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  1. This would be good too, yes. Especially when the other tracks are added, will be interesting to see if they turn it into a 23 race career or if it stays at 20 and you pick and choose which tracks you race on.
  2. Update: Thought it might be because the driver career weekend had been started. But the same thing happens when it's in team headquarters. Currently cannot play two of my career saves as a result as it only loads one no matter which file I choose.
  3. Highly doubtful it's licensing. Schumacher, Senna and Prost have all been available before. Models are already present so theres no reason they cant be used by the player.
  4. Platform: Xbox Series X Mode: Single Player Career Report Code: RTBC-SBKJ-BPGM-GTJG Bit of an odd one, so I have three career files, two My Team and one Driver. But no matter which one I choose to load it always loads the driver career. I try loading my My Team save in Bahrain but it loads my driver career in Spain every time. Tried rebooting console and game but did not work. Wont let me upload video from phone here sadly. Was going to post on the save game thread but this appears to be a different issue. Also, a second bug I've encountered is
  5. Absolutely. I've done so and I urge anyone else who wants them to do the same.
  6. I'll always agree with this. Considering you cant even hire them to your team until season 2 and the AI can't hire them I was expecting to be able to use their avatars and helmets like in previous games. Was hoping to bring Michael to Ferrari and Nico to Merc in driver career. So yes, Codies. Please make this happen. It really wouldn't be that difficult to implement since the assets are already there and it'll make a lot of players very happy.
  7. I've listed these before in the 2020 forum before release but now I've played a few races I'll write my list again here: 1. Allow us to use the My Team Icons avatars, helmets, audio names for our own driver. Would be nice to use them in driver career too. 1b. An option for the Icons to be recruitable by the AI. 2. Allow us to set our starting cash/team acclaim in My Team. Again, would be nice to be able to use the icons at the start of the game. 3. Allow us to turn off drivers retiring. After a quick rush of season 1 to test a few things, Vettel and Kimi retired immediately
  8. I can't speak for your F2 experience but it's been known for a long time that the three new tracks were going to be patched in later after release. They confirmed that at least two months ago.
  9. I dont see how an editor can be that difficult to implement. Nearly every other sports game has one in game so theres no reason F1 shouldnt. No reason for it to be a PC exclusive thing. In recent weeks I've gone out my way of fixing the problem for season 2 by hiring Bottas while I'm still a midfield team.
  10. Stats wise it shouldnt really he an issue since we dont see even the current drivers stats in career mode so having Rosberg with 0 races and wins etc. because of the player controlling them shouldnt be a problem. As you say, my main gripe with this is that the models have been available before so why remove them from the player now? Only the player hires them so theres no risk of duplicate models unless the player actively does this and it certainly isn't a problem in driver career. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if you had to do your first season 1 playthrough from zero as long as after
  11. I realise the game isn't released yet but theres already some things that I'd like to see added/improved.. might as well get this in early. - Iconic drivers: Allow us to use their avatar, helmet, commentary name etc. for our driver. Would be nice to use these for a driver career. - Also related to the iconic drivers, allow us to select how much cash we start with for My Team so we can hire any of them from the start of season one. We started from zero last year so it would be nice to not have to do that again constantly. Or to balance it, have a starting sponsor that say, giv
  12. Some of these ratings are horrible.. They've added the new Focus stat so they should utilise it. McLaren is the perfect one to demonstrate this. Realistically, Ricciardo is probably still a higher rated driver than Lando based on previous form but is obviously struggling right now. Keep Ricciardo's 92 pace from 2020 and Norris up to his 89 but have Norris start with higher focus than Ricciardo by default so that he generally performs better despite lower base stats. The awareness stat in general is a bit of a joke. None of them should be at 99, let alone four of them. "The ability to
  13. Not only that but we've started from the bottom in 2020 already. Some options to start higher or with an iconic teammate would have been welcome. Having to start from zero every time isnt always fun. Again, more options is nice. Only the same as being able to choose any team in driver career. Would also have been nice to be able to play driver career but use Rosberg's avatar and helmet or something and partner Hamilton at Merc.
  14. Yes. Options. Wouldnt do it with every save but after a few weeks and fancy starting a new save it would be nice to just hire one straight away. Would have loved to be able to use an avatar and helmet of one of them then hire another to form a super team. It comes down to options, or here, a lack thereof once again.
  15. For **** sake...And just like that my excitement has dropped. Just wont bother getting deluxe then. Why? What reason? They've been usable in the past why change that? Why is CM allergic to giving players more options? Then to top it off I'm betting theres no way of being able to hire them at the start of season one either. So incredibly annoying. Going to keep pestering them to add it in though as well as the ability to hire any of them straight away. We're paying extra to get them so they should be usable straight away and models and helmets should be available to use for you
  16. I find this only really happens after using a flashback at Hungary off the start, never seen it without one being used. The only track I see it happen at without flashbacks is Vietnam if they make a move as they're going through the slight right on the straight.
  17. I am yeah, I normally only buy physical copies so if I didnt get the digital deluxe I'd just get the disc instead to save money. Only considering the digital for the icon drivers but dont feel good about spending anything extra to not even get to use them straight away or not have the freedom to use their customisation items. If theres options where you can start My Team with enough to hire any, or at the very least, the cheapest four, then I'd be happy getting this version.
  18. I get that they're only available in the deluxe version. But for the price, an extra £30, I'd expect to be able to use the content right away, not after 30 hours of gameplay. They've added plenty of options for the career modes so why not an option to set starting funds? The more I'm hearing about it the less excited I am about it, honestly.
  19. I mean, hopefully they're just in anyway without being advertised? It's possible since they have been in previously, but definitely concerned about it. I'm also concerned about whether or not we can actually hire all of them from the start of season one. Are they free to hire or do they have a salary? If they have a salary can we start with enough to hire all of them? If I cant use most or any of them at the start of season one and they're models, helmets etc. aren't useable for the player, then it leaves the question what's the point in getting the deluxe version? Would be nice
  20. You're just arguing for the sake of arguing or don't understand what it is we are hoping for. We are fully aware we're not actually playing as them and that its just the face. We're not asking to play as them, we're asking to be able to use their avatar and helmet like we have been able to in previous games. One of my career runs I've done in the last few games is naming my avatar Button and finding the closest helmet design and avatar so I was looking forward to being able to use his actual avatar this time, like I did with a Schumacher career last year. There's literally no reason
  21. No but it was assumed since we could do that with Senna, Prost and Schumacher in the last two games. It would make sense if the AI could hire them, but they cant so why limit the player from something that's been possible before?
  22. They always manage to add something awesome and simultaneously ruin that new thing. There goes my Button/Rosberg team. Why can't they just include things as options is beyond annoying. Its not even as if they'd be duplicated if you drive as them since the AI cant hire them. (Another way they've ruined the new feature btw) What's the bet we cant set our starting funds in My Team either so we cant even hire all of them for season one?
  23. It's not really a definitive setting for how often they move though. The higher the acclaim, the more likely a better team will hire them sure but it doesn't really affect how many will actually take place. There should be a setting like Aoi says that relates to how often they move. Personally hoping there'll be options for how much cash you start the myteam mode with as well. Will be a bit annoyed paying out extra for the icon drivers and not actually being able to use them straight away.
  24. Absolutely love the addition of these drivers and very happy with the choices but I have a couple of questions that hopefully can be answered. I've seen a couple of others mention in other threads so I figure I'll ask here: 1. Assuming you've preordered and have them in your game, can you choose whether they will appear or not? If so, is it possible to for example, have Rosberg and Button appear but not Senna and Prost? 2. Can the AI hire them and do they also appear in driver career mode? Or are they exclusive to My Team and only the player can hire them? 3. Are their avatars a
  25. Oof I got 5/7. Would never have guessed Coulthard and Massa to be honest. Massa at least could still be racing since hes around the same age as Kimi and Fernando but DC is the odd one. Not complaining though, the more the better. I imagine they'll add more down the line. I also imagine you'll be able to stop them from being in the career mode if you choose. I just hope if you choose to enable them that other teams can hire them too and that they're not just exclusive to the players team.
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