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  1. I think it's still too early to get a real idea of where he is. All drivers in their first years in new teams are struggling still compared to their teammates. I think that hes already performing at least as good as if not better than both Albon and Gasly ever did despite only four races so far. I think he will keep getting closer and expect him to be racing Bottas regularly fairly soon. Obviously, if he stays at his current level then theres a problem but considering we have drivers like Alonso, Ricciardo, Vettel and Sainz, all fantastic drivers still getting up to speed I dont think Perez is
  2. Liaveil


    Absolutely. By adding the seven iconic drivers in it shows its definitely possible and it wouldnt take much to let us add our own. I'd definitely add any F1 drivers from the last few seasons as well as some F3 drivers. I imagine we'll end up with more than the iconic seven being released in packs.
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    As well as reserve drivers, they could go a step further and allow us to give our avatars AI stats (and allow us to edit other drivers) and add them to the driver pool. I'd create an uncanny valley Hulkenberg to add to my career mode straight away!
  4. 700 staff aren't solely working on tracks for an unreleased game. It's most likely a similar number of people. DLC is also completely different since that is the sole focus and not the rest of the game as well. They also havent had a full year, they've had since the tracks were announced on the calendar which wasn't long ago. Say what you like about them being raced at last year, but they weren't on this years calendar originally so there wasn't reason to work on them. Or are they expected to preemptively add a bunch of tracks just in case they might get included while getting additional
  5. Plus he could realistically still be racing so he wouldn't look out of place in game. One of the big reasons I think him and Button will be two of them.
  6. The question with these drivers is whether they will be drivers you can recruit and have their own stats or whether they will just be avatar models, helmets, liveries etc. I assume they will be though. Schumacher, Senna and Prost are definitely three of the most likely drivers. Obviously they're iconic but theres also the models, helmets and themed customisation are already there from 2019 and 2020. The others are a bit more tricky. By the sound of it, 80's cars aren't making it this year and being replaced by cars from the 2010's. With that, I'd also assume that any pre 90's drivers
  7. (Updated thoughts in newer post)
  8. Pitcoins will probably be locked to the 2020 game but I should hope that items you've earned and purchased will carry over.
  9. Thanks for replying. A solution to this in future games is surely adding a feature where we can edit driver stats ourselves, much like we can in many other sports titles. This would take a lot of pressure off yourselves getting updates out as well as allowing players to customize their experience. A similar feature to modify teams default stats would also be a huge improvement. Again, it takes pressure off you guys for rushing updates out and gives us all freedom in our own personal playthroughs. In terms of achievements/trophys etc. only make them obtainable when using unedi
  10. Yeah.. Thank you for taking the time with the explanation but I honestly highly doubt they would be still using the exact same code as from 2011 especially considering the entire engine changed between 2014 and 2015. But assuming that were the case, there's nothing stopping them from changing those stats that are working behind the scenes. The stats on the cards are obviously just visual but should be representing the stats that are actually in effect which is where the problem is. Bottas' are too high and Hamilton's too low. It's still just a matter of changing stats around whether it's
  11. I respect that its probably not as simple as that, but it should be pretty clear theres something wrong when a lot of players are reporting the same thing. I dont really get how the stats can be having a negative effect on his AI since they're the highest in the game. Verstappen, who has nearly identical stats doesnt have this problem so there must be something wrong on Hamilton AI where he isnt performing according to his stats. The other thing that's been mentioned is that is it down to the awareness stat? Both Hamilton and especially Bottas have very questionable awareness scores.. Ham
  12. Well... definitely sounds like Hamilton and Bottas are using each others AI's then. 100 points difference with equal stats just shouldnt be happening. Would be very interesting to see what happens if Verstappen and Bottas are teammates. If they're evenly matched then that would 100% confirm it.
  13. Out of curiosity on this.. keep us posted on how the Hamilton vs Verstappen battle goes in your game. They both have very similar stats so they 'should' perform fairly equally. But if Verstappen is dominating then that will be a big sign theres an issue with Hamilton AI. I had Vettel and Hamilton as teammates in one file and again, Vettel seemed to have the upper hand more often than not on pace. Was hard to tell with Bottas as he was in a slow Alfa alongside Matsushita so he should have been winning that easily anyway. Again, I implore Codies. Save yourself this trouble in th
  14. Liaveil

    Podium Pass

    What? Really? You dont want more zebra designs or liveries/helmets that look like a seven year olds C-grade art homework? You dont want any more horrible cringey emotes that no grown adult would ever do on a podium? Perish the thought.. Yup. Not even bothering with this one. It's quite nice though not feeling like I have to play to unlock anything since theres literally nothing remotely nice in this podium pass.
  15. Surprised there's any right turns to be honest. On a serious note, it looks awful. But I wasn't expecting anything else from it really.
  16. Agree with this absolutely 100%. They could even give the option before starting Career or My Team: "Use custom stats?- Yes/No". That way we can use Codies versions or our own versions. Hopefully they can extend the driver creation too so it gives us a stats option at the end so we can add our own drivers to the free roster. Maybe even the option to add a created team (replacing livery editor) into a standard driver career where the created team operates the same as any other AI team. They'd be doing themselves a massive favour. No one will ever agree on what stats are correct so by allow
  17. This won't be possible simply due to the AI. The AI has to be coded track by track so creating your own track will result in AI being horrible most likely. It works in things like GTA Online since it's a multiplayer only feature. Plus, if they're going to extend on customisation in the game they would need to start on being able to create liveries and helmets in the same way we can in Forza as well as a proper avatar creator that we can then also use to add those created drivers into the My Team/Career roster. (Could be something nice that comes out of the extra EA money if they can
  18. Same problem here. Xbox. Both Driver Career and My Team modes. Can the problem be repeated? Yes. Play a few races of both Career and My Team and it becomes very clear. To confirm on the OP's post, it happens when simulating a season and sessions too. I can only assume the issue is one of these: 1) Hamilton and Bottas AI are using eachothers stats. (Most likely in my opinion since Hamilton is consistently lower when teams even out while Bottas stays up front). 2) Awareness Stat is giving more performance than intended. (Hamilton at 84 and Bottas 99 is ridiculous anyway. At minim
  19. Several people have mentioned it before without any sort of response. It's incredibly frustrating. I think it's one of four things: 1. Like what you all are saying; Bottas is using Hamilton's stats and Hamilton is using Bottas'. 2. Bottas AI is getting personnel bonuses still despite the fact all AI except your teammate should no longer be getting them. (As in, he's getting +10 stats where no one else). 3. Same as above except it's linked to the Merc second seat which Bottas just happens to start in. 4. Awareness stat is giving more perform
  20. The overall stat isnt really that important (alot of drivers are much lower/higher because of the experience stat). Bottas needs a massive nerf to his awareness stat. I'd say about 87 or so. It's so confusing how he had 6 spins in one race as well as crashing in qualifying several times in 2019 that hes rated 99 and yet Hamilton and Perez who have had nearly no incidents over the last year are at 84 and 79. It makes no sense at all.
  21. I wouldn't go so far as to say 2020 is a downgrade as its 100% an upgrade on 2019. 2019's AI stats were a far bigger mess than this. The only glaring problem AI in 2020 is Bottas whereas in 2019 it was Ricciardo, Sainz, Hulk, Gasly and Weber. Although the R&D is arguably worse this year I suppose. The racing itself is fantastic. But they desperately need to give us an editor in game where we can change driver and teams stats to customize our single player experience.
  22. That was my question after reading the stat changes.
  23. Well good news guys, they dropped his racecraft by 2 in the new update which will do absolutely nothing! 99 awareness still, despite spinning every other lap at Turkey. He's still going to be beating Hamilton every race because of this ludicrous stat they've given him. It's either that or there is a serious problem in his AI thays giving him higher stats than intended. I'm still very convinced hes the only AI driver receiving facility bonuses even when hes not your teammate which shouldnt be happening. Either that or any driver who is signed as the second Merc driver.
  24. To race they are the best they've ever been and the best in any racing game I've played. However, I do think the AI when racing each other can be improved, most notably when they do 3 stop strategies they need to be better at passing 2 stoppers as well as not have their pace drop off to 2 stop pace after just a couple of laps. That and having them make mistakes more often. Not the wheelspin slides, they are fine, but proper full spins or even race ending errors especially in dry to wet or full wet conditions.
  25. You can, it's not too difficult to do so. Problem is that the AI versions of them dont. In 2018 and 2019 you could get to season 4 and Williams could be 3rd best team with Merc dropping to 5th after regulation changes while you've played as Renault the whole time and every save would be different. At the moment it usually just stays the same as all teams get enough resource points to protect all of their upgrades as well as afford new upgrades very quickly. Its making Merc/Red Bull/Ferrari develop at the same speed as Haas/Alfa/Williams so we're not seeing any variation.
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