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  1. Dehel

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Done ! pls pls pls 🙂
  2. Has anyone been able to fully test the backup? over a full week end (testing, full qualification, 50% race?) Me at the last test of an old league it didn't work...and I didn't have time to redo a test...
  3. @UP100I know you're not codemasters 😉 hence my last sentence 😉 I can understand your explanation, but I don't think that the 2018 AI was so robotic online...this year, it's violent, and when you touch them...they hardly move...and we're taking unjustified penalties...in short, it's too cumulated this year for me to rush to the next version... 😞
  4. @UP100 in your explanation we should understand ...that the problem is not solvable ? we have to wait for the PS5 ? ...whose latency ? the console ? the internet connection ? in my league we are 4 in fiber optics Whatever the reason, it makes the league game annoying, unrealistic, desperate, And what would already be a plus is if codemasters could say "yes it's true, we see what you're saying, it's coming from this, we're working on it, we can modify it, we can't..." in short, they hear us and talk to us. So we get taken out by a stupid AI ...and we have to start all over again because the backup doesn't work...well...when we were only playing online with our friends...now it's dead or almost dead.... Warning this message is not a virulent against you moderator and staff...just extremely disappointed by codemaster...
  5. @BarryBLCan you tell me if between Q1 Q2 and Q3 there are backups normally ? as there are no backup messages between each session... For the rest I would see but I only have one night a week to play with my friends...and to pass it to make tests is constraining... what I can say is that we had taken over an existing league which had a backup before Q1 (before the patch)...so take over Q1, end of Q1...no backup message...test of "back to main menu" ...let's start again...it's Q1 again...let's do Q1,Q2,Q3...no backup message.... We start the race...we go back to the main menu during the race (as if we had to stop playing for one reason or another)...and we restart the league...ca go back to Q1....
  6. it's almost impossible to show on video the AI problem especially during a race...( share during a race... no thanks) ! and no it's not the same in career mode...but it's just as impossible that codemasters by doing one or two league races don't realize the problem themselves instead of asking us for proof..
  7. @BarryBL We tried to resume a league after update 1.21 ... the backup still does not work! ... there is no backup neither between Q1, Q2, and Q3 ... and then no backup between qualifications and race ... we did not dig the tests because we only have one evening to Play! but I'm not the only one to say that it doesn't work .... where are you on your side on this point?
  8. My ultimate dream would be a private online mode ... where at the end of the season or even during, new contracts will be offered depending on the results as in career ... it would be even more exciting to beat your friends...the coop mode was a good start some years ago...but abandoned No actually my real ultimate dream would be a bug-free game;)
  9. I can possibly understand for the exit of the pits even if I think that a yellow or red flag would be set up IRL but a disqualification? : /, and I am convinced that in the event of a crash there would be no penalty on the starting grid ... I'm ok for a sub-section, now that I manage to put videos I would put each time ... too bad that in the highlight videos we cannot change the cameras because sometimes it would allow us to better see the problems in races ... for penalties or AI behavior, may be an idea to add: possibility to choose the camera in highligths videos
  10. @BarryBL the video of another case of penalties ... total loss of control and crash against the wall ... I get into it and I take a penalty of 5 places ... again in free practice ... without prior warning, I think that once again the penalty would not exist in a real weekend of grand prix In addition at the end I let the arriving cars pass, and in barely 5 seconds I am disqualified because on the pit exit ...
  11. I do not entirely agree with you, already I am not in qualification but in free practice, moreover it is not a return from the track but the continuity of a maneuver a little missed, the competitor has hardly rub my wheel and did not even move by rubbing me ... never in reality it would have been sanctioned with 5 places on the starting grid! in the game a simple warning, (moreover as in career) would have been justified
  12. I do not agree with you ... a penalty is never imposed when it is not voluntary or flagrant ... on my video the car is hardly bothered more ... and it is neither the qualifications nor the race ... and in the event of an accident ... a driver who makes a 360 on the circuit out of control is not penalized if another enters him ...
  13. I never had a problem of the genre in career, just like the difference with the AI of which I already spoke, I see only that in private League ... I would try to put the 2nd video with the loss of control and the pilot who enters me ... and if I have another example I would put, but I think that else we must have the case too
  14. No warning before this video, I did not keep everything for not that it was long ... but not none ... I have already had these penalties regularly on out of uncontrolled tracks where another enters us. .I even had a penalty once by braking a little too early in the entry of the pits ... the driver behind me gets into it ... 5 places of penalties ...
  15. A short description of the problem: Platform: PS4 Game Version : last one ( don't know the number ) Game Mode : Private league / Free Practice at hockeneim 4 players and Ai for the Rest in real F2019 cars What happened in the lead up to the problem? I recorded 2 videos last night of penalties inflicted in a stupid way ... this one, I barely touch a car and directly takes 5 places of penalties! unrealistic.. I can not put the 2nd video ... but I am in distress after a loss of control on a vibrator ... 360 on the track ... a car fits into me ... hop 5 places of penalties while I have no control at the time ... again unrealistic