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  1. Difference with this and Bioware is that the F1 games have a set release every year already whereas the Bioware games don't so there wont be any more of a rush than there already is. With the added resources there will probably even be less of a rush. It will still be the same team making the game as we have always had but with more resources and better funding. Yes we'll probably see some EA influence on the microtransaction side of things but the core gameplay won't be affected. We wont suddenly see more arcadey features or anything like that. We should all really see how th
  2. Hopefully it'll include increasing the F2 drivers stats so they can compete in F1 too. Some of them like Schumacher, Zhou and Ilott should be at the bare minimum in the mid 70's overall. With a bit of luck adding Tsunoda, Shwartzman etc. to career although I'm less hopeful on that.
  3. I mean.. it's still Codemasters making the game they just have more funding to do it now. I dont like EA as much as the next person but immediately jumping on a negativity train is dumb. Extra resources and manpower is exactly what the series needs. Better than letting CM run out of money and then we get no F1 game at all. I seriously doubt it'll just turn into another Fifa simply because Codemasters are now owned by EA.
  4. Yeah that sounds reasonable to me, gives them a chance to catch up but not keep pulling too far ahead. It seems like that's what they tried this year by having their upgrades cost less than the top and midfield teams. Unfortunately with the increase in resource points from having two drivers collect them rather than one and the weekly income has made that change redundant. I think they should do away with weekly resource points and limit it back to the practice sessions since the top teams are able to upgrade as fast as the bottom three and regulation changes dont do anything at the
  5. I feel like we have the same problem we did with 2017 where the team performance doesnt really change and the back teams never catch up with the pack. With the increase in resource points earned, the faster teams are upgrading just as fast as the small teams and the regulation changes aren't mixing the field up like they did with 2018 and 2019. I think that upgrades for Williams, Haas and Alfa Romeo should give a much bigger performance boost than the faster teams. Certainly the first half of them at least I think minor upgrades for the small teams should give the same boost as major
  6. Yep.. It makes sense they're not available for season one but they should definitely be available from season two onwards. Pretty disappointing that we cant see Tsunoda in either career but theres a chance of Calderon and "hilarious" meme driver. On top of that, they desperately need to fix the F2 drivers stats. Not just for the F2 results but so that they can actually compete with the F1 drivers when they get promoted. Schumacher, Zhou, Illot and I hate to say it.. Mazepin need pretty big stat increases.
  7. This is why I think the issue is that either Bottas himself or whoever fills the second Mercedes seat is getting the personnel facility bonuses when they shouldn't be. Those bonuses would be giving Bottas or Merc number two +10-15 in all stats..
  8. Liaveil

    F2 2020

    I'm more curious to know if drivers like Tsunoda are available in My Team. Had been waiting to start a save with him as second driver.
  9. Sounds like its adding the stats for Tsunoda, Schwarzman and other rookie F2 drivers before the F2 2020 update arrives. Hopefully they'll boost all the F2 drivers stats to be a bit more competitive in F1 with it too as well as make it so the most likely drivers to get promoted in your save files are the newly signed drivers for 2021.
  10. I would think they will give another driver performance update after Abu Dhabi and when they release F2 2020. I imagine (or hope rather) that while adding the new F2 drivers they'll update the stats of the current F2 drivers too so they're not so weak compared to the F1 drivers as well as update the F1 drivers.. Schumacher, Illot, Tsunoda, Zhou and some others should really be at a competitive level, maybe similar to Albon or current Ocon's stats so they can compete at the level of their car. Though really I think it's only Bottas and Perez that need big changes. Russell will probably get
  11. First off, I want to say that all the new features and changes to the game for 2020 have been fantastic and hopefully they can be built upon in future games. Here is how I would personally go about it and I hope that these ideas might be looked at and considered: --Customisation-- Right now, we have Livery/Driver/Badge as our customisation menu. I believe we should blend livery and badge into one "Team Editor" alongside "Driver Editor" and move Suits and Gloves over to Team Editor. With Team Editor there would be two options: Create and Edit. Team: - Create Like we have w
  12. I'm not sure it's an AI aggression thing as such, I think it's just that the overtake button is far too powerful. The AI seems to use it all down the DRS straights making DRS completely redundant and as a result the AI can't overtake eachother. I definitely feel that the overtake boost needs a pretty hefty nerf to help balance this out and pace should drop off faster over long stints.
  13. I think in regards to Ferrari it isn't so much their drivers are too fast in game but rather the other teams drivers aren't as fast as they should be. Perez is the biggest example. Despite his pace stat being decent, there is something making him far slower than he should be putting him behind both Ferrari's despite being in a better car. As Sabol said, it's probably the awareness stat, which is the same reason why Bottas is so fast despite a lower pace stat than Hamilton. (Assuming all drivers have indeed had their personnel facility bonuses removed, I still personally feel that Bottas and/or
  14. I remember they removed personnel facility bonuses from AI teams since every driver was getting pretty much max stats. I'm fairly certain either Bottas is still getting those bonuses whereas no one else is, or, its exclusive to the second Mercedes seat getting the bonuses when they shouldn't. I think it's a second Merc sear glitch personally as Vettel is also ahead of Hamilton nearly every race in my file where he's replaced Bottas. That or the awareness stat is more op than expected. Noticed drivers with lower awareness seem to struggle despite having a high pace stat (Perez seems
  15. This is more a theory rather than a complete bug report but I feel it might be worth looking into. A lot of people, including myself have been noticing that Bottas' AI in My Team and Driver Career is performing generally better than Hamilton's AI despite the stat difference between them. Whereas people playing Championship/GP mode aren't seeing this. My theory on this is because teams personnel facility bonuses that give +5-15 stats depending on the facilities level which isn't active in Championship/GP modes. On release, all teams, regardless on whether you drive for them had both
  16. Liaveil

    Awareness stat

    I have a theory on why Bottas is overperforming in Career/MyTeam. On release, every driver got boosts from their teams personnel facility (effectively the Merc/Ferrari/RBR drivers had max stats as they got +10's). They removed that a few patches ago so only your My Team or the team you drive for in career mode got those bonuses and not the opposition. This is why your teammates in driver career are generally stronger than when you're not driving for them (Sainz is rated 91 in my McLaren save for example rather than his usual 83 due to facility bonuses). I wonder perhaps if Bottas i
  17. At a guess they might be available from season 2 onwards if they are. Most of the current f2 drivers need stats updates as well or for their stats to increase a bit faster.
  18. Liaveil

    Awareness stat

    So... Are we going to increase Hamilton's awareness stat and drop Bottas' yet after that race? I mean.. The whole point of that stat is dealing with tricky conditions right? Going by that race their awareness stats should be swapped surely. That race really proved that there are several drivers that need some big changes to their awareness stat.
  19. I'm going to start off by saying that this is, for me, the best F1 game to date. The new features and improvements have been great and I've been having a blast with it. I thought though that there is still several things that can be improved for career mode especially: - I'll start simple, the option to turn off driver retirements. I like the addition, but sometimes I feel like I'd quite like to hire Kimi, for example, for several seasons whether its realistic or not. I'm sure it could work in the same way as disabling driver moves which we can already do. - Add the remaining 2
  20. Liaveil

    Bottas P1

    I get the impression the Awareness stat is having a greater effect than we thought. Why he has 99 is still beyond me. He should really have like 90 at most considering Lewis is down in the low 80's.
  21. Dont know if it'll be much different but when I did mid session save I just picked save rather than save and exit. I saved without exiting the race but exited to the xbox dashboard and closed the whole game. Restarted the game and loaded and that's when I had the problem. I dont think it'll be relevant but I was also on my secondary xbox account.
  22. Sorry this is a bit late and I'm going off memory as it's been a couple of days. Xbox, 1.12, Wheel. Happened to me during Driver Career. - Backmarkers didn't receive blue flags and raced as if they were on the same lap. Other AI had to overtake as if it was for position. Bahrain Season 1, driving for Renault on 100% race. I made a mid session save early on before the first pit stops on around lap 11 and had to exit the game completely. I came back later to complete the remaining laps so I can't tell if the blue flags were working before I saved since it was early in the race. I just
  23. I believe this is a problem with mid race saves. I had the same issue as well. I had it happen after I loaded into a race I was half way through. Also related to mid race saves is you only get podium pass experience of the laps from when you loaded. The laps from before the save aren't counting. Say you load a save from lap 30 of Melbourne and finish the race, you only get 2800 exp rather than the full 5800.
  24. Honestly I'm not too concerned about the Ferrari engine remaining unchanged for our own teams. In my opinion, it serves as a way for us to choose if we want to start with a better car while at the same time balancing the other Ferrari teams. Realistically speaking, like others have said, you wouldn't be starting with a Ferrari engine anyway. Aside from emails, theres nothing actually indicates which engine you have in game anyway except the sound since we cant badge our cars with the engine suppliers logo. For me personally, I'd pick Ferrari for the higher performance but in my head
  25. It needs clarification but I'd take it as if it's just your team would be unaffected. Or at least I'd hope so. I'm actually a little more concerned that they've left Williams alone as they really should be the same level as Haas and Alfa. I know Haas and Alfa are being nerfed but its already very rare to see Williams catch up even after several seasons. I hope they can address that all teams are getting too many resource points that are making regulation changes almost redundant. I'm only on season 4 but things are hardly different that season 1. Hoping for a little more variety aft
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