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  1. Same here for me
  2. LeighQuo

    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    Same here for me I haven’t cancelled my VIP so should still be getting it ,
  3. LeighQuo

    Game stuck on loading screen

    Posted on Saturday so here again https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&l=en&s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=ios-only---the-game-gets-stuck-on-the-load-screen-with-the-formula-1-licensed-product-image-in-the-middle
  4. LeighQuo

    Big update?

    Try this it worked for me https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&l=en&s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=the-game-gets-stuck-on-the-load-screen-with-the-formula-1-licensed-product-image-in-the-middle
  5. LeighQuo

    F1 mobile freezes at loading screen after update

    Found this https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&l=en&s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=the-game-gets-stuck-on-the-load-screen-with-the-formula-1-licensed-product-image-in-the-middle and it works for me
  6. Hi , I’m running on I pad 6th With IOS 13.1.3 version
  7. Hi , yes I’ve tried that but it still crashes
  8. Hi , just played the game after the update and still getting the same problems , qualified for the USA Grand Prix and it crashes when I try to race , so it’s the third race in a row that I can qualify but can’t race also still crashes when I try and race in single race mode