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  1. 21 hours ago, LaurenXIV said:

    This may sound a little bit of a strange thing to ask, but does anyone have a time for the San Francisco Grand Prix Circuit B using GT Group 1 cars that they would be happy to share?

    From PS4 also. Fresh from today.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-15 at 14.56.03(1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-15 at 14.56.03.jpeg

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  2. First and foremost I would like to say that your game is fun in a certain way and that I seldom complain about what I'm going to do.
    Here I would like to break with my tradition and provide you with some reviews and suggestions.
    I'm a customer from Germany and I use a translator for most of this writing. Please check it out, if something does not come across exactly.

    1.Please set it up at all times, that i have access to my garage and my tuning.
    2.Please allow private online lobbies.
    3.Please set up that I can see which online races are running and I will not be thrown into any race.
    4.The online AI is a gang of damn idiots. It's urgent to work on this.
    5.In the online race it happens that the AI is driven minus times. What is the reason?
    6. Why do I not see my friends on the leaderboards, even though they have been proven to drive?
    7.Is my tuning effective in the online race or will all setups be set to zero?
    8th.Time penalties must be revised to prevent excessive cut.
    9.Please submit more tracks and vehicles.
    10.How far is it possible to level up?
    11. If I create a private match and say that the grid is ordered by level, I start from the last place because I am level 02 (already 2 times level 99) and the AI level is about 80-90.
    12.In the bumper view, it is impossible to see anything in a large, closely spaced driver field. The whole screen is full of car. Here the view needs to be revised or adjusted.
    13.Please set up that I can see how far I am with my successes and what I still lack in what quantity. In particular, I would like to address an odometer here.
    14. Why do not I have the opportunity to visually see my vehicle in good condition?
    15.What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    16.It happens that my steering wheel is not recognized and then I have no access to this. Thrustmaster t500rs. That should be changed.
    17.I actually do not use it but you really need a supervisor in your voice chat.
    I would have more to report but at this point enough. Please take care of the needs of your customers as soon as possible. It is difficult for many people to wait long for something to be expected on the day of the business (money against game) a performance that is the amount paid.
    Btw.I play on the PS4.
    If someone finds spelling or translation errors, he may keep them. Thank you for your attention and understanding.Sincerely, a not so amused customer.


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