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  1. Hi, I reset my racenet data to start from 0 again. I want to buy only new cars, but in last 4 days havenť H1, H2, H3 and Gr. A and B cars new.. Only used 😞 Can i buy older cars as new? With 0 km on speedometer? I choosing that one with the lowest number on speedometer 😄 Thanks you for responding :))
  2. Fissye

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    @HoksuHoo but its not fair? Two cars and one is seq and one on H-patern? 😮 Like in Group A, all cars are manual H, but Mitsubishi is seq.. its not like fair
  3. Hello, I have problem with some cars. I use "Manual H-patern with Cluth or manual-sequentional" but some cars doesnt work well.. For example, NR4 Subaru is man-seq and i must shift by H patern renault 5 turbo is manual and i must shifting by squentional :/ These two is my main problems :( thanks you for responding :)