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  1. I imagine it'll work the same as the driver updates where you get an in game email asking if you want to apply itto current saves. It'll automatically apply to new saves though. Would be nice if they give us an option to change a teams starting upgrades. Like if you want Williams to start further up then have them start with a few upgrades already in place with a choice to "lock" them so they don't get affected by reg changes.
  2. One thing I wonder which I've not seen mentioned about the performance patch. Haas and Williams "should" be buffed so they're about on par with Alfa. Assuming that's the case, I should hope that your My Team car should also be buffed so you don't have to start dead last all the time. I'd prefer really they just allow us to pick which team we start equal to so if you want to start at the back, do that, want to be mid pack then pick Renault. But if you'd like to do a Brawn GP style then you can set yourself equal to Merc. Better that than the random upgrades at the start interview.
  3. Performance patch is confirmed for October isn't it to address Ferrari and Racing Point. Hopefully it isnt just those two teams though. Haas and Williams need to be brought up to the same level as Alfa. Both teams are not as far behind as the game makes them. Should be seeing both teams being able to occasionally get into Q2 from the start. Merc and Red Bull are fine. Racing Point should only be slightly ahead of McLaren and Renault who should both be equal. Then AlphaTauri should be slightly ahead of Ferrari and only slightly behind McLaren and Renault. Leclerc and Vettel's stats should mean
  4. Licensing is the obvious reason why they won't be included. So we can't forget about it. Like everyone else has said, the game is licensed for the calendar that would have been so they would have to spend more to get these four tracks licensed too. It's not about how easy they are to add to the game. From a technical standpoint they would be very easy to add. (Hockenheim being the most glaringly easy one) The only way I can see them doing that is if they released them as DLC. This would put towards covering the cost of licensing them. But I don't expect to see any of them included. I
  5. Just think of yourself as controlling the team rather than just one person that both owns it and drives. That's how I'm doing it anyway. Like I'll start with Lotus-Renault, I'll name my driver Alonso and just think of it as the team owner being Flavio or something but I just happen to have control over both.
  6. Personally I think most of the stats are pretty good, but there are a few that need tweaking. I'd change the pace of a few: Raikkonen at 85, Sainz at 86 and swap Ricciardo and Bottas' around. I'd lower Kvyat to 82 and Stroll to 80. Awareness for Bottas I'd drop to around 94 or 95. I'd also swap Magnussen and Grosjean's awareness/race craft. Leclerc at 86 overall seems low but must remember his experience stat will be dropping it. His stats are good.
  7. The last four teams have been revealed now as well. Some will cause some debate! Sainz looks slightly underrated again but not as off as last year. Raikkonen has been sensibly nerfed but I'd question the Ferrari drivers.. overall scores are both lower than Bottas. Magnussen looks underrated compared to Grosjean too.
  8. I'd say that's about right, honestly. The main difference between them is that Lewis is a more complete driver which is reflected in the stats. Glad to see they're finally buffing Ricciardo to better reflect him. I think right now the only stats I'd question are Russell's. Think they've done him dirty there and he should be at minimum at the same level as Albon or Ocon. I'm now interested to see if they've finally buffed Sainz too and the Ferrari scores will no doubt stir debate!
  9. This is great to see. I do hope we can edit them manually in game though. I imagine there'll be some scores we disagree with. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction.
  10. Honda as a works team maybe. Otherwise a historical name like Brabham, Ligier, Lotus or Tyrrell. Probably do several different saves.
  11. Looks to be following what the darts have done after they also decided to no longer have the girls walking on before the players. They call it progress but it's just pandering to the crowd of morons that get offended about everything when it doesn't even involve them. All it's done is put F1 in more bad light and has now left these girls without a job that they enjoyed. Yay for progress. :| I'm almost loathe to say it but I actually miss Bernie already. Liberty are changing things that don't need changing and I can only see it getting worse from here. I'm personally almost at the point wher
  12. Little disappointed for Kubica but I'm not going to knock Sirotkin before he even has his first race. We don't know how good he will be yet. Personally though, I think the race lineup should have been Kubica and Sirotkin and stick Stroll as the reserve driver and have him race in another category for a season so he can develop. The kid simply isn't ready and if he carries on from his form last year it's just going to damage his career despite the money. He may be long gone before he can peak like most of the former Toro Rosso drivers as a result. Maybe he'll surprise us but he needs to improv
  13. So, I went and played Doki Doki Literature Club. Even if it appears to be something you wouldn't play, seriously give it a try. Don't let the style fool you. One of the trippiest games I've ever played (there's actually a warning before the game starts :lol: ). For a game that's only a couple of hours long, it's one of the best I've played certainly this year.
  14. W2Optimism? Living up to the name being optimistic that people will like the new logo. Looks like my 5 year old nieces drawing on the fridge only worse.
  15. Project Cars has AI? I guess in this instance it stands for "Artifical Idiots". It's pretty hard telling them apart from most online players. Still looks like an upgrade on the first one, however. :lol:
  16. Watched a few lately, mostly silly ones. Akashic Records was pretty good if a little bit common, Shin Koihime Musou was mostly just humour and was a bit of fun even if it took the **** out of one of my favourite historical eras :lol: Testament of Sister New Devil is... well it may as well be a hentai, not sure I'll be able to watch the second season if that carries on. Best one I've seen recently is Classroom of the Elite. Still ongoing and it's pretty interesting. Also went and watched Aho Girl... Everything about it confuses me and makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life but jesus chri
  17. I'm only at Austria and I've already had 3 failed upgrades... If there was no such thing as bad luck I wouldn't have any. Not convinced getting the extras (reduced fail % and reduced cost) are actually worth it.
  18. Well...sh**. Should have known picking Mclaren was a bad idea from the start. I just hope they tweak it so that a McHonda can at least get close to Merc in the engine department. Bugged upgrades aside, the performance bar doesn't fill me with confidence of ever getting close.
  19. Bear in mind that Norris' time was set on Ultra Softs which weren't available to Alonso or Vandoorne over the weekend. He's still some way off either of them but not a bad effort. Glad to see Kubica does still have what it takes though, seemingly. Two race distances and competitive times, I see him getting that Renault seat next season if not before the end of this one. Fairly certain he wouldn't fare any worse than Jolly Pa11mer. I'm also not on board with this golden age yet. Ocon looks good but he'll have to start outpacing Perez more often soon. It's okay being right behind him but that'l
  20. Wouldn't be surprised if Kimi stays one more season. The most likely candidates are either confirmed elsewhere or in talks with their current team and likely to remain. I personally would love oto see Alonso go back and really show Vettel what a challenge is. It would also do Vettel a lot of good as well I think. I feel like 2014 could leave a question mark over him if he doesn't have a teammate that can challenge him again. Kimi of ten years ago would have been worthy but right now he's a long shot from his best. This year is also proving that Ferrari need to have two drivers that are consist
  21. I'm surprised the extra head protection got through in the first place but I'm even more surprised it's the halo and not the shield that's been decided. It's all already been said but I can't see (pun intended) how obscuring vision with that god awful thing will make anything safer. I know it's been decided but I really wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled again. I (and apparantly 9 teams and nearly all drivers as well as nearly every fan) bloody hope anyway.
  22. As much as I'd like Alonso vs Hamilton, Ferrari is the more likely of the two and even that's a seriously long shot. Bottas is on form at the moment so Mercedes have no reason to change him even if Alonso is the stronger of the two. Again, a lot of the driver market is going to depend on whether Kimi retires or not. It's probable this year as it's showing he's passed his best and isn't able to help in the constructors battle. I'd probably agree that Perez is the strongest candidate for the Ferrari drive but Grosjean is also a solid option assuming Alonso is completely out of the running. Sainz
  23. Been watching a few lately but one that's really captured me is Yona of the Dawn. Got, in my opinion, the perfect balance of seriousness and humour and I love the soundtrack and setting. It's only got the first season so far so I'm eagerly awaiting season two. No idea what to watch next though in the meantime. I'm going to wait for the dub for Dragonball Super so I've narrowed my choice down to Kill la kill, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Accel World.
  24. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Certainly a monumental step forward from that awful halo device. I could learn to like it.
  25. Finally completely finished Andromeda. I'm glad I did as it did get better as the game went on. I still don't like having to keep jumping between several outposts for sidequests but at least they're not all essential. I also still don't think it's anywhere near as good as the original trilogy but it's still a great game on it's own when not taking the trilogy into account. It'll probably just make me enjoy the trilogy more to be honest. Said about DLC the other day and having seen how they've clearly set up a sequel and the plots to DLC I would definitely get them. The quarian ark is the most
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