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  1. wojtekjoe

    AI Difficulty

    I had the same in Vietnam and it Was mainly caused by too lower rear wing. While in Quals you use drs every lap, its tightening doesnt make such a difference as in the race where I was loosing huge amount of time on this very long straight.
  2. wojtekjoe

    AI Difficulty

    And how about wet driving ? After first season i had only 1 wet race (mexico) and while dry quali was quite ok, then on wet i was a second faster than the others
  3. wojtekjoe

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Hello, I would like to share with You with my ideas of small impovements, which in my opinion can make this game more realistic. Maybe You will find some of them useful :) - Better balance of resource points, or bigger tree, maybe 3-levels for each single improvement ? I mean to avoid situation when in the start of the season you are fully developed - Improved news, i mostly mean silly-season, who can move to another team, questions in interviews about that - more realistic transfer system: AI drivers to sign contracts during the season but starting in next wich results in decreasing amount of available teams for next season - AI diversity, which I mentioned before - a bit improve of commentary, like mentioning not only about races before 2019 but current in-game, like "last season in rainy GP driver A won against driver B by better strategy". I know that would be difficult but also great 😄 - Also connected to commentary: to Crofty and Anthony every session is "fantastic". Even if it was it would be great as they tell us a little about why it was fantastic (eq. 5 drivers within 0.1s), or just not to mention it was - more views of fans, waving the flags and transparents of drivers faces, especially after they win the race or Q. - team orders, taking to Jeff about that, so the driver 1 or2 status would be more than just points - and in My opinion (just mine) the f2 mode is useless, i guess it would be better to focus on making f1 more realistic and abandon f2. Classic cars still totally OK :) Thank You :)
  4. wojtekjoe

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    I realized i have another issue from my last season, it's also regarding AI but not drivers this time but team chief's. i was fighting for the title with Verstappen, it was really great, we were very close in championship table after every weekend, till the ending phase of the season, when Max started to receive grid penalties before EVERY race! It's very strange and unnatural, while in real life the team would change all needed components before just one race to start from the back just once and have fresh car and no penalties to fight to the end for the title. As the result i have won the title but I wasn't really satisfied while i know in real life it would'nt be that easy. Hope You get my point. This game is great, but obviously can be much better.
  5. wojtekjoe

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    If every year there is the same topic, then the questions is if Codemasters reads this forum in general ? I dont know the story of previous releases, because i've returned to f1 games after many years (my previous game was f1 06) and although the proggress is enermous, not just graphics which is obvious but career complexity, improving cars, speaking to engineers which is great there are many things to improve. In my opinion number 1 to improve is to make the AI more diverse. Every driver rides the same way, they dont take risks, go out of corner by late braking etc... The only car that can crash in the race is our own... This is really annoying.. And second most important thing to me is about realism of transfers (like player shouldnt be able to change the team to whichever he wants) and regulation changes: after 3rd season there were no changes in my career and i had so many points to spend... I first thought it was a bug, but after reading this forum i realized its not, but its really bad thing anyway... With no changes after season and 5 teams having their cars fully developed whick means they have the same level i lost my motivation to play on, while i cant improve my car anymore... Regards