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  1. Intel Core i5-7600K at 3.8 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2070 Oculus CV1, Thrustmaster T300RS wheel, G27 pedals via Leo Bodnar USB module, Fanatec clubsport shifter & handbrake and G27 shifter as button box via Leo Bodnar USB module. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  2. I have this problem too.
  3. DLC locations are included in the career championships.
  4. FINPePe

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Awesome. I have to say it didn't take too much driving with the Legacy to make it my new favorite 4wd car.
  5. When I'm about to start a new season in the career mode, it would be excellent if I would have more control over which rallies are included in the season. I have a strong preference for the nicely flowing gravel stages, so I sometimes end up spending way too much time abandoning seasons to end up with one I can live with. Today it took me 40 minutes... Maybe add an option to randomize a new season in the menu, so you don't have to start the first rally and then abandon the season to get a new one. Or even better, add ability choose to change individual rallies in the season before starting it. There is also quite a big difference on the difficulty level against the AI depending on what class / car I choose to run. IE. I'm much faster against the AI in a group B car than in a group A car. I also always run the hard tires because they feel most realistic to drive, so it would be nice to have the ability to choose if I want to drive the season against elite or master AI. That way I don't have to retire every rally individually to get demoted back to elite if I feel like it's more appropriate than master difficulty.
  6. Interesting, thanks for the tip. I have to try this. It never occurred to me that enabling an assist could make the game a tad more realistic :D.
  7. No it's not when it's unrealistically hard to see. Problem with this generation (well CV1 is actually getting a little old, showing it's age here) of HMD's is a poor eyesight even without the fog. Adding fog to it just makes it that bit worse. Currently I am adapting because I have no choice. But I would much prefer not to, that fog removes a lot of needed contrast from the view. Without the fog it would be easier to judge the shape of the road. Would feel closer to IRL.
  8. We have to agree to disagree. I do find it very distracting. Eyesight is not something I should be thinking while driving :).
  9. Maybe Vive has better contrast and it makes it easier to see? Exaggerating I am not. This is a good example from previous page: Looks pretty bad. The worst fog is exactly where your eyes should be when you are driving fast and planning your driving line and braking points ahead. It doesn't make seeing impossible, but it is very distracting and makes me feel like there is something wrong with my eyesight. The Finnish stages are very fast in nature and this makes the fog feel a lot more intrusive than it would on other slower stages, when you are driving faster you need to be looking further ahead. Judging the shape and size of crests and jumps in distance is very important for effective driving.
  10. Well hello again! I have noticed that in replays the front tyres of the cars don't turn as much as they should. Same goes to the driver hand and wheel animation. It makes the replays look very dull and actually at first this made me think that the physics look way broken on the replays even if they felt fine when driving. I'm guessing this was done because a lot of the players will use gamepads or wheels with less rotation, so the replay might look funny to them because they can make unrealistically fast steering maneuvers. When I drive my lovely 131 Mirafiori in game, in car view matches with the physical wheel and all is fine and dandy. All full 1080 degrees of rotation is being used and I'm feeling like a boss throwing the wheel from lock to lock all day long having a good time. But when it's time to watch the replay it looks like an amateur is driving the car barely using the wheel at all. Looks bad both from inside and outside. Actually at first when I looked at the replays I thought there must be something seriously wrong with the physics because the movement of the car doesn't look natural and connected to the driver input at all, but then I realized that Codemasters probably decided to take about half (?) of the replay wheel rotation and front tyre movement away. Maybe add an option to choose? Or code the game so that anyone with lets say more than 270 degrees wheel rotation will have "full feature" replays? Also i would like to be able to choose to watch replays in full VR mode. In DR1 one the ways I used to show off VR to friends and family was that, first I drove a good run and then with some clever VR view resetting I actually was able to put them inside the car on the passenger seat! I was told many times it was a very exiting ride! For this to become even more awesome, the full hand / wheel animation in replay would make it even better ;).
  11. Hello! First of all i have to congratulate Codemasters on making the only rally sim that can compete (and IMHO win) the good ole RBR. My whole life pretty much revolves around old cars, tuned engines and driving the hell out of them both IRL and in sims. I can honestly say DR2.0 is the most amount of fun behind my sim rig I've had in years. But it's not perfect. Probably my biggest issue right now is with how the game simulates various gearboxes. Old skool stuff with H-shifter and synchromesh gearboxes are fine, but a lot of the H-shifter cars in the game should have dog boxes. My biggest issue is with the Group-A cars. They do have clutches and H-pattern, but they can be shifted without clutch IRL, which is not possible in the game. A dog box will pretty much accept any gear at any speed no matter if you use clutch or not. But in the game if you try to shift without clutch the gears wont go in. IRL driver typically will use clutch on a dog box only to make sure the box will last longer, but on a serious competition it's not usually used. This requirement to use clutch makes proper use of the left foot braking technique impossible. Here's a good example of the famous Colin Mcrae in the famous 555 Subaru: Some of the footage features a foot cam and as you can see no clutch is being used. Also cars with sequential gearboxes act funny too. They don't feel like proper sequential gearboxes. Most of them actually are dog boxes with different shifting mechanism, so they should act similar too. Now if you drive a sequential car it actually feels like you are driving one of the H-shifter cars, but with automatic clutch and throttle control. They shift way too slow and smooth. Also the clutch can't be used, it doesn't do anything when you press it. Clutch is a very useful tool on many situations when you need to either regain some balance or clutch kick the car. Also if you lock up your brakes and stop in an intersection without the clutch depressed the engine should stall. Now the game just helps you with the automatic clutch help. BTW that grpA Subaru has a funny looking small diameter wheel in the game for some reason. Not my cup of tea :)). Some other cars feature this too. It's kinda distracting inside a VR headset. Not the biggest issue thought, but I would like to see it fixed some day. Have you ever thought about giving the player an option to choose the diameter / type of wheel he uses in his car? Would be nice :).
  12. Yeah like I already commented on the another thread, that fog needs to go. In a VR headset it's on the verge of making the Finnish stages unplayable.
  13. Another Finn reporting in. I too hope the fog gets removed from Finland. I find it VERY distracting. I am an Oculus CV1 user and in the headset it actually makes seeing at any distance very hard. It's on the verge of making the Finnish rally unplayable.