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  1. Liaveil

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    Licensing is the obvious reason why they won't be included. So we can't forget about it. Like everyone else has said, the game is licensed for the calendar that would have been so they would have to spend more to get these four tracks licensed too. It's not about how easy they are to add to the game. From a technical standpoint they would be very easy to add. (Hockenheim being the most glaringly easy one) The only way I can see them doing that is if they released them as DLC. This would put towards covering the cost of licensing them. But I don't expect to see any of them included. It would be nice, and obviously I would be happy for them to be added. But realistically, it probably won't happen.
  2. Liaveil

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    Yup, this is something that should be next on the list of improvements for the single player. As most have said, have them act like practice sessions. There's 6(?) days of testing so could have different practice programmes taking place over that course. Then obviously the more laps you do the better but there should be an option to simulate it (like you can with practice programmes in 2019) so you'll get some extra resource points. Could throw some variation in and use the pre-season test to "upgrade" the upgrades. Have seperate resource points just for the pre-season test and you can spend those to change minor upgrades to major upgrades, or major upgrades to ultimate upgrades etc. Or you can spend them on reducing the cost/time required for upgrades over the course of the season instead of having that as part of your contract. With how My Team and Career looks like it's changing you can maybe use pre-season resource points to train your teammate too. So rather than just directly improving the car over pre-season, you improve the potential of the car. Then obviously it would all be affected by rule changes so you'll need to spend them wisely. Would make each season more interesting as you won't know the full potential of your rivals as it'll be different every season and after every rule change so you can't just guess by starting a new game on a seperate file to check each teams upgrade path.
  3. Liaveil

    MyTeam audio name or reference

    If there's an option for it I imagine there'll either be a selection of stock names (like with the drivers) or former team names like Jordan, Tyrrell etc. But I think it's more likely it'll be refered to as the new team.
  4. Liaveil

    Driving for Another Team in MyTeam

    If the idea of a driver staying at the same team for ten seasons is what bugs you then just rename your driver every few seasons and hire a different teammate. If you want to play as just yourself as the driver then the standard career mode is the mode you'd be playing.
  5. Just think of yourself as controlling the team rather than just one person that both owns it and drives. That's how I'm doing it anyway. Like I'll start with Lotus-Renault, I'll name my driver Alonso and just think of it as the team owner being Flavio or something but I just happen to have control over both.
  6. Liaveil

    Which Engine?

    Depends what team I make I guess, I'm going to have a few saves with some real team names. I was going to do a Honda works team at first so I guess that choice will be fairly simple.
  7. Personally I think most of the stats are pretty good, but there are a few that need tweaking. I'd change the pace of a few: Raikkonen at 85, Sainz at 86 and swap Ricciardo and Bottas' around. I'd lower Kvyat to 82 and Stroll to 80. Awareness for Bottas I'd drop to around 94 or 95. I'd also swap Magnussen and Grosjean's awareness/race craft. Leclerc at 86 overall seems low but must remember his experience stat will be dropping it. His stats are good.
  8. Liaveil

    Mechanical failure

    Yep this is something that I really can't understand why it isn't already in the game. The reason given years ago was that it would frustrate players... Can easily be tuned for all players with an option of On/AI only/Off though. It makes winning a championship very easy when your car is indestructible but your rivals drop out of 3-4 races. Personally at the moment, I sometimes do a dice roll before a race to choose which engine parts to use to make up for it and if they're nearly broken..so be it, theres my random failure for the season. Still anti climactic though as I'll probably know beforehand whether I'm finishing or not. Also fully agree with MrHawk. That god awful slowmo after terminal damage needs to go! Hated that since 2010.
  9. The last four teams have been revealed now as well. Some will cause some debate! Sainz looks slightly underrated again but not as off as last year. Raikkonen has been sensibly nerfed but I'd question the Ferrari drivers.. overall scores are both lower than Bottas. Magnussen looks underrated compared to Grosjean too.
  10. I'd say that's about right, honestly. The main difference between them is that Lewis is a more complete driver which is reflected in the stats. Glad to see they're finally buffing Ricciardo to better reflect him. I think right now the only stats I'd question are Russell's. Think they've done him dirty there and he should be at minimum at the same level as Albon or Ocon. I'm now interested to see if they've finally buffed Sainz too and the Ferrari scores will no doubt stir debate!
  11. This is great to see. I do hope we can edit them manually in game though. I imagine there'll be some scores we disagree with. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction.
  12. Liaveil

    Driver Perfomances F1 2019

    Interesting. This is great to see! Hopefully they will give us an option to edit these stats as well like in Fifa if we feel that some of them are wrong. For example if they make Ricciardo as bad as last years game I'd be changing his stats immediately. There's some hope though as it looks like they've finally nerfed Perez.
  13. Liaveil

    Create my team recrute past driver

    I imagine there'll be an option to disable driver retirements/F2 promotions like there is to turn transfers off altogether if it starts getting out of control. But I'm definitely in favour of recent previous drivers being available like Alonso, Hulk, Button, Rosberg etc. They have driver models from at least 2014 that could update and use.
  14. Liaveil

    Fix this "AI" qualifying issue

    What they really should do is have the player in full control up until the last AI (if you're not the last car to finish a lap) and only finish the session once you and all the AI have finished their last laps. To add to that, they should add a spectate option for q2/3 if you get eliminated in the previous session. Solves the issue of poor AI control after you finish and cuts out the "simulated" AI lap times. (And cancels that AI q3 bug too where all cars revert to season 1 stats!).
  15. Liaveil

    F1 2020 Wishlist Features

    Honestly, of the ones listed, I'm not overly interested in. Obviously, I wouldn't say no to them either. Personally, I would rather see; - Proper driver edit mode. It should work similar to Fifa where you can edit driver stats so you can balance them yourself when they're inevitably wrong (Looking at Ricciardo-bot..). As well as that, the ability to create several driver avatars that you can add to career/my team modes if you wish and then select which one to play as at the start of career (or each race in My Team). - Failing being able to edit current driver stats, the ability to individually set the difficulty of each AI. Can be a workaround. For example, in 2019, I'd set Hamilton to 100, Perez to 97/98 and Ricciardo to 102/103. - Ability to set each teams starting R&D. So you can choose to have default or have McLaren start as the fastest team etc. - R&D as an option in season mode with real drivers with a further option to do multiple seasons. - Winter testing. - Long shot, more for the future: Classic seasons with the correct drivers. - Option for the player to have random terminal technical failures like the AI can. Options should be On/AI only/Off. Reliability R&D can affect the likelihood of them happening. - Ability to turn interviews off if they're the same as previous games. - Further expanded R&D tree.