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  1. The most unfortunate Group B. ♥️ Rosemeyer78, PS4
  2. 40 years ago, Walter Röhrl won his first Monte Carlo with the 131, keeping his promise to give everyone over 10 minutes. (!) Rosemeyer78, PS4
  3. Some shots from the Rallye Golden Era. 🤠 Rosemeyer78, PS4
  4. 'Nobody can forget the noise of the Quattro.' (M. Mouton) 😍 *Rosemeyer78, PS4
  5. Oups, I swear that is a 'random quote', I hope I didn't hurt anyone. The Alpine here is competitive but an ugly beast, with his open diff and its featherweight really require concentration..
  6. Finally I found the way of taming this heavy Japanese muzzle. Rosemeyer78, PS4
  7. This game deserves a true photomode.. I really love this restless little French devil. Rosemeyer78, PS4
  8. Different RWDs, same attitude. Rosemeyer78, PS4
  9. Hi Rally drivers, here's my contribution. Yes, I love milfs. -PS4 -Rosemeyer78
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