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  1. Patch 1.15 is now LIVE across all platforms. Please see below for latest patch notes Added the ability to enable equal performance in Time Trial Marcus Armstrong now has the correct nationality Addressed an issue where Artem Markelov would be quicker than intended Pedro Piquet now has the correct number on the rear wing Addressed an issue where sponsor boards and garage textures were missing on Bahrain for F2 2020 Users will no longer incorrectly receive a warning when changing components between Practice and Qualifying Happy racing, Barry
  2. Hi everyone, After a short break, we will be back with for Forum Championship on PC, starting again 20/11/2020 with a slightly revised format. Firstly, congratulations to @kisuke_fly for winning the drivers and to his team-mate @UP100 for fighting for the championship until the very end, both securing the constructors for Red Bull. This season, we will be running a total of 12 rounds, with 10 running on a normal season format, and 2 'joker' rounds with classic cars on classic tracks Round Schedule: USA, Brazil, Canada, JOKER, Mexico, France, Britain, Belgium, Italy, JOKER, Spain, Australia - I've based this roughly on the 1996 season, the first season watching F1 I can remember. The venues of the 2 'Joker' rounds will be decided by the Steam Chat for the Championship. Also, regular drivers for the Season will not be allowed to pair up, giving more teams a chance at the Constructors Championship. ---- NEXT ROUND ---- 29/01/2021 - ITALIAN GP ---- DRIVERS & TEAMS ---- Red Bull - @kisuke_fly and @SingaporeTrackLizard Ferrari - @UP100 Racing Point - @TeenierNeilb69 and lucadude40 Alfa Romeo - @LSKone and @Reghinald Mercedes - @steviejay69 McLaren - @waficchaib and @NUKE05 Renault - @Maledicti0n and @Jastrupa Alpha Tauri - @BarryBL Williams - @massa88 and @Bezny09 Haas - For other players wanting to join in the fun, please let me know by adding name and preferred team, as a post, on this thread. There is also a poll on a preferred day and time for the race meetings, so please vote. ---- RACE RULES ---- Lobby open Fridays at 4PM GMT. Qualifying will usually start at 4:10. Cars: Equal 2020 50% Race Short Qualifying Random Weather Setups Allowed Formation Lap On Reserves may join without signing up. ---- Steam Chat ---- Most communication in this league will be done through our Steam Chat group. It's not mandatory to join it, but it's home to all the important information such as when we are starting the quali and so on. It's throughly recommended 🙂 https://s.team/chat/OdGIqsXZ
  3. Hi everyone, Lots of things happening on the game today. The final chequered flag fell on the 2020 F1® season in Abu Dhabi, and so it’s time for our final season driver ratings to head into your inbox. We previously updated the driver ratings after the Eifel Grand Prix, where 2020 rookie Nicholas Latifi had the biggest rating increase, with Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz making gains too. You can see how the ratings went here. Log into the game to check out the final F1® 2020 driver ratings update. To see in full, check here: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-driver-ratings-update-abudhabigp
  4. It should only be reset and the end of a series, and rest again at L1 at the start of the next series. Please DM me your gamertag in PM's (for security) and we'll get it looked into.
  5. BarryBL

    Lag Spike Issue

    TT is technically a online mode, because of Leaderboard, Ghosts etc. Does it happen in MyTeam/Career for example?
  6. Hi everyone (again), If you have had your Schumacher DLC rights removed recently, please add your username and platform here so we can investigate. Apologies for the issues and thanks for the patience.
  7. @P375O, can you attach your highlight file so we can add to the investigation. Where to find it is: Hard Drive Installed\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\1040617205\1080110\remote. Also, adding your savegame for this would help too.
  8. BarryBL

    Lag Spike Issue

    Different issue here @Elfster85 as this users issue is for sure a Online specific one. From your report, it happens in all modes? Is this including MyTeam, My Career and the specifically offline game modes too. Adding a video of this happening in offline only modes will eliminate any chance of this being a online issue.
  9. BarryBL

    [PC] Game lag spikes

    @MultiRacingMast Please can you add your Internet Connectivity settings like Wired/Wireless etc. Also from your lobby screen, all other players with you have 1 bar connection or worse (the bars on the far right of the screen). I suspect there is a issue with your Internet settings/ISP here causing this as these should be green.
  10. Makes a lot of sense. I've added it to the Basic Troubleshooting section, crediting all 3 of you (only fair). Once I have access to a PS4 (or someone that does), we'll test to make absolutely sure.
  11. BarryBL

    F1® 2020 | Basic Troubleshooting

    *NEW* - Voice Commands not working on headset - PS4 In case other steering wheel players are in trouble with the radio controls on PS4, here my steps: 1) turn on the PS4 with the steering wheel already plugged in; 2) click the steering wheel "PS" button and enter the account (the PS4 mainscreen appears); 3) with the supplied earphone/mic already connected to a controller, click the "PS" button of the controller, after few seconds it will say the mic has been connected; 4) now it's enough to normally play F1 2020 with the steering wheel, the radio commands will be recognized through the controller's microphone (which should be positioned close to the driver, mine is right behind the steering ring). Credit to @Nuvolarix, @steviejay69 and @Monzie83 for this solution. Go into Grand Prix mode and start a race (making sure mic is activated before starting the game). I’ve found this is the only consistent way I can activate the mic with my 3rd party headset, and may help others in the same situation.
  12. @dwin20, there was a change of series which would have reset your XP points. Also, to claim VIP tier of the Podium pass, you have to purchase this every series with pitcoin. When you started with 15,000, what series were you in? VIP pass is only valid for the series you redeemed this in. Looks like you are 500 Pitcoin of redeeming the next level. if you get to Level 13 of the normal tier, you should have the pitcoin needed to redeem the VIP pass.
  13. BarryBL

    G29 does not work at all on F1 2020

    Try: It sounds like you have messed around with the steam controller settings, so my advice would be to disable that in the game properties. You do this by right clicking on the game in question and selecting "properties", and then under the "controller" tab, changing "Steam Input Override for F1 2020" to "Disable Steam input". In this case, you would right click on F1 2020. This is most likely an issue with steam. Please send me over your copy of the screen below.
  14. BarryBL

    Unlock boundary objective

    Hi, Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow the templates below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link: Please add your bug report onto this thread or I will not be able to replicate or diagnose
  15. BarryBL

    G29 - no oversteer FFB

    As promised @Force Osborne, sorry to report, but its pretty boring viewing. The only place that is can get a little tense is into the hairpin (T6) at Monaco, but I just have to be gentle.
  16. Consider a upgrade to Windows 10 (its free) as this is the supported OS for F1 2020. This issue relates to TLS support and users on old / unsupported platforms will need to update this themselves with https://www.ryadel.com/en/enable-tls-1-1-1-2-windows-7-8-os-regedit-patch-download/ or to upgrade to Windows 10, which is preferred. Our minimum requirement is Windows 10, and without this, your playing experience may vary.
  17. BarryBL

    G29 - no oversteer FFB

    As standard @Force Osborne. Once I get to my main PC and dig my wheel up, I'll add them on.
  18. Hi everyone, Can you confirm which version of Windows you are using if you are playing on PC. F1 2020 requires Windows 10 to run.
  19. BarryBL

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Please complete a bug report @dwin20 in the Technical Assistance section and we can look into this for you
  20. BarryBL

    Lag Spike Issue

    Hi @Elfster85 Just to confirm, the game is performing well now, however, other applications look a little small? A screenshot may help illustrate this here
  21. How about this one @Chamonik: https://f1s.codemasters.com/F1OS2020/ServerStatus/ServerStatus.xml Try and access that through the browser and let me know your results.
  22. Haha, we're flattered. Just here to help racers race 😛 So, I've heard back. Looks like a DX12 crash, so we do recommend turning off Asynchronous Compute, found at the bottom of the Advanced graphics screen, as a first troubleshooting attempt. Turning this off has had some success previously for other users. Try running a 5 lap version of your scenario in Grand Prix. So 5 lap, China, race as Red Bull and win. (no pressure). See if this advances and let me know 👍 With troubleshooting, the 'shooting' part is on the premise that sometimes you will hit but, (much like my performance in ANY shooting game I play), sometimes you may miss. Only way to find out is to try. Run a 5 lap and see what happens.
  23. I have passed onto developers to take a look at your information. Thanks for providing everything and a top report. Once I have an update, I will add on.
  24. Thanks @OJeepers, can you add your in-games too as well. I'd suggest turning off Asynchronous Compute and turning off/down SSRT shadows as well.
  25. BarryBL

    Lag Spike Issue

    You could try copying or dropping the settings in your Advanced setup (Graphics) as well. Turning off 'Asynchronous Compute' will help too. Turning down/off things like Skidmarks and SSRT Shadows will help too.