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  1. I'm a new player with 40 hours clocked, didn't play any of the F1 games before. I spent the last week slowly climbing from D safety rating to S and it's just unbelievable how often the game's systems frustrate you while you're just trying to relax, race and have fun. I finally made it to S last night and went to bed pretty happy with myself, just to have the day ruined this morning. First race in S, a guy goes wide in the corner ahead of me, rejoins the track without any caution whatsoever, so I brake hard, swerve trying to do everything in my power to avoid this idiot but I still end up clipping his front wing, as he's taking most of the track's width at this point. As a result, I get an instant 3s penalty and despite driving flawlessly for the rest of the race, I dropped from S 15% down to A. Now, I know there's been hundreds, if not thousands of threads complaining about the safety system, how ridiculous it is and I'm just adding a few drops to the sea at this point, but I felt like I should express my frustration with the game anyway. If this system isn't improved/reworked over time, it will effectively put players off from playing ranked. It really baffles me how a developer like Codemasters can release such a system in its current state, it's outright stupid and PUNISHING to clean drivers who, outside their control, get knocked down to lower safety tiers and are matched with even more reckless monkeys. I even stopped trying at all in qualifying, as I'd rather start from the back of the grid, instead of being pinballed in the first corner and lose the rating. If Codemasters were aiming to create their own version of "elo hell", then safety rating is exactly it.
  2. I've started playing this game on PC and I'm only level 6, but I had this happen 2-3 times already and I was forced to alt+f4 out of the session. We were already on the grid and guy was shown as still loading, but funnily enough, I could see someone in front of the grid drive off