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  1. KAnator

    VR on windows version?

    CM gives zero F's about the Windows store version of the game. There's a reason it has a 1 star review on Game Pass. In my case the game likes to crash, then never open again. I have to delete and re-download the entire game and CM won't even respond to people having this issue. Given that they don't have VR support for the Windows store version, and that CM can't be bothered to help us, the next time the game won't open, I'll be deleting it permanently. That being said, I'm fairly certain that since you own the game, format shifting should be 100% legal, so if you're willing and know how to not get computer aids. Obtain a copy of the steam version that's missing a few DRM features, and see if VR will work there.
  2. KAnator


    If you have the Steam or Oculus versions, it's been in for months. If you have the Windows store / Xbox Gamepass versions, tough luck, it doesn't have VR. Google Translate: Si tienes las versiones de Steam u Oculus, ha estado en uso durante meses. Si tienes las versiones de Windows store / Xbox Gamepass, mala suerte, no tiene VR.
  3. KAnator

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Oh hey, thanks for including VR for those of us that have the Windows store version. /s
  4. I have the game on PC through the Xbox game pass, I had this crash and now the game won't even try to launch.