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  1. "No regard to authenticity whatsoever" - Selecting your team mate isn't authentic either. You can't exactly complain about something being unrealistic when you want unrealistic elements thrown into the game. As for the driver numbers: In what way will their inclusion impact the game? It would be nothing but a gimmick. Also, it should be very well known by now (since they have to repeat it every year since some people seem to forget) they cannot change the cars from the specifications they have. It was the reason why driver names couldn't be removed from the cars. Why would the car number have
  2. No other aspect of Codefarcesters interpretation of Formula 1 is realistic so I dont see how this should be any different. If you want to take the moral high ground and drive as Vettels team mate thats your choice, the point is people should be free to make that choice. and if your names Pastor Maldonado and your paying to the tune of £60m worth of Venezuelan oil money annually, and have friends in high places such as hugo chavez and officials from corrupt south american communist governments im fair sure you could make any demands you want without even having to pull a knife or gun. You'r
  3. Then it would depend on how you're hitting them. If you're going too fast or if you're accelerating as you hit the bump you're more likely to spin out. They do need to be softer for the faster corners though (The middle section in India was pretty bad I seem to remember although that shouldn't be a problem this year).
  4. I wasn't aware a new driver could just come into a team and demand which team mate they want. "Hello Christian, I'm just joining Red Bull this season as your second driver but let me get one thing straight. I will have Daniel Ricciardo as my team mate and I will instead replace your four times world champion. Cheers."
  5. Depends on your ride height. I usually set it higher and rarely get this problem unless I hit them too aggressively.
  6. Well they haven't announced it as "F1 2015" which leads me and a couple of others I've seen on here to believe that it will have the 2014 season at release and add the 2015 season to the game as the year goes by. I can't think of any other reason why they wouldn't straight up announce it as F1 2015 otherwise.
  7. I use the off-set T-cam usually. No idea why but I go faster with it than I do with the standard T-cam. But some indeed need to be a bit closer to their real life counterpart.
  8. You do realise you're doing the exact same thing right? Only worse.
  9. But it's right what he said. If you don't like a game why on earth are you buying it? Even if it's the sport you love. If you're going to buy the game regardless then you can't really complain about it or blame CM. That's almost as bad as selling your console because you assumed the next game would be on next gen and then blame CM for it... I'd hardly call what they're doing with the games a disservice to the sport either. Especially when you see that Studio Liverpool had it for ten years and those games truly were terrible with the exception of one or two of them.
  10. It's great really. It's always the same people moaning, complaining and writing "funny" comments about the game every year yet they keep buying them. Usually after saying the previous year they're going to skip the next one. Then they don't like threads like these pointing it out.
  11. The physics and AI have improved with every year so far (maybe with the exception of 2011) so it isn't unrealistic to think they will improve again. It isn't a matter of building the game from the ground up but improving what they already have for the 360/PS3 version. I don't expect a completely new game. That's for the next gen version, which they've already said they're starting from scratch, hence the extra development time.
  12. It's hardly surprising considering some of the posts that get made. They said last year they've maximized what they can get out of the 360/PS3 versions so we shouldn't have expected 2014 to have any new content asides from updates and refinements to what is currently in the game. None of us have played it yet so for all we know, the physics and AI might well be vastly improved. It is not unreasonable though to expect the highly requested features such as formation laps, TV mode while in the garage in qualifying, P1 and 2 etc. to be present in the next gen game since they will have the space to
  13. Going by quality now, 2013. I've tried playing older ones recently that I used to really like but none of them seem as good as I remember them.  Thinking back when I was younger; F1 1997 on PS1 and Formula One 2001 on PS2 (The one by Sony) are the ones I have the best memories of. Oh, and F1 Race Stars. For the laughs at parties.
  14. Indeed, but in my particular example I personally (amongst many others I'm sure) like having a rev meter to use as a guide of when to change up a gear. If I have to turn that off because it's too unsightly then what?
  15. It's probably because the FOM graphics would be too cluttered on a game. I know for a fact I would personally hate having that rev counter graphic on the screen blocking the next corner. The one they have in game at the moment is much neater.
  16. All it is meant to do is give you a recommended difficulty setting to start with so you don't set the game too difficult or too easy for yourself. (It's been a while but doesn't Forza do something similar?) It does seem a bit random but since people complained about the YDT (Which you were also forced to do before starting the career mode by the way) it appears they've decided to go this route instead. It's shorter than the YDT and gets you started that little bit quicker. But apparently that's something to complain about.
  17. Every game that has been released the cars have been modeled on the start of the season. (Round 1 of the season). The wheels are part of the car so...why would that be any different?
  18. At the end of the day, it's a steering wheel. They do the same thing no matter the aesthetic differences. Just remember that in real, every teams wheel have the buttons put in a different place to other teams. (One team's DRS button on the left side of the wheel while another team has it on the right for example.) It's not about just changing the textures or the shape. They then have to change the animations of the drivers hands to press the correct button (Or someone will undoubtedly hound them about that minor detail as well). By having one or two different wheels rather than eleven, the
  19. This is a good decision in my opinion. We've had four games now of having to work from a lower team to get to a higher team. It gets a bit tedious having to do that every year so being able to choose any team now is a welcome option.
  20. 2013 was released in October last year as well. They need more development time since they're creating a new engine for it rather than updating their current one. It makes absolute sense that it's taking longer to release on next gen.
  21. It's not exactly a huge thing that the red stripe isn't present on the Williams. You'll only really notice it if you're using a Williams and playing in the chase camera views and briefly if you're passing one. It's no different to the plain Force India in 2012. People didn't like that before the game was released but after it did release no one cared. It'll be forgotten about after the game is released. That being said. It is a little odd considering the stripes is a lot less obvious than the Marlboro logo yet nothing had to be changed about that.
  22. True, and initially I was a little bit surprised as well but like you say they will do so when they are ready. Much better to have a quality product released later than a rushed one earlier. A lot of the complaining about it though is still somewhat baffling. They have already announced they're releasing on next gen so I fail to see what people's problems are other than their own impatience. From what I gather, and since the next gen game hasn't been given a title yet, is that it will be much like F1:Championship Edition on the PS3. I think it will be the 2014 season with the 2015 season being
  23. Haha thank you. Thought I'd check it out after the announcement of the new game. Should have expected what some of the posts would be like!
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