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  1. As the 'Where's Barry' lobbies have been generally well-received, and a lot of people have a little more free time at the moment, I'd like to see if people would want to do a Forum League at all. I can host, and compete. We could race with whoever as teammates and see how it goes. PC, and settings can be determined through here. I could tally up points for people who play, and do a Constructors and Drivers Championship (I'll just keep track of users who can't play all the time in a spreadsheet or something) What does everyone think? Who'd be interested. Times and dates can be flexible. Any ideas are welcome, however serious or silly. Could give a bonus point for funniest video/picture sent for example. I'm open for ideas on this one. Also, this could replace/be a part of Unranked Lobbies, up for debate really.
  2. BarryBL

    F1 2019 Won't Launch

    People may have got it to work, but I've never seen it and tbh, I wouldn't recommend it at all. 60Hz is for sure the initial diagnosis here. We have options for 50Hz and 60Hz, but not for 30Hz
  3. BarryBL

    f1 2019 crash

    @Malvarezr have you tried some of our wider troubleshooting tips below. Also does this happen at just one track or circuit. Could you add a video so we can possibly see where in the game cycle the crashes happen?
  4. BarryBL

    Problème de beug

    All, this is a English speaking forum. Please follow forum rules so others can contribute
  5. BarryBL

    f1 2019 crash

    Please complete a full bug report.
  6. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Yes mate, we're racing. Standings are live too. Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes split by 7 points off memory for P2 in the Constructors, P1 Alfa Romeo
  7. BarryBL

    Multiplayer Issue

    @serdarcoban the bug reporting template is in green at the top of the page. Okay, I find it difficult to recommend anything else here. Player B and C are on 'strict' NAT types, and A is on 'moderate'. Twinned with the more unstable wireless connection, I'm not surprised that you are running into issues. As tested by our league, wired connection is vital to stable multiplayer gameplay. Try to move to wired connections and 100% consider changing your NAT type to Type 1 (or at least Player C to type 2) to get moving.
  8. BarryBL

    Pit stop glitch

    @Roberto31 please post a complete bug report.
  9. BarryBL

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    Nothing I can confirm at this time.
  10. Get on the grid with our brand new gameplay trailer* for F1® 2020, featuring the epic theme by Brian Tyler. Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Formula 1® with intense racing wheel-to-wheel battles on some of the season’s most demanding circuits. We’re not just showing off the wheel-to-wheel racing of F1®, but the Formula 2™ cars as well, which is now fully integrated into Career mode. You’ll also be able to choose from playing a full season, half season, or three-race F2™ experience. Of course, we’ll also be adding the 2020 season as a free update later in the year. And we still have more 😉. Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 – out 10th July 2020
  11. This has been a nice break from BETA to read through. Yeah, racing incident IMO. And I've seen some incidents 😛
  12. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    @B37 WHEEZE, wanna jump in?
  13. BarryBL

    Udp 2020

    To comment on the UDP stuff, I have an update. Our plan is to release this after the BETA is complete, and we have a 'locked in' spec. It's mostly there in truth, we just want it to be right of course. We are confident that, all goes well, we can release earlier than game release for sure. We'll get it available as soon as we can, we just don't want discussion generated on the main forums about the BETA, which has happened in the past. But to answer your question @AlexTT, yes we will make it available before release and plan to as soon as we can as long as all goes well.
  14. BarryBL

    Udp 2020

    Alex, I'm more than happy to discuss with you in PM's as you are someone who contributes to these forums. Therefore, I can understand your frustration. I think 'evades critical people' is a little unfair, as they are plenty of forum users who are critical, as my notifications keep reminding me. 😛 Just, for my sanity, could you give me a week. I think that's a fair enough thing to ask for. We're just inundated at the moment, and I'm 'somewhat' busy/going mad 👍
  15. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    All this BETA stuff got my head going crazy. 3pm guys. We'll finish this championship under the current settings and then can vote to move around once all the chaos has died down
  16. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Sorry, 3pm. 3pm.
  17. BarryBL

    AI Qualifying Times

    @Yavuz43, this really shows us nothing. You need to complete a bug report in full to log a problem.
  18. BarryBL

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Just PC at this time. If you want to join, be around and join the steam chat tomorrow at around 5pm BST. We might have a spot for you.
  19. BarryBL

    Suggestions for the future of this game

    At this example moment in time guys, we've very much shifted focus to bug management/reporting in the BETA. I will try to get a look at some point, but as you can imagine, we are very busy at the moment
  20. After last week’s F1® 2020 Announcement, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to join us for another year of our F1® Beta programme. We’ll be road-testing our handling additions and alterations, the new split-screen feature, as well as the online multiplayer section of F1® 2020, as we look to continue to improve key aspects of this year’s game. Applications for the F1® Beta Programme are now live, and will run until 06/05/2020, 23:59 BST. To sign up to the closed Beta, you will need to head to your profile page. To get there; click on your forum name in the top right corner of any forum page and select “Profile” from the drop down menu. When on your profile page, click “Edit Profile”. You should be able to find the Beta Sign up area after the Social Media section. Please confirm that you are applying for the correct Beta, read and fill everything out correctly and make sure you have access to the email address associated with your forum account.
  21. BarryBL

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Sense. Done
  22. BarryBL

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    So, from reading back. @Raffaello "didnt care" about the BETA and @senna94f1 was even going to forfeit his BETA should he have got in. To play devil's advocate here, and I may get some hate for this, but doesn't that justify our decisions in itself as correct?
  23. BarryBL

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I don't want to sound harsh, but my stance remains. I've not seen any completed bug reports from you. I understand your frustration about not getting into BETA, but make it easy for us to add you in into future titles. There's a chance if you report stuff, and we can do it, it'll go into the game at some point as part of an update. And, with deeper dive patch notes continuing for 2020, you'll even get the credit for it. Can't say fairer than that.
  24. BarryBL

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Check recommended @SS016, all codes have been granted.
  25. BarryBL

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Not true here. Our selection process involved what I mentioned before, but we also need players with a wide range of abilities and experience with the series too. If you have not been selected, thats unfortunate. Some will have very justified reasons, some will be just unlucky. There is a lot of users on the BETA program who have been critical of the game, but portrayed it in the correct way. I'm sure @Bicarda won't mind me using him as a perfect example. I think its fair to say he's critical of the game, and he lets me know that. However, after discussing and seeing the direction I wanted to take things, he took it upon himself to contribute and help. He started to post extensive, complete bug reports and still does so.. He joined the league to experience things first hand and give his experience. He still lets me know when things are wrong, but works together to try and put things right. He actively (along with others) now understand our direction and put his efforts into helping. So come 'BETA season', he's someone I personally highlighted that I wanted on. It became a very easy decision for us to add him and there are others who are the same. When we see their username ( @ReimvomSchleim is my second example) I want them on for their body of work. If you want on the BETA, don't give us a choice. Make us see your user, know that you can help, and we'll add you on. Some are happy to complain but never post a complete bug report.