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  1. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Yes. So to confirm, you have tried ALL the steps in the attached earlier, because you didn't mention the Verification of Steam files, removing mods etc. Also, please attach a DXdiag too.
  2. Hi @poggiaus When you mention in the title 'again', what was the cause for this first time and the fix?
  3. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Can you tried all the troubleshooting in this:
  4. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    What troubleshooting have you attempted?
  5. BarryBL

    changeable default Setups Bug.

    Hi @Tris543, Apologies, little confusing to my brain. So, what you are reporting is that your saved setup doesn't load? You started in Time Trail to make the setup, then went to Unranked, and loaded it. Then it didn't work?
  6. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Thanks @HOKAGE, a bug report is still needed however.
  7. Hi @Worthingtonio, Can't see the video I'm afraid. If you can repost somewhere and send me the URL, I can take a look. Did you know the host, or was it a drop-in Unranked session
  8. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Hi @HOKAGE, A completed bug report will be helpful. Can you confirm the names of your livery/suit and gloves from your game please
  9. BarryBL

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    Hi @Aparow3, Understandable, and your level of reporting issues is very high. However, as you are aware, we can't replicate some of the issues, and some of the ones you have experienced in the past seem to be limited to you, or if not, a very few select people and we cannot replicate internally. We need internal replicate so we can analyse the code, and see where the issue is. Without it, it's very hard to drill down and find the culprit, let alone a fix we are confident in. But please keep reporting issues, as I will try to replicate them. So far however, no replication.
  10. BarryBL

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Hi, Thanks for reporting your issue. However, we do need a complete bug report in order to gain all the details needed to replicate and troubleshoot your issue. A template is here for you to copy and paste in your answers: Please complete the report when possible, as we do need all the details below to replicate your problem. What game mode is this in? Are you in Leagues? Do you have a league name at all? Many thanks, Barry.
  11. BarryBL

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    Hi @Aparow3 Is there a gamemode where this happens more than others. Do you know the numbers for replication at all ( so the amount of times happened vs amount of times tried). I have a Series S at home, so I can try to replicate some of these if possible.
  12. Hi everyone, Firstly, thanks for the enthusiasm with the new trailer release. With most discussion and requests at this stage, I can only comment on what's in the trailer or answer some questions from the text that came with it. I understand the passion for more detail, and we will be giving more and more detail the closer we get towards July 16. If I don't answer your question right now, I'm not ignoring you, its just more than likely I can't talk about it at this stage. As well as getting myself a one-way ticket to a LOT of trouble (understandably so 😛 ), speculating on a new release is a part of the excitement and the fun of a new game being announced. However, once I have any news I can publish, I'll add it to the forums so everyone can see 👍
  13. BarryBL

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind messages, really appreciate it. Was nice to see my family and friends this year compared to lockdown, a massive improvement on last year. Thank you all and let's get going with 2021 👍
  14. I was told in the following thread that it was best to DM you. The linked comment below is to a thread I tried to bump my original post on. In this comment is the link to that original bug report.

    PS4, common session joining error. (of note is that the issue originated for me on 2019. That was a driving factor behind my purchase of 2020. Much to my chagrin, the problem was/is not as software specific as i had thought it would be.)

    My comment on the topic which also applied to my problem too, link to OG bug report incl.

  15. BarryBL

    F1 2021 game

    @cearp8858 is correct. We wouldn't add tracks for one generation and not give it to another. Not very fair that.