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  1. Well, then the choice is all the easier for me. I think CM is now at the top of my list. I wish you CM a quick Brexit.
  2. I am currently wondering why my posts are deleted but others are not? Is that kind of an "I don't like him" thing? Not that I would be particularly interested in whether or not. Just to find out what criteria are used here.
  3. ReepRebew

    Leaderboard question

    I would say that, at the moment, it is not difficult to be at the top as there is hardly anyone left. 🤴
  4. ReepRebew

    Leaderboard question

    I don't feel sorry for you. 😂
  5. ReepRebew

    Leaderboard question

    Now I'm scared. 🤭 And did you know that there is a share button?
  6. ReepRebew

    Leaderboard question

    From PS4 also. Fresh from today.
  7. ReepRebew

    Tyre changes and fueling?

    There isn't even a pit lane. Somebody forgot.
  8. ReepRebew

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    @Miatakias_GR So always a @ in front. 🙄
  9. ReepRebew

    New tracks

    Ask CM.
  10. ReepRebew

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Nope !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ReepRebew

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    So, what's up with him? Is he a little cheater?
  12. ReepRebew

    Saison 1 nicht spielbar

    You have to wait til midnight.
  13. A patch for the patch for the patch. Ridiculous!
  14. Now is the 4th,and still nothing on the PS4. @ChrisGrovesMCM