Yeah, racing incident IMO. And I've seen some incidents 😛
  14. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    @B37 WHEEZE, wanna jump in?
  15. BarryBL

    Udp 2020

    To comment on the UDP stuff, I have an update. Our plan is to release this after the BETA is complete, and we have a 'locked in' spec. It's mostly there in truth, we just want it to be right of course. We are confident that, all goes well, we can release earlier than game release for sure. We'll get it available as soon as we can, we just don't want discussion generated on the main forums about the BETA, which has happened in the past. But to answer your question @AlexTT, yes we will make it available before release and plan to as soon as we can as long as all goes well.