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  1. Sounds pretty accurate for Haas to be honest!
  2. Wynterdust

    AI driver performance really needs an update

    I don't know, Bottas seems pretty well balanced in my opinion. From my experience he's definitely weaker than Hamilton but gets an occasional race where he's better which is pretty close to how it's been for real. I think he's one of the few that needs no changes at all. I think Bottas, Hamilton, Russell, Kvyat and Raikkonen are balanced the best compared to real life and don't really need changing. The rest I feel do need changes, some more so than others.
  3. Wynterdust

    AI driver performance really needs an update

    I'm almost certain they've given him Alonso's AI from pre-patch 2018. As far as I remember he was leagues better than all the others and they had to nerf him down to match Hamilton and Vettel. Honestly at this point, if they want to be quick about updating the AI they could just swap some of them around. Like give Ricciardo Gasly's AI and give Gasly Ricciardo's. Would instantly make far more sense since Gasly currently matches Verstappen and Ricciardo is pretty low down. Ricciardo <-> Gasly Perez <-> Sainz (based off this season) Weber <->.... I don't know, add Alonso to the game 😅 or Verstappen maybe? Think they should definitely look into adding more drivers to the transfer rotation. Maybe the 2019 F2 drivers (assuming it's still coming) if not drivers like Ocon, Wehrlein, Alonso, Vergne etc. From previous games.
  4. Wynterdust

    AI driver performance really needs an update

    I'm very aware of that and I skip F2 as I just prefer having real drivers. However you cannot deny that Weber's AI is ridiculous. Butler is fine, competitive but not OP. Weber should be about the same as Butler. Not being able to dominate drivers like Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo in his first year.
  5. Some AI drivers desperately need an update. It's been mentioned a couple of times but still haven't seen anything mentioned by devs that it's being looked into. With drivers able to change teams, it's far too obvious that some drivers need changes to match their real counterpart. The most glaring example is the AI for Ricciardo. Well regarded as one of the strongest drivers on the grid, but in game he's one of the weakest. We've already seen he's as fast as both Vettel and Ricciardo but if they end up as teammates in the game, Ricciardo is massively slower. Hamilton should be the benchmark and the AI should be balanced around how they would perform against him if they are teammates. With that, I feel the following changes should be made: Major buff: Ricciardo, no explanation needed. He should match Vettel and Verstappen, at the very least he should match Leclerc. Buff: Sainz, Hulkenberg. Hulk is not much off Ricciardo so he should be buffed alongside him, but not as much to match how this season as gone. Sainz should be at a similar level to Hulk. Slight Buff: Verstappen, Magnussen, Grosjean, Albon. Verstappen should be about the same as Vettel, and slightly off Hamilton. Both Haas drivers are too weak when teammates with other drivers. They should both be just a bit behind Hulk and Sainz. Albon should be brought to about level with Kvyat, who I think they've got well balanced. Norris may need a slight buff too to keep him close to Sainz. Major nerf: Weber. I don't get why he has the strongest AI. He should be on the same level as Butler and both should only be at around Sainz/Hulk level at the very most. Nerf: Perez, Gasly. Perez should be on the same level as Hulk and Sainz too, maybe slightly higher. Right now he's too fast with how the RP car is balanced. Gasly doesn't need an explanation. In game, he regularly beats Verstappen and we know how wrong that is! He should be on Magnussen, Grosjean level, slightly behind Kvyat and Albon. Slight nerf: Vettel, Leclerc. They're both good relative to each other, but they should both be on the same level as Verstappen I think. Right now, they're the fastest AI if I remember correctly from the stats. On a secondary note. Is there any chance of adding some drivers from previous games to the "sub bench" in career such as Ocon, Alonso, Wehrlein etc. It'll add a bit more variation to the driver changes and we've already seen Ocon confirmed for next season so it's not like it wouldn't make sense. Can there be an update from a dev about this? It would help balance out career mode somewhat.
  6. Honestly, should just be an option for it to happen to the player as well. Makes championships too easy when the AI get failures but the players invincible.
  7. Wynterdust

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I'd just be happy if they would update the AI driver performance stats... Or if the new avatar items we get were based off former real drivers and included driver models.
  8. Wynterdust

    Penalising a team your leaving

    I mean.. you could. But surely you'd want to make it as realistic as possible? Much more fun when you play as the team rather than the driver when it comes to the R&D.
  9. Wynterdust

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    Wish more people would have your attitude. So many times players are quick to blame the AI but upon seeing a video it's actually the players fault. Treat the game AI as if they were real, taking care on overtaking rather than trying a Ricciardo divebomb at every chance and people will see that the AI is actually really fun to play against. And even should they occasionally hit the player while you're taking care, then I still think that's good. Real drivers make mistakes like that at times as well. The only thing I'd like to see changed with the AI (except certain drivers being buffed/nerfed) is that they make a few more errors, especially in the rain.
  10. Wynterdust

    Driver Performance Update

    This does need looking at, more so than ever with drivers able to change teams in career mode. Buff: Ricciardo (Needs a bloody big buff!), Sainz, Albon, Verstappen, Hulkenberg and maybe Magnussen. Nerf: Gasly! (I'd even take a swap between Ricciardo and Gasly's AI), Perez needs to be about the same level as Hulkenberg and the Mclaren drivers and then Vettel and Leclerc need some minor tweaks so they're about even with Verstappen I would say. IMO, the fastest driver order based off this year should be: (Trying to imagine how they would perform alongside Hamilton) - Hamilton - Verstappen, Vettel, Ricciardo (About 0.050-0.100 on average behind Hamilton, all three should be relatively even, maybe have Ricciardo about 0.050 off Verstappen) - Leclerc, Bottas, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Sainz, Perez (About 0.050-0.100 on average behind Ricciardo and then about another 0.100 between Leclerc and Perez) - Norris, Russell, Kvyat, Magnussen, Albon (Following the pattern, Norris about 0.050 off Perez and about 0.050-0.100 faster than Albon) - Grosjean, Gasly, Stroll, Giovinazzi, Kubica (And again, Grosjean about 0.050 off Albon and about 0.100 ahead of Kubica) There should be stats like consistency, mistake % and maybe even a seperate stat for qualifying and the races. There should be a chance for drivers like Grosjean, Gasly etc. to perform better than drivers above them (I think the game already does this though) so it's not the same results all the time. Certain drivers should be more prone to mistakes: Again, Grosjean as an example should be more likely to make one than say Hamilton. They could even make Grosjean a little quicker if they increased his chance of mistakes as that would balance him out compared to his real life counterpart rather than just making him slow to compensate. And then I think there should be differences between qualifying and race performances. We've seen that certain drivers can be much better at qualifying compared to the race (Norris, both Haas drivers) and vice versa (Ricciardo, Sainz, Stroll) and think they should start to replicate that too.
  11. Wynterdust

    R&D Cost Reduction Math

    Not worth it in my opinion. You earn plenty of points this year so its pretty easy to get 1 or 2 upgrades every race without those bonuses. By the time you've got all those bonuses you'll be too far behind in development to catch up anyway until MUCH later. If you plan on staying with the same team your whole career and don't mind dropping to the back pretty much then go for it. Otherwise I'd recommend not bothering with that or the other bonus that reduces failures. (They don't seem to fail as much this year and it made very little difference previously anyway)
  12. Wynterdust

    1.10+ patch wishes

    - Options. Options. Options. The option to turn driver transfers to On/End of Season Only/Off. Also, terminal mechanical failures: On/AI only/Off. It's pretty easy to win a championship when your rival DNF's 2-3 times and you gain up to 75 points on them with an invincible car..... - AI Driver rebalance. With driver transfers now a thing, this needs looking at desperately. - Big Buff: Ricciardo - Standard Buff: Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Sainz, Albon - Small Buff: Magnussen, Grosjean - Big Nerf: Weber, Gasly(?) - Standard Nerf: Gasly(?), Perez - Small Nerf: Vettel, Leclerc On a maybe more unrealistic note: - Add previous installments driver avatars, audio names and helmets for the player to use in Career mode. - Would be great to use a real former drivers model, name and helmet etc. like we can with Prost and Senna. Maybe even allow us to add them to the "free driver slots" in career mode so the driver rotation pool is larger than just one or three. There are plenty of driver models from previous games they can use like Alonso, Ocon, Button, Wehrlein etc. Options of which ones to add to the career mode of course, like a checkbox. (Ocon is a perfect example, he's not in the game for obvious reasons this year but looks like he could realistically return next year. This makes it unrealistic that he's not available for hire in career mode. - On a perhaps an even more unrealistic note: Allow us to create several drivers like we do for our own avatar and add them to the driver transfer pool. Give them a "base performance" driver to decide how strong they will be. eg. Create Driverone Williams and choose Stroll as base and Driverone will perform to a similar level to Stroll. Or create a knockoff Alonso and give him Hamilton as base so he performs as to his level.
  13. Wynterdust

    AI driver performance

    I feel several drivers need updates to go alongside the team update. Especially so now that drivers can change teams this year. Glaring examples are drivers like Ricciardo having AI that is much slower than drivers he's quicker than. And Gasly often being quicker than Max. They should make the fastest driver a benchmark and work their way down from there. Hamilton should likely be the benchmark and then have a performance deficit similar to this (on average): +0.050 : Verstappen, Vettel, Ricciardo +0.100: Bottas, Leclerc +0.150: Sainz, Hulkenberg, Perez, Raikkonen +0.200: Norris, Russell, Magnussen +0.250: Kvyat, Grosjean +0.300-0.500: Gasly, Stroll, Albon, Giovinazzi, Kubica. As a rough estimate (pardon the formatting, doing this on a phone) Slightly unrelated note but an addition I'd like to see: driver models, helmets and audio names of drivers from previous games like Alonso, Ocon, Button etc. Added to customization.
  14. Wynterdust

    The Game Thread!

    So, I went and played Doki Doki Literature Club. Even if it appears to be something you wouldn't play, seriously give it a try. Don't let the style fool you. One of the trippiest games I've ever played (there's actually a warning before the game starts :lol: ). For a game that's only a couple of hours long, it's one of the best I've played certainly this year.
  15. Wynterdust

    The Game Thread!

    Project Cars has AI? I guess in this instance it stands for "Artifical Idiots". It's pretty hard telling them apart from most online players. Still looks like an upgrade on the first one, however. :lol: