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  1. Good Morning,

    The reason for this forum is that I have the F1 2020 game for PS4 and I also have two Logitech G29 Wheels, the problem occurs when I want to play in SPLIT SCREEN and when I want to play with the two wheels, it only recognizes one Logitech g29 Wheel , and not both, I only recognize a steering wheel and the dualshock 4 of the other user. The F1 2020 PS4 game is updated in its most recent version, and to add one more detail, I only have that problem in this game since in other types of games like Gran Turismo Sports if it accepts the two wheels.

    I await your prompt reply,

    Best regards,
    Omar Ccispichito

    1. Om4rPaUL96


      Please @BarryBL, any chance to fix it? 

  2. BarryBL

    starting grid

    It looks like (My Russian is non-existent) that you have a 192 grid place penalty there. Probably an issue. However, the golden questions (as always), can you replicate (or repeat) the problem. If you take the same penalties, does the ordering on the left change. Did you qualify in P16 before your penalties?
  3. BarryBL

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    As with any patch for any game, there would be a certain level of approval and testing needed from all stakeholders in the update, yes. Unfortunately, I probably can't disclose any more information than that.
  4. BarryBL

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    Yeah, that one is fake news. Best person to get official patch notes is, well.... me! 😛
  5. To find the amount of users affected with 100% confidence and accuracy would be a very difficult task to implement. We came to the conclusion that giving ALL users the livery in question would be the best solution for the player base as a whole.
  6. BarryBL

    Ideas of featuring for F1 2020

    Please do not bump a topic, as it against forum rules. Thanks
  7. BarryBL

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    The issue compromised a critical game mode for our players, so we pushed a fix through as quick as possible to keep the integrity of people's efforts valid.
  8. Hi everyone, After internal investigation, we have decided to award everyone the ‘Chromed’ livery. Codemasters appreciate the efforts players have put into Series 1 of the Podium Pass and feel that our Community should not miss out on a reward due to an issue within the pass. Please check your in-game mail for details on how to redeem your reward. Thanks for the patience on this.
  9. @UnderclassGDfan, we've tried on many Xbox and PS4's (including mine at home) and couldn't see the issue on console at all. We're confident it's not on there. How to test: TT > Any Car > Any Track (Ensure you have a previous time on that track) Flying Lap > Set a slower laptime Return to garage Check Leaderboard time. Is it the original, faster one, or the new, slower one? Will be the faster one.
  10. From our reports, internal testing and Community feedback, yes.
  11. Hi everyone, Fix is in place and scheduled for an upcoming patch. Thanks for your patience on this.
  12. Agreed. 1.10 is a hotfix for PC to fix a critical issue with TT only. Still scheduled for upcoming patch.
  13. Fixed for version 1.10 on PC. Out now 👍
  14. BarryBL

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    Hi everyone, We have released Patch 1.10 today, with the below hotfix: Fixed an issue in Time Trial that caused times set in previous versions to be overwritten. Reported here: Many thanks, Barry
  15. BarryBL

    Bugs in F1 2020 my team mode

    Hi @Garetchit0, I'm guessing the bug here is the drivers images are on top of each other. Theres no explanation in your report. Is your PS4 up to date? Does this happen to you every time you boot up the game fresh?