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  1. StraightTechno

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    #push Please codies have a look at this! 🙏
  2. StraightTechno

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    I think and hope so! :D I mean its their forum at its own would be sad if nobody have a look at this. We just ned a bit attention. 😌👍🏽
  3. Hey Codemasters, first off all i have to say that you did a really great job with this years F1 2019. In my opinion its definetely the best F1 Game ever made until now. The right steps have been taken and i hope next year will continue this way. I played like "all" F1 games since back in the days 2002/2003 where also my passion for F1 and racing in generell have started. There is nothing more beautiful for me than racing in racing cars. ❤️ Simply amazing whats possible with technology today, and perfect for petrolheads and F1 fans like me. ❤️ But what i actually wanted to ask is: Can you please add the Name "Tyler" to the audio names ingame? 🙏 Since the whole time im playing F1 games i always had the hope that someday my name (Tyler) is available at audioname ingame! A small detail but I would be very happy about it. Was always sobering when I saw that he is not available year after year..... 😒 It would make feel the immersion even more real and its just a great detail. So I thought to myself: Hey why do not ask Codemasters by themselves! Im sure there are more Tyler´s out there who would be so happy about it too. 👍 Would be so nice if you guys can tho this for me/us! Im waiting so long for this! So keep up the excellent work and hopefully in F1 2020 Tyler is finally available as audio name next year!!! 🎉 🎉🎉 Greets
  4. StraightTechno

    Lost my savegame

    Update: What the hell just after posting this i loaded the game up again and the problem is solved lol!
  5. StraightTechno

    Lost my savegame

    Hey there, after resetting my pc i wanted to play F1 again. When i started F1 it says that my saves are corrupted and all recovery attempts failed. So is there any way to get my saves back? Overall i have 280 hours of playtime and its pretty annoying if the progress i made just gone away. I play on steam via PC obviously! Greets