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  1. I wouldn't even mind if stats break the stat limit. Base stats cap at 100 but boosts can take them over. So in Mercedes case, Hamilton would have 108 pace while Bottas has 101. Prefer a full removal though as that method would make the top teams more overpowered and season 3 onwards would be nightmarish.. but would still prefer that over drivers all having 100 on everything.
  2. Irrelevant while the personnel boosts are still in the game. Thay being said, Russell nerf? Seriously? He was too slow in game as it is. Ferrari drivers still slow, Alonso still not rated high enough, Ocon still at an embarrassing 79 pace. Ricciardo still slower than Kimi. Please just add a feature in F1 2022 where we can change these ourselves...
  3. Giga Bottas was an issue in 2020 as well. Red Bull was not a big issue as even with the boosts Albon's stats were low enough to be realistic. It's noticeable this year as Perez has higher base stats than Albon did. Its personally why I wouldnt mind the boosts if they ONLY applied to the players My Team car (although that would still make signing someone like Gasly better than Hamilton due to the price difference). But at least you could take your favorite driver to the front. I'd quite like to see the personnel facilities influencing driver growth, so the higher the facility the mo
  4. Seriously. Or make them so they only affect the players My Team car. Or even nerf the boosts from 5/10/15 to 1/3/5 or something. They're completely killing the career mode and ruining all balance among the drivers. You've seen us all unhappy with seeing Bottas and Perez constantly beating Hamilton and Verstappen and how badly they are affecting the AI performance from season 3 onwards so why is nothing being done? It should be an easy fix of disabling them for AI teams. We were all much happier during the patch when the boosts weren't applying and the AI were performing
  5. A consistency stat would be good. Another alternative would be to give drivers two separate stats for each category. I'll use pace as an example. Hamilton and Verstappen are the most consistent drivers so they could have a pace stat like 95-98. So each weekend theyll perform at any number between those stats. A less consistent driver like Tsunoda could have 79-89. So a bigger variety. Focus could be then reworked so low focus would mean more likely to perform at the lower stat while high focus would be more likely to perform at the highest. The stats could then update over time like they do no
  6. Realistically, until they remove or rework the personnel upgrades the driver stats are fairly pointless anyway. But I agree that some are far too spread out resulting in being way too slow (Ocon is the worst offender here) Aside from Mazepin and probably Latifi, all the drivers pace stat should be between 88-100. Ocon is regularly 0.4 off Alonso in qualifying and around 30s behind at the end of a race which isnt very accurate. You only have to imagine if the game puts two drivers as teammates would the stats be accurate. Example: Ricciardo returns to Red Bull as Max's teammate. Danny has
  7. Personally I think some are a bit high. Piastri has been great in F2 but can we say with 100% certainty he would be equally as strong in F1? Recent examples would be like Vandoorne, with his F2 performances he probably would have had stats not far off Gasly, but in F1 he didn't perform at the same level. If we go the other way around, Kobayashi. Looked like a backmarker in GP2 but was every bit as strong as Perez in F1. On the safe side, I wouldn't have any of them start any higher than Mick's current stats and most lower than Tsunoda. That being said, I think a lot of the F1 stats need
  8. It's really not worth looking at the "Overall" stat since it doesnt reflect driver performance at all. (Leclerc vs Sainz for example, Sainz has higher overall but Leclerc performs better). Personally I think they shouldnt bother having an overall as many look at that and jump to wrong conclusions like with Kimi and Charles last year. They saw Kimi had a higher overall and didnt look at the individual stats and recognize it was simply due to the experience stat. That being said, most of the changes were okay this update although most stats still need changes (Alonso, Leclerc, S
  9. Liaveil

    Bottas FCOL

    Again, the issue with Bottas and Perez isnt them themselves, it's the personnel facility boosts. They need to remove them from AI teams and they should only apply to the My Team player car. If that's not possible, then we need the option to disable them for all teams altogether. They will need a serious rework for the next game.
  10. It's the awful personnel boosts. Makes both him and Bottas as good as Hamilton and Verstappen. They're the absolute worst thing in career mode. Codies, for goodness sake can you please remove/rework these boosts, make them player team only or allow us to turn them off for all teams. They ruin the career mode!
  11. It's better than a lot of the designs we've had in the past where the designer clearly has some weird obsession with zebra stripes and asymmetrical nonsense. But I agree, these would have been great if they added their driver models in. If they're going to add real drivers helmets in I'd rather they do iconic drivers like our current seven icon drivers, Hakkinen, Hill etc. Or drivers that tend to retire early like Alonso, Kimi and Seb. (Driver models as well please?... Could even add driver avatars on to the podium pass to unlock)
  12. Liaveil

    Patch 1.13

    Another minor thing I'd like to see changed: Alonso's acclaim should be either 12 or 13. Along with some drivers stats updated... namely buffs for Alonso, Leclerc, Sainz pace, Russell pace, Ricciardo slight pace increase, Ocon pace and Hamilton awareness (make it at least 90 if the personnel boosts are staying)... nerf Bottas slightly (removing personnel boosts would fix him being op).
  13. A lot of this is again down to the facilities though. Merc and Red Bull are both getting +10 so their drivers are hitting stat cap. With teams like AlphaTauri, Alpine, Aston and the back three teams they're only getting +5 so the drivers are still getting the same stat differences between teammates. I think McLaren get tier 2 personnel usually mid season 1 which is why you're seeing Ricciardo closer to Norris. With Ferrari that's more down to them giving Sainz a ridiculously low pace stat. (Beats Norris 2 years straight and has 6 pace less?). Fluctuating stats, like you say, that go up an
  14. Liaveil

    Patch 1.13

    I imagine Jeddah comes in the next patch and then F2 2021 will come in December is my guess. Personally I'd like to see: - Removal/Rework of Driver stat bonuses (or make it so only the player team gets them) - Option to disable driver transfers and drivers retiring at the end of the season. - Wishful thinking; An option to control all driver transfers (and driver stats..).
  15. Yup, essentially, Mercedes and Red Bull start by default with tier 2 Personnel (Can check this by choosing them in Driver career) which means that Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen and Perez are getting +10 on all stats permanently. Taking EXP out of the equation, Hamilton is getting 100 in pace and racecraft but 95 in awareness while Bottas is getting 100 in all three. This is why we're seeing Bottas regularly ahead as he actually performs at higher stats than Hamilton. It's also why Perez is very close to Max (100 vs 98 pace). McLaren and Ferrari get rank 2 pretty early so Norris and Leclerc very
  16. Yup.. Personnel permanent boosts need removing/reworking. They're ruining the career modes big time. They: - Make driver stats completely redundant (Can get most drivers to 100..) - Ruin AI driver balance (Bottas ahead of Hamilton, Perez matching Verstappen) - Ruin team balance. Merc and Red Bull are already faster and their drivers have higher stats.. let's make them even further ahead by having +10 stats compared to Williams, Alpine etc get none or +5. With no personnel boosts, we'll see more realistic driver performance, a reason to actually hire the top drivers a
  17. I keep forgetting that the Focus stat is there! I agree with that, it's been added so should be utilized. Maybe they should even think about having separate focus stats for each of the main stats which the personnel facilities could use instead. Higher pace focus stat meaning they perform at their maximum pace more often but could have low racecraft focus so struggle with overtaking a bit more perhaps.
  18. Yeah just something to make the base driver stats actually be relevant would be ideal. I'm not sure about nerfing stats too hard but certainly make it so stats go over 100 with bonuses would keep them relevant. Even if it just caps at 105 or so. Then again, because smaller teams only get +5 stats for a pretty long time, these boosts are also making the car difference look bigger and why Williams and Alfa cant get close to Q2 or points. With the boosts gone, we would probably see Williams and Alfa actually being relevant in game too.
  19. I miss that patch when the facility bonuses were broken.. was far more realistic except for drivers like Russell, Sainz and F2 drivers not improving. With this update Bottas is now the clear number 1 in game if you have personnel facilities at rank 2. Gasly's awareness nerf means he doesnt get 100 anymore. But he still comes above Hamilton and equal with Verstappen. With the facility bonuses, Bottas has 100 in pace/awareness/racecraft whereas Hamilton is getting 100 pace and racecraft but only 95 awareness. That small stat difference is the problem, like you say. They desperate
  20. Yeah I think that's a big problem with the stats; there isnt enough. Racecraft can be split into offensive and defensive. Awareness should be it's own stat but then there should be Consistency, Tyre Management and Wet Weather separately as well and then, like you say, race pace and qualifying pace should be seperate too.
  21. If they were hardcoded they wouldnt fluctuate or have any stat boosts from activities or facilities surely. Exp/Racecraft/Awareness/Pace - Hamilton: 93/94/91/98 - Bottas: 77/87/92/91 - Verstappen: 71/93/90/98 - Perez: 82/90/85/87 - Leclerc: 64/92/86/94 - Sainz: 71/91/92/90 - Vettel: 92/89/87/89 - Stroll: 64/89/81/83 - Ricciardo: 82/93/90/91* - Norris: 62/90/87/92 - Alonso: 99/95/90/93 - Ocon: 62/88/91/84 - Gasly: 66/92/89/91 - Tsunoda: 51/84/79/81 - Raikkonen: 99/91/84/86 - Giovinazzi: 62/85/79/83 - Mick:
  22. Okay...Codies, can you just allow us to change stats ourselves please? This is definitely the worst update so far. The sooner we can change them in game ourselves the better because these are just getting worse.
  23. Ha! To be honest I'd like to see them add a feature where we can edit stats ourselves. Between seasons we could change them to suit how we think a driver will perform, maybe even between races. Ricciardo is a perfect example. Say its F1 2020 again, season 1 Ricciardo with 92 pace, joins McLaren for season 2 and struggles so we could drop him to 87 pace. Would be pretty fun especially if we could manually set the driver lineups from season 2 onwards. Back to the boosts though, yeah they definitely should only be temporary and "overstack" over 100. A mix of 1 and 2 from the topic would be i
  24. Bottas' and Hamilton's stats themselves are actually fairly accurate (although I'd bump Hamilton's awareness to at least 92). Its the permanent personnel boosts that are skewing the results making Bottas look better as they're both performing at 100 pace. There was a patch not long ago where the permanent boosts were bugged and not applying the bonuses. During that patch, Hamilton was consistently ahead of Bottas and pretty much the whole field were performing at the correct level. Then they fixed the boosts in the next patch and suddenly Bottas is performing better than Hamilton again an
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