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  1. jarmin0123

    Multiplayer: reversed grid not working?

    Neithrr can I on xbox
  2. jarmin0123

    Multiplayer: reversed grid not working?

    Hey, how do you enable reverse grid, tried to do it for our online championship but couldnt find the setting for it anywhere, all we had was some shot, short or long qualifying options available?
  3. jarmin0123

    Can't talk to Jeff

    Please say there is a way to talk to jeff without a kinect on xbox one
  4. Hello on xbox one, just bought the thrustmaster f1 wheel, it seems confusing that a lot of the buttons are configured to the same button so you cannot optimise the use of the wheel for using all the buttons. Is there a way to change this. Thanks
  5. Please dont apologise I do not mind I clearly had the wrong opinion and thanks for settling our stewards enquiry. Thanks for the advice on the starts i will try it soon and hopefully have much better results.
  6. In all fairness i left the track because as you see I would of been hit off the track in that first corner.... Any comments rrgarding why my starts are so bad off the line 🤣🤣
  7. This is the mercedes POV .... i am saying he should have a 20 place grid penalty https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/blapsdk/video/97885604
  8. Hello, please view the incident, who was to blame in our season and does anyone deserve a grid penalty next race, i believe I was shunted off and it would warrant a penalty haha. Also any advice on how to get a better start would be amazing as I really struggle as you can see Thank you Clip starts at 1.10 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/jarmin0123/video/97883934
  9. jarmin0123

    Help with Manual Starts

    Thanks for all the tips, gradually impriving and that simhub is awesome
  10. jarmin0123

    Help with Manual Starts

    I AM REALLY bad at manual starts i constantly lose positions off the line in career mode and multiplayer so it must be me. I set the car to overtake and rich fuel mix and then 12000 rpm until the lights go and slowly apply throttle, but everyone goes past me and i always lose many places at the start. I have tried applying more throttle quicker but then end up spinning out. Any help would be amazing i use NO ASSISTS AT ALL. THANKS
  11. jarmin0123

    Are multiplayer equal cars actually equal?

    Thank you so much that clears it up perfectly for me
  12. jarmin0123

    F1 2019 car performance

    Hello me and my friends want to start a championship, does anyone know what the stock cars car performance is and the order of cars best to worst. Found a picture of then from july 2019 but didnt know if the cars had been updated since at all
  13. Hello I have not played this game enough online to figure this out but I know on previous games certakn teams were actually better or worse than others in equal cars. I was wondering if that was still the case or if they are all actually equal now.
  14. jarmin0123

    Evaluate and advice on my driving

    DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.11.8 after just 4 laps into a time trial before my friends came on..... you guys are amazing people haha...… so happy with it and can't wait to have a proper go at it later to see what time I can get. I did use your set up delange and it made a difference for sure. Thanks so much all the advice I am receiving is making me such a better driver.
  15. Thanks pal, I like to play it a lot but I can see that I can get the Thrustmaster TX wheel and base for £300 then could but the f1 wheel add on for £150 and better pedals about £160 for the ones that have just come out so just over £600 in total where as the TS XW is about £630 for wheel base and cheapy pedals and then would still need to pay £150 for the f1 wheel ( I really want the f1 wheel lol) and then the £160 on the pedals taking it just short of £1000 which for me seems just a bit too much if that makes sense. If there isn't much difference I think I will get the cheaper option, I was only considering the more expensive one if there was a world of difference, if anyone else has an opinion please put it in. Thanks so much Tom for you advice that has helped as well.