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  1. The reward for using no assists should just be the fun, not the lap time. Traction is the only one that can be argued to need a performance handicap in my opinion and even then not excessively.

    Like many have said, for the most part, players aren't actually using the ABS even when its turned on. If they're breaking mid corner and triggering ABS then they're naturally losing time anyway as they're not taking the corner properly and will be much slower than someone with ABS switched off taking the corner properly.

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  2. Pace should indeed be split into two different stats; qualifying pace and race pace. 

    They desperately need to add a stat editor into the game so we can change stats ourselves. Would be nice if we can change them between races even as an option so we can decide if a driver will perform better for a race (Like Leclerc at Silverstone or Perez at Baku for example) and then change it back after if we want to. Can also imagine our own driver growth or decay as the game goes on. They also need to remove permanent stat boosts since they make the driver stats largely irrelevant. (Gasly actually being better to hire than Hamilton is a glaring example of this). But it would also be nice to edit the stats ourselves so we can fix the poor stat choices for Russell, Sainz, Alonso and Ocon.

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  3. On 9/22/2021 at 10:17 PM, SmokyAtom07 said:


    I'm still crossing my fingers that they go the extra inch and make the transfers controllable, even if there are acclaim restrictions. (For example, Haas don't have the acclaim to sign Hamilton so you can't just bin the best drivers to the back of the grid). 

    This would be the ideal scenario really. As an option obviously so you get to the end of the season and the game then asks you if you want to change the driver lineups. Press yes and you're free to change as you like including deciding which drivers retire but if you press no then it will work like it does now and the AI controls it.

    Would love something similar where you can change drivers stats between races or seasons.. Ricciardo for example: end of 2020 season 1 at Renault with 92 pace but season 2 at McLaren you could change his pace to 85 and then back to 90 for season 3. Could decide for one race that a driver performs better than usual (going back a bit but Hill at Hungary 97 for example- say about 87 pace all season but knock it to 98 before the Hungary race so he performs better and then back to 87 after the race). 

    Suggesting that since the Focus stat is a bit of a failure and not working properly. (Maybe it should reset every season so everyone's back to 75+ for Round 1)

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  4. Best driver to hire in game is Gasly. Especially if you have tier 2 personnel for Awareness, Racecraft and Pace he gets 100 in all three but is much cheaper than Verstappen and Bottas.

    Just one reason permanent personnel stat boosts are bad in my opinion when Gasly and Bottas are better choices than Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Senna and Prost.

    If you dont want to be op then I agree with Mick and other good choices for the price are Russell, Tsunoda and considering the price, Alonso. (Why is his acclaim only 10 while Kimi is 12?)

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  5. Based off previous games I dont think it was unrealistic to think they might be available.

    But yes, they're not, that's why I said I'd pay extra to use them as avatars as well. The first part was mostly light hearted as I've suggested it a few times myself.

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  6. Honestly, I'd pay extra for them at this stage! 

    At the very least I'd like to see an option for the AI to recruit them so we can see them in driver career too. 

  7. *Angrily shaking fist that they werent added in new patch*

    So.. I guess back to weekly requests for these to be added. My uncanny valley Button at Brawn and Rosberg at Mercedes saves still need their faces and helmets!

  8. Weird in my first new save Alpine are ranked 5th and their power unit is ahead of the Honda and Ferrari powered cars whereas my second new file they're ranked as shown in this thread. 

    The only change I agree should be Williams being slightly faster, at least equal with Alfa while both teams should be closer to Alpha/Aston/Alpine. Though I think the biggest change really needs to come from Russell. His stats are too low. If his stats were similar to Norris (as they should be) he should be able to get q2 with the new Williams buff.

  9. Some of these are okay. Bottas finally getting an awareness nerf is great, Tsunoda's pace is more realistic and although Norris is having a great year, his stats were too high to start with so that nerf is okay I think.

    However, a lot of them are still way off the mark. Alonso getting a buff is good but 87 pace is still too low, he should be in the 90's while Ocon should be around 85/86. 

    With Hamilton, it's the opposite of Norris, a small awareness drop us justified but it was too low to begin with. It should be higher than Bottas. Russell's stats want to make me hit my head on the wall. Despite the buff his racecraft is still low, his awareness should be much lower but his pace should be around 89/90. Essentially, his stats should be very similar to Norris.

    The other big issue I have is Sainz. His pace should, at the bare minimum, be the same as Norris considering he's beaten him over the last two seasons and has been close to Leclerc.


    It's all a bit of a waste though since Bottas will still outperform Lewis due to the personnel stats and that they've nerfed Lewis again too..

    We desperately need to have the ability to change them ourselves in game.

  10. The sponsors absolutely add to the finished product, without them they just seem incomplete. The only helmet that doesn't look off is Button's I think but still feels like something's missing. (Missing like icon avatars... 😆)

    Wish mods were possible on console. I'd be replacing the Braking point and E Sport avatars with icons and Seb/Kimi/Fernando/Lewis for when they retire in game..

  11. He is right.. it's very jarring especially on Schumacher and Rosberg's helmets.

    It doesnt look as obvious on Button or Prost.

    I'm assuming it's because your team sponsors show up on their helmets so its left blank for those.. I'd rather they coloured them correctly and didnt bother having sponsors appear on them though.


    On another note: weekly request to add them as avatars for the player!

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  12. As the title says, since this bug (or was it an intended change?), the AI drivers have performed as expected from their stats. Omega Bottas is no more and finally seeing Hamilton vs Verstappen for the championship rather than second place.

    Permanent stat boosts are, in my opinion, not a great design. Temporary stats from team activities or events however are fine. So I'd like to make the request that the permanent boosts dont get brought back.

    This does mean that a lot of drivers would need some stat boosts (F2 drivers especially) and pace boosts to Alonso, Ocon, Sainz and Russell most notably.

    Obviously, with that, the Personnel facility would need a change and here's two ways I think it could be used:

    1. Take driver stat boosts away from the Marketing facility and instead have Personnel increase the boosts from team activities. It doesnt make much sense that Marketing would boost a driver so limit it to team funds, acclaim, morale and resource points. Rank 0 pace facility would obviously mean no boosts, rank 1 could give +2 pace, rank 2 can give +5 and rank 3 could give +10 stats on team activities.

    2. This would require a bit of a rework so I can't imagine this being done, but perhaps increasing the personnel facilities can increase the chance of your teammates stats increasing. Right now (when fluid stats are working again), as an example, Russell hits 85 pace at the end of season 2. Rather than a fixed change, every few races a drivers stat could change and the personnel facility can increase the chance of a stat increasing. With this, players who only have rank 1 might only see their drivers pace increase by 1 over a season whereas someone who's invested in personnel could see their drivers pace increase by 3 or 4 and this would be permanent. This would vary players career modes a lot more. To balance any permanent increases there could be team events which could inadvertently and permanently decrease a drivers stat. This way we wont see the same drivers getting the same stats changes and one player could have a Kimi with 88 pace whereas another player he might have dropped to 85.

    So I'll throw my hat in favour of keeping the permanent personnel boosts out of the game.

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  13. On 8/16/2021 at 2:16 PM, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I always hold out hope that something will change, or things were done for some indiscernible reason!  For example, I cling onto the vague hope that Championships mode will come along when the new tracks do so it can be called the 2021 Formula One World Championship Tm  and the only reason it wasn't in at the start was because they couldn't call it the season without them three but I know that's probably a fools hope. 

    Eventually they'll have no choice but to include it because it's the only way they'll get you to stop!  Perseverance is key! 😂

    I grew up with Seb, Kimi and Alonso so it'd be nice to be able to bring them back to their former glory for one (or two) last hurrah(s) but in the end I have to put up with Lando, Gasly and Ocon who, while all fine young racers who I quite like and have nothing against, I don't have the same emotional attachment to.   There's an odd irony to Alonso where, if he didn't come back this year then there's a chance someone like him would have been in the Icons pack and you would have got the full 9ish (because you can't have them from the start 🙄) years out of him, so he's being punished for his real life longevity! 

    Yeah I do wonder how itll work when the new tracks come out. Will we be able to use them for season one or will they be like China and only usable from season 2. Hopefully theyll add the mode back!

    Definitely! Until theres a definitive answer I'll keep bringing these avatars up😆 My Rosberg at Mercedes career is still waiting! 

    It could be a new thing they could start doing as dlc with adding former drivers as avatars to play and as AI for the career modes. Love to see Hulk back or to hire Hakkinen or something or play as him finally returning from his sabbatical to McLaren. Theres so much they could do with icon drivers. It's a shame how limited they currently are. So again, Codies, please add the icons as avatars!

    Yeah I'm fairly certain him, Kimi, Seb and Lewis have a good chance of being in game after retiring as icons! I'm the same as you, I'd rather have an unrealistic season 10 lineup that includes Alonso, Kimi, Seb, Jenson, Nico and Lewis than some F2 no names that will never make it to F1. Perhaps they could just give us an option between seasons to manually change each teams lineups and give each driver a "Retire" checkbox or something so if we want, let's say, Stroll to retire after season 2 we just press the option to have him retire. Bonus if theres an option to modify stats between seasons. Ricciardo for example, season 1 have him with 86 pace so hes behind Norris and then bump him to 92 if you think he should have a strong season 2!

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  14. 17 hours ago, Meza994 said:

    Seems fairly accurate altho some might need refining mostly regarding racecraft but really not many changes. Its unlikely tho that we see changes to something like this in game considering CM must have had their reason to give drivers like Bottas a 99 Awareness rating and overall 3rd best driver on the grid *cough* haha but this would be one way id agree to for about 95%, changes id make

    Bottas: 75/86/92/94 (He is good in Quali but far from that in the races)

    Vettel: 92/91/85/89 (Only regarding this season tho, 2017 Vettel would be much better haha)

    Stroll: 65/88/84/86 (Dont think think he has the 90 racecraft haha)

    Maybe a little Sainz buff

    Tsunoda: 50/83/78/81 (Just seems overrated compared to Schumacher IMO)

    Schumacher: 50/85/81/83

    Mazepin: 50/78/68/74 (He has improved a lot in the races)

    Senna: 79/93/90/99 (Undisputed qualifying GOAT but in the race he wasnt as dominant)

    And Massa depends on pre incident Massa or post incident Massa haha

    Yeah I'm almost certain the teams they're in has affected the stats they've been given. Bottas, Alonso and Russell being the three that stand out the most. The actual cars themselves should balance where a driver is regardless of their stats. It works with Gasly for instance, high stats but his car is weak whereas we have a weak Russell in a weak Williams so its impossible for him to get q2 which he's only missed once in real life this year. It gets pretty jarring when drivers move and we get Stroll vs Russell in the same team and Stroll's got the higher pace stat 😆

    About some stats, yeah some are hard to get a good gauge on them. Like you say, Bottas is a great qualifier but race pace isn't as strong. Really what's needed is more stats. Racecraft should be split into Attacking racecraft (better on brakes and such) and Defensive racecraft (Like Alonso's at Hungary). Awareness should be split into one being avoiding incidents, consistency and wet weather ability. Pace should be split into qualifying pace and race pace. Carlos and Lando at McLaren were perfect examples, Lando had the edge in qualifying but Carlos was generally quicker in race. Button would be another to benefit from that (assuming they keep him in future games).

    Can see where you're coming from on your stats!

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  15. Like everyone else has said, they're not applying anywhere and personally, I prefer it this way too. No more Omega Bottas dominating the game for starters.

    Permanent stat boosts are a poor design and hopefully they stay away. For example, why would you spend 20mil hiring Hamilton when you can spend 6mil and get Gasly when both would have 100 stats? Unless they "overstacked" stats so that a +10 pace would give Hamilton 108 and not maxed at 100 then sure. But the game seems a lot better balanced without the permanent boosts. It just means that some drivers (Russell, Sainz, Ocon, Alonso, Rosberg and Button most notably) need some increases to their original pace stat.

    The single race boosts are fine, and maybe the personnel facility should only affect the chance of stat boosts appearing in team activities and events. Or, they should boost how effective the temporary boosts are, so rank 0 pace facility would mean pace boosts don't appear, rank 1 could give +2 pace boosts, rank 2 could give +5 and rank 3 could give +10. Essentially, remove driver stat boosts from the marketing facility and have that solely boost resource points and funds while the personnel facility boosts the driver stats in activities the same way marketing currently does.

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  16. On 8/12/2021 at 12:32 PM, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I'm exactly the same.  There was quite a bit of promotional material on things like Real Season Start and Icon Drivers that have turned out to be quite anti-climactic.  I can understand they had a different interpretation of Real Season Start in that I thought it'd be a Championships kinda mode and they envisaged a career mode so that's just conflicting ideas.   Icon drivers, however.. that seems like a slam dunk opportunity to make the most of utilising the icons while you can and it's turned out more along the lines of unfulfilled potential than different concept.   They started down the path of using them and then stopped waaaaaayyy short of what was possible. 

    Retirements do need some work as you cannot have the likes of Kimi before mid-season at best and there's no point doing a Race to Raikkonen if you can only use him for half a season anyway. Even if they had a "Hey boss, i'm thinking about retiring. Would you be okay with this, or one more season?" interaction just so there's some form of continuing their presence. 

    Yeah the real season start baffles me. I was sure it would be with real drivers so when they mentioned it would turn into a regular career mode after I thought they'd surprise us with letting us use real drivers in career! Was a little disappointing to say the least!

    Yeah that's my feelings exactly. Introducing a great feature but it feels like it's been a bit half baked rather than fully cooked! Which is why I won't stop mentioning this topic until its with the devs 😆

    Yeah definitely on retirements there needs to be some level of control. Kimi, Seb and Fernando are amongst the most popular drivers so its frustrating for their fans that they keep retiring early on. Just a little option for retirements in between seasons or something would be great. So you can have them off then decide for season 5 to turn them on again so at least you get a few seasons with them. That or allow us to set our starting cash and then buyout their contracts at the start of season one if we wish.

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  17. 1. Add icon drivers faces, helmets and audio names so we can play as them plus option to enable the AI to hire them in both My Team and Driver careers.

    2. Ability to stop drivers retiring or being able to pick how many seasons each driver will do.

    3. Ability to manually change driver lineups between seasons as well as able to change their stats for the season.

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  18. Nice work on getting those overalls!

    For the most part, yes I'd say so bearing in mind that the experience stat will affect some of these scores while providing very little for the drivers actual performance. Russell might still be low but that's down to still mostly unproven racecraft (+ his starts are amongst the worst in the field right now)

    The overall score doesnt reflect how they actually perform though. Look at current Alonso vs Leclerc. Alonso has a higher overall but Leclerc defintely performs better in general even when the Alpine and Ferrari are even.

    The only ones I'd say that would need keeping a look at with those overalls would be Ricciardo and Norris. I've only got Ricciardo higher right now based off previous form and utilising the focus stat to balance them back out.

  19. To be fair, most are okay or in the right area but there are some (Russell most notably) that are badly wrong.

    A stat editor would be the best solution. Takes pressure off CM to update them and gives the player some more freedom which is always good. Just disable achievements if playing with edited stats.

    Personally I'd say they should be: (Exp/Rac/Awa/Pac)

    Hamilton: 92/95/93/98

    Bottas: 75/87/92/90

    Verstappen: 69/96/92/98

    Perez: 81/92/84/88

    Norris: 60/92/92/89 (Green Focus)

    Ricciardo: 80/94/91/92 (Orange Focus so he's a bit behind Norris)

    Vettel: 92/89/85/91

    Stroll: 65/90/84/83

    Leclerc: 63/92/83/95

    Sainz: 69/88/94/90

    Alonso: 97/95/93/93

    Ocon: 63/90/91/86

    Gasly: 64/90/94/89

    Tsunoda: 50/88/78/83

    Raikkonen: 99/91/84/86 

    Giovinazzi: 61/86/82/83

    Schumacher: 50/75/81/83

    Mazepin: 50/65/68/74

    Russell: 60/83/87/89

    Latifi: 55/77/79/80

    The Michael: 98/94/95/97

    Senna: 79/97/90/98

    Prost: 85/93/96/94

    Button: 97/92/97/88

    Rosberg: 86/89/91/93

    Coulthard: 91/89/86/86

    Massa: 94/88/86/86

    All F2 drivers should have quicker stat increases so that the stronger drivers like Shwartzman, Zhou and Ilott should be at least as good as Tsunoda and Schumacher by season two.

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  20. 3 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    The whole legends part of it has been abit underwhelming as you can't be them, and you can only utilise one at a time so the others just sit on the shelf. Something to make better use of them would be so appreciated. 

    If we can't be them, then having the option to control Driver Transfers and making them available for other team would be desirable because as long as you can control who goes where and when then it'd a really useful idea to actually make use of having them in there.  Otherwise, with their high stats and acclaim, they'll probably just gravitate to Mercedes all the time and that would be less interesting.  

    Bound to say there'll be an issue with licensing though if you have Senna cruising around in a Ferrari 🙄

    Yeah, I was concerned when they announced only the player could hire them and then only got worse realizing you cant hire them for season one. If the AI couldn't hire them then the acclaim levels for them were pointless and only serve to stop the player hiring them straight away. 

    Then finding out we cant even play as them in a way has made a potentially fantastic addition less than satisfactory.

    As far as licensing like Senna at Ferrari, it wouldn't be any more if an issue as Hamilton going to Ferrari which is possible in game.


    100% with you on being able to manually change every team lineup between seasons, as an option of course. Could also give us control on drivers retiring so we can actually have a chance of having Alonso/Vettel/Kimi on our teams.

  21. 28 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    It is currently not on our agenda. I suspect the major issue will be with using individual's likeness for players not being part of the agreements with the individuals. Would be weird as well if you have Legends enabled and then to race as them. The Spiderman meme springs to mind here, would be really odd. 


    Thank you for responding.

    That would be player choice though. I mean, I know if I personally were playing as Jenson i wouldn't also hire him as a teammate and since the AI cant recruit them theres no chance of that happening. Plus, many would love to play as these in driver career like playing as Michael at Ferrari or Nico at Mercedes.


    All I and many others are requesting is for this to be included on the list of things being looked at for being added in and if it's 100% a no, then at least we'll have closure on the topic even if it's not what we would want to hear.


    Obviously, if Jenson, Nico etc. refused then fair enough.

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  22. The stats themselves havent changed but definitely looks like the personnel facility upgrades aren't applying anymore.

    Since the update, I've seen Hamilton is more often than not ahead of Bottas fighting with Verstappen for the win most of the time, Alonso seems stronger in comparison to the Aston's and Ferrari's as well..

    So.. if the personnel facility upgrades being removed is unintentional... can it be intentional please? Or at the very least have an option to turn them off/make them player team only.

    Personnel facility upgrades could just increase the likelihood of a stat increase appearing in team activities instead. Permanent stat boosts were a pretty bad idea to begin with, especially with AI getting them. Makes the driver stats fairly redundant if they all get near top stats from the facility bonus.

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  23. 58 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve had to change my position on this matter after the true horror that was David Coulthard winning a race. 



    I mean, this is just amazing. It just makes me want the avatars more. I'd be far more inspired to win every race to see this!

    Mix his face with this celebration and I'll never lose another race again.

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