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  1. Liaveil

    Podium Pass Season 2

    I'm half convinced the designers have got their kids to draw most of these liveries and helmets. Granted theres a couple of nice ones like the one helmet I think for level 24? Has the black on top is nice and the simpler liveries are decent. But the Zebra, Rays, Bolts and Digital ones are just horrible.. Not just horrible but you cant even change the colour of half of the design.. Honestly I'm happy the Zebra one is the season reward though... saves me grinding the game modes I don't want to play. I mean, what was wrong with the 2019 helmets? Why have they been removed for these? How hard can it be to just make a simple design that would look like it belongs on a race car? When was the last time any team had an outlandish design like half of these? I hate to discredit the work, but sorry it's incredibly disappointing.
  2. Liaveil

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    Little question concerning the upcoming performance patch. Are all teams being looked at or is it only Ferrari and Racing Point? Because Haas and Williams both need changing so they're about the same as Alfa Romeo. Right now they're both way too far back. And what about the My Team car in that scenario? Will it be updated as well so we don't start so far back? Personally I think we should be able to set where our team starts on the performance. Current as default but options to start further up around Renault or even further and start as fast as Merc if we want to do a Brawn style playthrough.
  3. Liaveil

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    One thing I wonder which I've not seen mentioned about the performance patch. Haas and Williams "should" be buffed so they're about on par with Alfa. Assuming that's the case, I should hope that your My Team car should also be buffed so you don't have to start dead last all the time. I'd prefer really they just allow us to pick which team we start equal to so if you want to start at the back, do that, want to be mid pack then pick Renault. But if you'd like to do a Brawn GP style then you can set yourself equal to Merc. Better that than the random upgrades at the start interview.
  4. Liaveil

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Performance patch is confirmed for October isn't it to address Ferrari and Racing Point. Hopefully it isnt just those two teams though. Haas and Williams need to be brought up to the same level as Alfa. Both teams are not as far behind as the game makes them. Should be seeing both teams being able to occasionally get into Q2 from the start. Merc and Red Bull are fine. Racing Point should only be slightly ahead of McLaren and Renault who should both be equal. Then AlphaTauri should be slightly ahead of Ferrari and only slightly behind McLaren and Renault. Leclerc and Vettel's stats should mean Ferrari would be at around the same as Ocon/AlphaTauri despite being behind on the performance chart.
  5. Liaveil

    Drivers transfer message

    Do you really need one if you can see who's moved by a quick look at the market? It says during the race build up of Australia or Silverstone if any occur anyway.
  6. Just chiming in to say been having this same issue too. Only works if you have one account signed in which is a pain as that means the Schumacher content cant be used on your other accounts.
  7. Liaveil


    Oh it's no big issue since you barely see the avatars anyway, just would be nice! I get you though, games should definitely try to add more styles in general since customization is something most people enjoy. More options is always better!
  8. Liaveil


    This is probably true but they did manage it with Calderon. All the player females look bald. Rather have ugly hair than none! They could do with adding some more Asian faces too. The only Male one they have is the big guy at the bottom.
  9. Liaveil

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    I had a pretty good one from the file I've reached season 2 in: Mercedes: Hamilton/Vettel Ferrari: Verstappen/Leclerc Red Bull: Ricciardo/Albon Mclaren: Sainz/Norris Renault: Kvyat/Ocon AlphaTauri: Gasly/Stroll Racing Point: Perez/Giovinazzi Alfa: Bottas/Matsushita MyTeam: My driver/Kimi Haas and Williams stayed the same too. Do the people that get the crazy moves notice them having bad years? Bottas dropped back to Alfa in mine but he had a pretty poor season one whereas Gio had a great year (in part to him being really quick on Xbox version 1.1 for some reason!).
  10. Liaveil

    Same items in item shop

    I was expecting at least the helmets removed from 2019 to appear in the item shop. Which equally would be bad since, you know, charging again for something that was already in the game.. but at this point I'd be delighted to be able to buy those ones. I just want that one that you could colour to look like Button's helmet, i forget the name.
  11. Liaveil

    Option for driver retirements

    Yes, absolutely. I know it cant be done at the start for licensing reasons but certainly could be an option from season 2 onwards. More options is always better.
  12. Liaveil

    Option for driver retirements

    Any chance of an option being added in a future updates to disable driver retirements like there is with drivers changing teams? I like the addition but there are some files where it would be nice to be able to keep drivers like Kimi and Vettel on the roster for the full career mode.
  13. Liaveil

    Item Store

    I actually quite like the addition. However, what I really don't like is how it works: the rotations. I feel like all the items should be available to buy at any time. I've got the coins to spend, but nothing to spend them on waiting around for the chance of something appearing. I want to be able to spend the coins, maybe even buy more. But not if I have to wait around for something to appear.
  14. Seems kind of a waste of time doing those activities if they're only temporary. +1 extra racecraft will do nothing for one weekend.
  15. I'm not even sure driver training is working. On mine, I've noticed their stats keep going back to their default after each race. Are they only temporary? Or a glitch? Could be part of the issue.