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  1. In the "split system” design, the last square doesn't not change anything. It remain white does it happen to someone else? Or which parts changes?
  2. In the "split system" design, the last square doesn't not change anything, it remain white, does it happen to someone else? Or which parts changes?
  3. Only in the digital version deluxe are the iconic drivers going to be?
  4. It doesn't crash, it doesn't raining, and it happens to me with any tire compound, and after each entry to the pits it tells me the same thing
  5. After the last update on 2 of each race the engineering tell me get into the pits, we have the change strategy. Does the same thing happen to someone else? It seems that it was a bug. @BarryBL
  6. There will be a season 5 podium pass? February finished the four season, and F1 2021 would come out in may or june like 2020, i guess.
  7. Added drivers F2 2020 in my team mode, please
  8. In the next update. It is not know when that update will come out
  9. Desinstale el juego y lo volvi a instalar y nada. Sigue el error
  10. New Features Added an option to allow the player to choose their preferred commentary language. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. There is no Spanish language, in the comments, nor in the voice of Jorge, the engineer, it happens since update 1.13. I have tried all the ways, and there has been no solution. Thank you Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.13 Game-mode
  11. Muy bueno, es volver a las bases en cuanto a las cosas distintas y reales que hacen la diferencia entre un buen juego, y un juego de simulacion, con todos los detalles que vos ves en la television...
  12. Que luego de que haya llovido, se seque progresivamente la pista, y que fuera de la huella, siga humedo, que halla solo una huella de seco. Que vuelvan las pelotitas de caucho por fuera de la huella, y que este "minado de ellas" Libre eleccion de compuestos de neumaticos, y que sea con 2 o 3 carreras de antelacion, como en la realidad Que haya ordenes de equipo Mejor degradacion de neumaticos, en cuanto a lo visual hablo Mejor desgaste en los frenos, que se sienta a medida que transcurre la carrera, que te vas quedando sin frenos Mejor visualizacion de los avance
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