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  1. Awesome. I have to say it didn't take too much driving with the Legacy to make it my new favorite 4wd car.
  2. No it's not when it's unrealistically hard to see. Problem with this generation (well CV1 is actually getting a little old, showing it's age here) of HMD's is a poor eyesight even without the fog. Adding fog to it just makes it that bit worse. Currently I am adapting because I have no choice. But I would much prefer not to, that fog removes a lot of needed contrast from the view. Without the fog it would be easier to judge the shape of the road. Would feel closer to IRL.
  3. We have to agree to disagree. I do find it very distracting. Eyesight is not something I should be thinking while driving :).
  4. Maybe Vive has better contrast and it makes it easier to see? Exaggerating I am not. This is a good example from previous page: Looks pretty bad. The worst fog is exactly where your eyes should be when you are driving fast and planning your driving line and braking points ahead. It doesn't make seeing impossible, but it is very distracting and makes me feel like there is something wrong with my eyesight. The Finnish stages are very fast in nature and this makes the fog feel a lot more intrusive than it would on other slower stages, when you are driving faster you need to
  5. Another Finn reporting in. I too hope the fog gets removed from Finland. I find it VERY distracting. I am an Oculus CV1 user and in the headset it actually makes seeing at any distance very hard. It's on the verge of making the Finnish rally unplayable.
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