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  1. Sometimes overreactions are the way to get the attention though! It's not exactly a dealbreaker for many but I'm sure it would have had a negative impact on potential sales as many players, myself included, would have thought they'd be included as avatars as well only to be disappointed that they're not. Add in the fact we cant realistically hire them until season 2 and that the AI cant hire them at all feels like a waste not to at least include them as usable avatars for the players. But yes, the lack of feedback on this is the most frustrating part. @BarryBL I hate to be a nu
  2. Exactly this. I get that things like bug fixes and driver/car performance updates are a bigger priority but it would be nice to know if it's even been acknowledged, let alone worked on. It shouldn't be hard for them to do. Everything they need is there, just needs to be accessible by the player. But yes, it would just be nice to get some feedback about this from the devs and whether it's something theyll do. I don't really want to tag any in a post just yet but sometimes it feels like it would be the only way to get a response. A good amount of players would love to see this ad
  3. This would be a nice improvement that would hopefully sort the simulated times. To add to this, if you say, get knocked out in q1 or q2, it would be nice to spectate the remaining sessions.
  4. Honestly at this point it would just be nice to get some insight from CM themselves. Is it being considered? Its clearly something a decent amount of players are interested in so it would be nice to get some feedback on whether it's being looked at. Judging from other comments, the avatars, helmets and audio names being included would get some more sales on the deluxe upgrade.
  5. Fully agree.. if we were getting driver models then the icons were definitely more preferable than the Braking Point characters. So 100%. Would love for this to be added in an upcoming patch. Would be great to get to play as our favourite drivers.
  6. Just quoting this because you're right. Hoping to keep this on the front page to see it added! I remain hopeful, as mad as it may be! So I'll add again: Codies, please allow us to use the icons faces, helmets and audio names for our own driver. Would be nice to be able to try a Senna/Prost team for My Team or play as Nico and return to Mercedes in driver career.
  7. They need to make Red Bull at the very least equal to Mercedes. McLaren and Ferrari are both good but Aston needs to be needed a bit behind Ferrari. Alpha and Alpine should get a small buff so they're about even with Aston. Then Alfa and Williams should be where Alpine and Alpha currently are. Haas as a result of other buffs wouldnt need changing. They then need to give Russell more pace so he's a regular q2 and occasional q3 contender. Right now hes always a q1 knockout.
  8. This is good to hear. Would there be any chance of a similar option between seasons to stop drivers retiring? Would he nice to have the free choice of being able to keep drivers like Kimi, Seb and Fernando around for longer than 1 or 2 seasons.
  9. For gold I mostly use 30-80-70 or 30-70-80. On the "Frostfire" livery which has the metallic style I used 30-100-135 for the shiny part.
  10. To be honest, its not that bad compared to previous years. Most only need slight changes. Swap Red Bull and Merc, swap Aston and Ferrari and bring Williams and Alfa so they're close to Alpine and we're there.
  11. Without. It was okay as far as being entertaining and I liked Casper and Devon as characters but I'd personally prefer more get done to the career modes than focus on a mode many will only play once.
  12. 1 and 4 I'm behind 100%.
  13. Yes he is still generally too quick compared to Hamilton. It's not quite as bad as last year but it's still definitely there. I think it probably confirms it's the 99 awareness that's causing it. It's not quite as bad this year as they've given Hamilton 89 instead of 84 this year but it still needs updating... Put Lewis at 93-95 awareness like he should be and Bottas at about 90-92 and that's probably all it would take. Surely itll drop from 99 after spinning in the pit lane and his crash with Russell at Imola (another 99...), right? ...Right?
  14. No but hopefully they will add them later.. Myself and a few others have requested it in the suggestions subforum. If enough people ask then hopefully they'll allow us to do so. I'm going to personally keep suggesting it at any opportunity. Its especially annoying since, like you say, they've been available in previous games and we cant even hire them realistically until season 2 which in itself isn't great. Plus, like you, I'd personally love to be able to so driver careers using their faces and helmets. Was looking forward to having Rosberg return to Merc, Schumacher to Ferra
  15. Is it known whether it will stay 20 races for full season or will it jump to 23? Or will they be like China and available from season 2 onwards? This is talking as if we are starting a new career save after they launch.
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