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  1. Good Morning,

    The reason for this forum is that I have the F1 2020 game for PS4 and I also have two Logitech G29 Wheels, the problem occurs when I want to play in SPLIT SCREEN and when I want to play with the two wheels, it only recognizes one Logitech g29 Wheel , and not both, I only recognize a steering wheel and the dualshock 4 of the other user. The F1 2020 PS4 game is updated in its most recent version, and to add one more detail, I only have that problem in this game since in other types of games like Gran Turismo Sports if it accepts the two wheels.

    I await your prompt reply,

    Best regards,
    Omar Ccispichito

    1. Om4rPaUL96


      Please @BarryBL, any chance to fix it?