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  1. Hello Steviejay, I will need to double check but I do not believe the advanced mode is on xbox and might just be on PC. Also I have had a look through the list and I do not see the f1 ferrari wheel add on as an accepted but I do assume it is. I have left a link to the add on I have. Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On | Thrustmaster I assume this add on must be compatable with f1 2021 it is literally an f1 wheel haha.
  2. Hello. Thanks so much for that . I have all of those appear. I use the thrustmaster tx with the f1 ferrari wheel add on. Am I right in assuming I should select the thrustmaster f1 wheel as the correct wheel?. Thanks
  3. Just out of interest I have the Thrustmaster TX base with the F1 wheel add on. When you are in the game selecting the controls and you have the choices of wheel , the TX is not an option. Which is the best option to choose as I seem to be having some desync issues with mine and am wondering if it is the choice of wheel I set it up with in the settings
  4. Just out of interest I have the Thrustmaster TX base with the F1 wheel add on. When you are in the game selecting the controls and you have the choices of wheel , the TX is not an option. Which is the best option to choose.
  5. I have this exact same problem as well . I have the Thrustmaster tx f1 wheel add on, it disconnects, does the random gear changing or double gears changes and randomly looks behind for a split second. basically it is registering inputs I am not doing. I thought it was my wheel was broke but I sent it to thrustmaster and they said no issues and they also issued me with a new circuit board inside and I still have the same issues so it has to be the game. When I use the Thrustmaster TX original round road car wheel I HAVE 0 PROBLEMS. It is very strange how Thrustmaster wheels are working on this
  6. Hello @LLP and @DonBlanko Yes I had it randomly happen after a race I got an email saying I know have spec 3, unfortunately it was in the durability department which was literally useless tbh but yes they do eventually upgrade but you have no control over when they do. It might be influenced by race results and constructor finishes
  7. Platform XBOX ONE OLD GEN Wheel Used Thrustmaster TX WITH FERRARI WHEEL ADD ON Game-modes played, in order. CO OP CAREER ONLY I HAVE NOTICED. SINGLE PLAYER AND TIME TRIAL SEEM FINE Details on when the fade happened? SEEMS TO HAPPEN WITHIN A FEW LAPS Firmware and Drivers version. i HAVE ENSURED I have the latest update on my wheel Does this happen in every session? every session jarmin0123's Xbox F1® 2021 clip 142441445. Find your Xbox clips on GamerDVR.com As you can see from my clip my wheel seems to lag and not be smo
  8. Hello my thrustmaster is experiencing multiple issues. Has anyone ever had to send a thrustmaster wheel to thrustmaster and do they know if they have a repair centre in the UK. Also any ideas how long it takes. Thank you
  9. I found the video above explain what you guys are saying and after another 10 laps I have managed to get down to the 1.25.4's which I feel is very good considering how poor I was a few days ago. My goal is to get into the 1.24s... that video could help a few people I hope.
  10. Tbh I think 2 player career is incredible but this is one thing I also wish was changed.
  11. @marioho thank you so much for your help. I haven't had a lot of time to play lately but I am in the mid 1.25's now and can lap consistently in the 1.25's which is more important. You help has helped me a lot along with taking the time to practice. I have also learnt that when braking to trail brake and braking in a straight line really helps. It also helps with getting the correct lines into an apex as before every apex I felt like I hit were early apexes. They quick downshifting from high speeds really felt like it has helped my consistency also and it feels like I can brake 10 m
  12. Hello I have a similar issue. I have the thurstmaster tx with f1 wheel add on. When I try to go upshift sometimes it does not register and I will be stuck in gear. When this happens it is 98% of the time in 1,2 or 3rd gear. Every now and again it randomly shifts up or down 2 gears as well when I change gear once. Usually unplugging and plugging in sorts it out for about 15 mins . Very frustrating. About 2 or 3 times a 50% race the wheel will disconnect as well and send me to pause menu for just 1 second. Anyone else has gear issues and wheel disconnects issues?
  13. Thank you pal. I am very bad at stuff like this but I will look it up and give it a go
  14. Hello, has anyone else had an issue where the gear paddles sometimes don't shift up . Usually the issue is in gear 1-3 or sometimes it shifts up 2 gears at once. Never had an issue on f1 2020 just wondering if it is part of the f1 2021 bug or it my wheel and I need to either fix it or buy a new one.. obviously I would rather the clarity rather than spend £160 on a new one. And yes I have the latest update . Many thanks
  15. Managed to get into the 1.25s at last will work more on it tomorrow as it is very difficult changing so much so quickly but thank you pal. Managed to get 4th in my league race as well so it definitely helped me
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