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  1. Bug in the dark night... Can anyone tell me if it is possible to play under these conditions?
  2. This bug occurred at least three times when I played Dirt Rally 2.0 in the PS4. The first time was playing with a Lancia Fulvia and again with a Subaru. The video I posted was when I played with the Subaru WRX STI. Below is the Youtube link
  3. Please could someone explain to me how the calculation is made for the points and races table. I finished races in 7th, 2nd, 3rd place and the stage table scores 27th, 29th, 26th while in the championship table 29th, 30th ... I opted to delete the PS4 game and reinstall again but the tables have not yet match the marker at the top right of the screen
    1. Tchewertz


      From what I could understand, the number that appears during the race at the top right refers to the “friends” ranking. If so, I would like to deactivate and replace with the "global" position, is this possible?
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