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  1. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Done and done @NUKE05 and @kon1303, you are down for next week. Reminder lobby is starting shortly.
  2. BarryBL

    Patch 1.16 | Notes

    We are still committed to supporting F1 2020. This is not the last patch
  3. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    No problems Stevie. I'll drop you an invite in Quali if you missing at 16:10.
  4. Asynchronous Compute is at the bottom of the Advanced Setup (Grahpics) screen @BoosieZach. Also going down to 1 monitor is helpful when troubleshooting issues too, just so we can eliminate any display problems.
  5. Hi @ryuq, This has been reported elsewhere and is under investigation with the developers. I've added your report to the investigation. Can you please provide the Steam names of both of your accounts as well.
  6. Once you've done that and valididated the files through Steam, let me know @Hyrex. Also, posting your in-games will help too:
  7. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Consider it done @Gobou Sann, added.
  8. Can you post your in-game settings @BoosieZach. Turning off Asychronous Compute and Vsync may help. Something like this:
  9. Hi, Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow the templates below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link: By your comment of 'adding memory', does the game work without it? Did you store the settings on your other HDD/SDD drive?
  10. Can you post your DXDiag please @Hyrex and your in-game graphical settings? You may want to try deleting your hardware.settings.xml file, and verifying your Steam files and see if that helps. Does your screen always look a little mushed together?
  11. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    I can put you 2 together @Reghinald no problem. All players before this message are added.
  12. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Add the other account bud, BarryBL, and then both drop a message in the chat and I'll add you in. I've reserved the spaces regardless. 👍
  13. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Hi @Pirier Please can you add your teammate on the forums, and add 'BarryBL' on steam so we can invite you to chats and races etc. All requests before this message are done.
  14. BarryBL

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Remember to sign up below. Current sign ups are: Mercedes - @1512marcel and @steviejay69 Ferrari - @UP100 Red Bull - @Bonedog225 and @xandosh McLaren - @Reghinald and @LSKone Alpha Tauri - @BarryBL and @CMTGK Renault - @Pirier and @Oeji Racing Point - @Pawel567 and @Lewandor Williams - @massa88 and @Gobou Sann Alfa Romeo - @kisuke_CROW and @SingaporeTrackLizard Haas - @kon1303 and @NUKE05 Reserves 1, 2 and 3 -
  15. Forum Championship Season 4 – The ‘Surely Barry Has Ran Out Of Ideas Now’ Season I’ll be honest here; I’ve been scratching my head on the next season of the Forum Championship for F1 2020. So consider this the ‘What tracks haven’t we done so much’ Season. The calendar will be below, starting 05/03/2021 and 4pm UK Time: Netherlands Austria Joker Bahrain Short – Multiplayer Car China Player Vote via Steam Chat Joker Britain Short – F2 2020 Baku Russia Joker USA Short – Multiplayer Car Random Wheel Race Joker Japan Short – F2 2020 Abu Dhabi I’ve put this together as these are the tracks that are raced at the least, and there’s a whole lot of variety. Joker races will be scored 1-20 based on position, with the extra point for fastest laps. All other races scored as normal. Sorry @UP100, but I’ve gave you some extra coding practice. We’ve also added a few extra prizes to spice up the Championship, with an End of Season awards ‘ceremony’ after the Abu Dhabi. Awards and prizes will be voted on by players in the Championship, with deciding votes coming down to the Moderator Team: Drivers Champions Constructors Champions Most Improved Driver Community Spirit Award – A driver who always races in the right spirit, fights hard and clean and is a credit to the league. All winners will also receive a ‘Forum Championship Season X Winner’ tag on their profile on the forums as well a Pitcoin reward Everyone who competes in over 75% of the races will receive a ‘Forum Championship Season X Challenger’ tag in their forum signature. Many thanks, Barry