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  1. LtBoulton

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Chris, I hope you are still compiling the documentation for the community feedback. If not i just hope these points help the game. For context i am refering to grid 2019 on xbox one x. A few points the team may wish to address/add: 1. Rolling timed multiplayer lobbies. I.e. a visible 5 minute registration for a multiplayer hopper. These hoppers could cycle through modes, classes and whether ai players are included. (Drive club had a system similar which worked really well) 2. Time trial mode with in lap loading of nearby ghosts. This would allow community competition outside of the direct races. Quick loading next fastest ghost (within car class) will also allow player improvement and keep load times down which will help player engagement. 3. A graphics bump (not necessarily resolution) for the 1x. An option to drop to 30 fps to release resources for improved graphics could deal with the underwhelming look on 1x. The 30 fps if implemented well may give the racing a more visceral feel too and therefore add to the excitement. I hope these points are useful i am keen to see the game succeed as the racing is some of the best this gen. To do that though the multiplayer needs adressing quickly as it can only be shedding the player base through disinterest at the moment. To me these seem minor tweeks to what has the potential to be a great game, however i am sure in practice they would require a lot of work for the team. Regardless of whether these points make the cut i wish you all the very best and hope you get grid to where you want it to be.