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  1. Liaveil

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    The overall stat isnt really that important (alot of drivers are much lower/higher because of the experience stat). Bottas needs a massive nerf to his awareness stat. I'd say about 87 or so. It's so confusing how he had 6 spins in one race as well as crashing in qualifying several times in 2019 that hes rated 99 and yet Hamilton and Perez who have had nearly no incidents over the last year are at 84 and 79. It makes no sense at all.
  2. Liaveil

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    I wouldn't go so far as to say 2020 is a downgrade as its 100% an upgrade on 2019. 2019's AI stats were a far bigger mess than this. The only glaring problem AI in 2020 is Bottas whereas in 2019 it was Ricciardo, Sainz, Hulk, Gasly and Weber. Although the R&D is arguably worse this year I suppose. The racing itself is fantastic. But they desperately need to give us an editor in game where we can change driver and teams stats to customize our single player experience.
  3. Liaveil

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    Really, this is what they need 100%. Other sports games allow the players to change real players stats so this absolutely should be included in F1. Like you say, it'll be beneficial to both dev's and the players. Less pressure on getting stats updated and pleasing everyone and the players have the freedom to fix the stats as they see fit whether they keep it realistic or want Latifi with 100 stats, the option would be nice to have. (Same goes for team stats but that's a different subject)
  4. Liaveil

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    That was my question after reading the stat changes.
  5. Liaveil

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Well good news guys, they dropped his racecraft by 2 in the new update which will do absolutely nothing! 99 awareness still, despite spinning every other lap at Turkey. He's still going to be beating Hamilton every race because of this ludicrous stat they've given him. It's either that or there is a serious problem in his AI thays giving him higher stats than intended. I'm still very convinced hes the only AI driver receiving facility bonuses even when hes not your teammate which shouldnt be happening. Either that or any driver who is signed as the second Merc driver.
  6. Liaveil

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    They...they really kept Bottas' awareness at 99 after the Turkish GP?... Ricciardo lost awareness stats for spinning once in Silverstone in an earlier update, and Leclerc just lost 6 for one incident, but Bottas keeps 99 despite spinning 6+ times and being awful in the last part of the season? They didn't increase Perez's awareness or racecraft stats despite him overtaking the field in Portimao and Sakhir... But Norris gets a buff for doing absolutely nothing and Ocon got a buff for the same race where he did less than Perez. Russell still has an awful racecraft stat despite having some superb overtakes at Sakhir... No F2 drivers have had changes? Still cant hire Tsunoda, Shwartzman in MyTeam? These stat changes wont change anything in game. Bottas is still going to be broken and winning most races. Seriously, he needs to be looked at. Whether its him as an individual AI or whether it's the second Merc seat getting invisible facility buffs. How else can a 98 pace be losing constantly to a 90 pace??? Sorry to sound ungrateful but this stat update is poor to put it lightly.
  7. Liaveil

    Have patches improved ai ?

    To race they are the best they've ever been and the best in any racing game I've played. However, I do think the AI when racing each other can be improved, most notably when they do 3 stop strategies they need to be better at passing 2 stoppers as well as not have their pace drop off to 2 stop pace after just a couple of laps. That and having them make mistakes more often. Not the wheelspin slides, they are fine, but proper full spins or even race ending errors especially in dry to wet or full wet conditions.
  8. Liaveil

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    You can, it's not too difficult to do so. Problem is that the AI versions of them dont. In 2018 and 2019 you could get to season 4 and Williams could be 3rd best team with Merc dropping to 5th after regulation changes while you've played as Renault the whole time and every save would be different. At the moment it usually just stays the same as all teams get enough resource points to protect all of their upgrades as well as afford new upgrades very quickly. Its making Merc/Red Bull/Ferrari develop at the same speed as Haas/Alfa/Williams so we're not seeing any variation.
  9. Liaveil

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Difference with this and Bioware is that the F1 games have a set release every year already whereas the Bioware games don't so there wont be any more of a rush than there already is. With the added resources there will probably even be less of a rush. It will still be the same team making the game as we have always had but with more resources and better funding. Yes we'll probably see some EA influence on the microtransaction side of things but the core gameplay won't be affected. We wont suddenly see more arcadey features or anything like that. We should all really see how the next game is before immediately writing the series off just because there'll be an EA logo added to the cover. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised. This is coming from someone who really doesn't like EA at all.
  10. Liaveil

    Driver Ratings Update

    Hopefully it'll include increasing the F2 drivers stats so they can compete in F1 too. Some of them like Schumacher, Zhou and Ilott should be at the bare minimum in the mid 70's overall. With a bit of luck adding Tsunoda, Shwartzman etc. to career although I'm less hopeful on that.
  11. Liaveil

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I mean.. it's still Codemasters making the game they just have more funding to do it now. I dont like EA as much as the next person but immediately jumping on a negativity train is dumb. Extra resources and manpower is exactly what the series needs. Better than letting CM run out of money and then we get no F1 game at all. I seriously doubt it'll just turn into another Fifa simply because Codemasters are now owned by EA.
  12. Liaveil

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    Yeah that sounds reasonable to me, gives them a chance to catch up but not keep pulling too far ahead. It seems like that's what they tried this year by having their upgrades cost less than the top and midfield teams. Unfortunately with the increase in resource points from having two drivers collect them rather than one and the weekly income has made that change redundant. I think they should do away with weekly resource points and limit it back to the practice sessions since the top teams are able to upgrade as fast as the bottom three and regulation changes dont do anything at the moment since they can easily protect their upgrades. Another idea I can think if is perhaps limiting the amount of upgrades each team is allowed to protect so if you finish in the top 3 you can save five upgrades, 4th-7th can protect seven and 8th-11th can protect ten.
  13. Liaveil

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    I feel like we have the same problem we did with 2017 where the team performance doesnt really change and the back teams never catch up with the pack. With the increase in resource points earned, the faster teams are upgrading just as fast as the small teams and the regulation changes aren't mixing the field up like they did with 2018 and 2019. I think that upgrades for Williams, Haas and Alfa Romeo should give a much bigger performance boost than the faster teams. Certainly the first half of them at least I think minor upgrades for the small teams should give the same boost as major upgrades would for bigger teams. This should help the back three teams get into the mix rather than constantly being a long way back. I've seen YouTube series that have reached season 4 and those three teams are still as far back as they were in season 1. It leaves the career modes a little stale and too predictable. Any chance of seeing some balance changes in this regard?
  14. Liaveil

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    Yep.. It makes sense they're not available for season one but they should definitely be available from season two onwards. Pretty disappointing that we cant see Tsunoda in either career but theres a chance of Calderon and "hilarious" meme driver. On top of that, they desperately need to fix the F2 drivers stats. Not just for the F2 results but so that they can actually compete with the F1 drivers when they get promoted. Schumacher, Zhou, Illot and I hate to say it.. Mazepin need pretty big stat increases.
  15. Liaveil

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    This is why I think the issue is that either Bottas himself or whoever fills the second Mercedes seat is getting the personnel facility bonuses when they shouldn't be. Those bonuses would be giving Bottas or Merc number two +10-15 in all stats..