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  1. ReepRebew

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    So, what's up with him? Is he a little cheater?
  2. ReepRebew

    Saison 1 nicht spielbar

    You have to wait til midnight.
  3. A patch for the patch for the patch. Ridiculous!
  4. Now is the 4th,and still nothing on the PS4. @ChrisGrovesMCM
  5. ReepRebew

    Welcome to the new GRID

    You have to move your chair closer to your TV ...........
  6. lmfao on your avatar

  7. ReepRebew

    Quick Note on Career Race Lengths

    Crucial here is the period in which the "improvements" are brought about. When I sell bad food, my customers die. It also does not matter to me whether or how much CM has to do. That's their problem, not mine. It needs urgent improvement and not just next year.
  8. ReepRebew

    Quick Note on Career Race Lengths

    Joa, and also this year Santa Claus is coming to you.
  9. ReepRebew

    Quick Note on Career Race Lengths

    You can not destroy something that is already broken. And what good is it if the core is good but the housing is ailing? The ship already has a big leak and is beyond saving. Not with empty promises. I've never mourned my money like that. Sad but true.
  10. Are you aware that if I'm in the level, for example the status 14 in silver, get a place in the back row on the grid? It`s quit unfair.
  11. A slap in the face for the customers. Stadia is a stillbirth.
  12. ReepRebew

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    That's what Stevie Wonder thinks, too.
  13. ReepRebew

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Yesterday during the game had a total failure of my Thrustmaster T500. Suddenly, the steering wheel became independent and carried out independently wildly changing movements. From the feeling I would say there was a bearing damage. After a restart of the game, everything worked normally again.
  14. ReepRebew

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Found it. 👍