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  1. So the two biggest issues with the game, safety car and badly balanced AI driver performances are still not sorted? Awesome. But hey, more very important custom liveries! Honestly, it's like you're purposely trying to annoy your playerbase. And it's working.
  2. Liaveil

    F1 2019 Patch WishList

    I'd honestly just be happy with balancing the AI drivers properly, which I can see is already on the list. Otherwise maybe I'd go with being able to manually change driver lineups before starting a career mode maybe. Can sort of carry on after season 10 in that way. I'd also like to see former drivers in recent games on the rotation in career mode like Alonso, Button, Ocon etc. Failing that, their models and helmets added so you choose them as your avatar.
  3. I mean, opinions and everything but you cannot seriously suggest that Vettel has at any point this season been better than Hamilton to warrant having a stronger AI. He's barely been better if at all than Leclerc, Verstappen has been carrying Red Bull all season and has regularly been as fast and sometimes faster than the Ferrari's despite having a slower car. And Vettel certainly has not been "far and away the best driver in the second half". Don't mean any disrespect to you or your opinion but he's not even been close to that. He's had a below average season overall by his standards. A lot of drivers in the midfield have performed better but having slower cars they don't get the same coverage. AI performances should be based off the whole season. I get your point on Gasly but his AI is stronger than Verstappen's currently which is absolutely wrong. The AI drivers need to be balanced as if they are all driving the same team now that driver transfers are a thing. Balancing them around car performance doesn't work anymore (should now be the other way around) as there'll be massive performance differences where there shouldn't be if certain drivers become teammates (e.g Ricciardo vs Raikkonen or Perez) Based off this season and other recent years it should be: Hamilton being strongest overall followed by Vettel/Verstappen/Leclerc/Ricciardojust behind Hamilton (like 0.050-0.200 on average). Then we should see Bottas/Raikkonen/Sainz/Perez/Hulk just behind those guys (again, about a tenth or so off the group ahead). Then Norris/Russell/Albon/Gasly/Kvyat/Magnussen/Grosjean should all be very close and about a further tenth or two on average behind the previous group with Stroll/Gio/Kubica being the weakest.
  4. From my experience, this looks to me like the ranking of AI drivers: 1. Vettel 2. Leclerc 3. Weber (Convinced he's using Alonso 2018 AI) 4. Perez 5. Hamilton 6. Raikkonen 7. Gasly 8. Norris 9. Bottas 10. Verstappen 11. Butler (Possibly Hartley's 2018 AI? Sure, like Gasly he was stronger in 2018 than he should have been) 12. Russell 13. Kvyat 14. Hulkenberg 15. Sainz 16. Magnussen 17. Ricciardo 18. Albon 19. Stroll 20. Kubica 21. Giovinazzi 22. Grosjean Ricciardo, Sainz and Hulkenberg are the most glaringly underperforming drivers compared to real life from what I've seen. Hamilton and Verstappen look too weak as well, certainly when compared to the top three and Grosjean needs an upgrade too. Weber needs to lay off the performance enhancers along with Gasly. Hulk, Ric and Sainz AI should be what Perez is now while Verstappen and Hamilton should be as strong in Verstappen's case and stronger in Hamilton's than Vettel and Leclerc. Bottas should also be on Perez level at least. That being said, I've only done one race since 1.15 came out though, has it been said that AI performance has been updated? To answer your question though OP, Hamilton is the stronger AI. But both need upgrades.
  5. Liaveil

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    This was half done for online lobbies back in 2015 as well. You could set each individual AI driver's difficulty. At the time it was when they still used Normal/Expert/Master/Legend but it shows they could definitely do that. Would give us the opportunity to change performance levels in a sense without having to mod the game too so it would work on consoles. Would give us the option of changing them between seasons if we fancied changing it up a bit. This is a great idea. Don't need mods, works on all formats and gives Codies a little less to worry about in getting performance correct. I would definitely support this.
  6. Liaveil

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    I don't actually know how the driver stats look, is that how it works? Fastest being 1.00 and then it goes down from there? It definitely looks that way. Like they're balancing the teams first and then the drivers whereas it should be the other way around. (Especially bad way to do it when they get teams wrong in the first place). The only example I've seen them get it right is Alonso's AI in 2018. He has the best AI as far as I remember but they made sure the McLaren was slow enough so his results were realistic. They should be doing that with all the drivers. It just seems like common sense when they're adding a feature that let's drivers change teams. All they had to do was put Vettel and Ricciardo in the same team as a test, do a few races and they would see they need to increase Ricciardo's stats (and then Hulk to balance him against Ricciardo) and then make sure the Renault is at a level where the upgraded AI drivers are finishing in realistic positions at the start of career. Did that happen in 2013? All I remember from 13/14 was that it looked like they stopped teams changing tiers so results were always the same. Are you thinking of 2012? I remember Alonso used to challenge for wins while Massa was nowhere in season 1 and then come season 2, they were about even when Ferrari dropped down a tier.
  7. Poor decision. Sorry but I've honestly lost nearly all interest in playing this game anymore or buying the next one since CM cannot take a relatively small amount of time to sort this (that modders can do on their own, to show that a big company should have the ability). Amazing how the time can be found to make skins though. CM cannot seriously look at the Ricciardo AI (as the most obvious example) and say that the team are following form and improvements accurately. The Ricciardo AI has been seriously underperforming since the 2017 game and has long shown he's as fast as Vettel and Verstappen yet he's been consistently up to 0.7 slower than them in the last several games and finishing up to a minute behind them. (Remember 2017, where Perez is always ahead of both Red Bulls even when Force India is far behind them on the performance chart?) The simple thing is, there's very clearly been no proper changes to AI driver performances since 2017 and with the new driver transfer system, it's made the issue even more obvious. Renault currently have the best car in my career, Ricciardo and Leclerc are the drivers. Leclerc is on the podium every race and leads the championship and guess what Ricciardo's highest result has been after ten races. 7th. Vettel and Perez in a Racing Point that's dropped to 8th on the chart have finished ahead of him more often than Ricciardo has beat them. Sorry but if this is the official answer and this relatively simple issue will not be fixed in favor of skins, then you've lost yet another customer. (Sorry if this sounds like I'm angry at you, I'm not, my disappointment is directed to the company, I know you're only doing what you've been asked to and aren't the reason for the decision) (Edit) To add, I really think that it's only the drivers that need updating. Some of the cars could get a change but since the R&D will change it all up anyway I don't think it would be necessary. Drivers are constant however, so if they're wrong, it negatively affects the career regardless of the R&D.
  8. Liaveil

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Although you make valid points, the AI drivers should be balanced based on if they become teammates and in the same car. We've seen before that Ricciardo performs as well as Vettel and Verstappen. But if he becomes teammates with either in game, he's nowhere near them. Ricciardo seems balanced for this year but only because Hulkenberg is also too slow. Hulkenberg should be on the same level as Perez (as seen when they were teammates), but in game, same as Ricciardo, is nowhere near Perez. Gasly absolutely needs a nerf, he beats Verstappen in game and we saw he was very rarely within half a second of him in real. I think Perez AI is probably fine, he just looks too strong because all the midfield drivers need buffs. Let's assume Hamilton is team leader, he should be the benchmark for the other AI drivers so the other AI should go: +0.100 : Verstappen/Vettel/Leclerc/Ricciardo +0.150 : Bottas/Raikkonen/Hulkenberg/Sainz/Perez/Butler/Weber +0.250: Norris/Magnussen/Albon/Russell/Kvyat +0.350-400: Giovinazzi/Stroll/Gasly/Grosjean/Kubica. Based on season long performances as well as taking previous recent years. The game naturally has drivers have good and bad races so I don't think form from just the last few races should dictate how fast they are in game. As far as teams are concerned they're not too far off. Red Bull looks weaker as Verstappen needs a buff, if he was correct, Red Bull would be accurate. Ferrari nerfs were correct, but the engine needs buffing to be ahead of Merc, that will balance their chassis nerf. McLaren will be fine if they buff Sainz. Racing Point should get a small nerf while Renault should get a bigger nerf, if Ricciardo and Hulk are correctly balanced, that will balance the Renault nerf. Toro Rosso probably need the biggest buff.
  9. Liaveil

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Ricciardo should have a similar performance to Vettel/Leclerc. Perez, Sainz and Hulk should all be about the same and maybe around Bottas' performance while Gasly needs to be about the same as Kvyat, Magnussen and Grosjean. Albon may also need an upgrade but I'll judge that after I've done a few races and see how he compares to Verstappen. (Max may need a slight buff as well, again to match Vettel imo)
  10. Liaveil

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    This Still needing buffs for Ricciardo, Sainz and Hulkenberg (maybe Albon, will see how he compares to Max) and nerfs for Perez, Weber and Gasly. Was hoping with them swapping Albon and Gasly they'd look into it.
  11. Liaveil

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    He wins. Source: Named my avatar Fernando Alonso and ruined Vettel's Ferrari career. He escaped back to Red Bull for season 2. That aside, I do wish they would add drivers from previous games to the "substitute roster" for career mode giving them a chance to return. It would bolster the driver rotation and make it a lot more interesting. They have the models of those drivers, just need some updates. Imagine, season 2, Rosberg makes a return replacing Bottas or Ferrari indeed hiring Alonso. (Actually a bit surprised Alonso isn't in even as a custom avatar with his helmet design considering he's been a part of the Grid game) With Ocon returning next season it shows that it should be a feature. They have models for all of these drivers: Alonso, Rosberg, Button, Ocon, Kobayashi, Vergne, Massa, Vandoorne (likely add Hulkenberg here for next year), etc. which will give a lot more variation to the career mode.
  12. Liaveil

    Is it me or is the input dying out?

    People have tried. I'm sure more people would if CM would actually respond and take part in discussions too. What's the point in discussing anything if we're not even sure they're listening?
  13. Liaveil

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    A shame because it's been one of their best when you don't take wrong AI performance and SC issues into consideration. Guess I'm just going to assume it's a no and lament CM's atrocious communication skills at not being able to answer a simple question despite being tagged.
  14. Liaveil

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    Perhaps surprised is the wrong word. Disappointed is probably better. Would just be nice if they would just acknowledge this and just a simple "yes we're looking into it" or whatever. How hard can it be to fix really.
  15. Liaveil

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    Yup. I honestly can't understand how they messed him up so badly. He's proven he's as good as Verstappen and Vettel so by logic his AI should be as good as theirs. As it is, should Vettel and Ricciardo end up as teammates in game, Vettel destroys him by up to a second in qualifying and is always some 30-40 seconds ahead in races. It wasn't such a problem in 2018 but now that driver transfers are a thing they need to rebalance the drivers to match real life. The only thing I can think of is they're trying to balance that Renault have sucked this year but what they should do is buff both Ric and Hulk but nerf the Renault base car. Ricciardo should be at least as good as the front runners and be a lead contender for a top drive in the transfers and Hulk should be as good as Perez. Thinking about it, Perez's AI is fine. Close to the front but a little behind. Problem is, they've made the rest of the midfield far too weak. Hulk and Sainz should be about even with Perez. Raikkonen is fine, then they should buff Norris, Mag, Kvyat, Albon and Russell to be just a little behind them and then buff the rest to a little behind that group and nerf Gasly down to this level. It should be an easy fix really. The field can do with being closed up a bit anyway. I personally think the fastest, Hamilton, should only be on average 0.8-1s faster on average than the slowest drivers if they end up as teammates. You never see gaps as big as the game in real life. @RedDevilKT @Hoo Can there be some acknowledgement that this is being looked at and/or worked on?