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  1. Thank you for the honest reply. At least we have tried in this and several other threads to get the devs to implement it. Cheers.
  2. @PJTierney please, we want an option for "Lock to horizon" in screen mode. Just like it is enabled in VR. Argentina is unplayable in cockpit view on a screen, because of the constant bumping up and down of the vision, instead of being able to follow the road smoothly with the eyes. This is what a "Lock to horizon" option would help with for screen users. Thanks.
  3. staffeyx

    Issues to fix

    Please fix some issues in DR2: - Longer headlight reach on the road at night needed - Some visibility through the side windows in heavy rain needed - Earlier codriver calls on Scotland needed (even earliest setting is too late) Thanks for an amazing game.
  4. staffeyx

    Clubs don't work

    Hello, I get an error message while trying to open Clubs. "Download failed" or "Failed to communicate with server" If I try multiple times I can sometimes get in and do one stage, but after the stage I get another error message and cannot proceed. This has been going on for two weeks with some days being worse than others. Thanks
  5. staffeyx

    How long until Clubs are fixed

    Same here, can't access the clubs and several events expire today. This kind of breaks the point of competing in club championships
  6. I agree, on lower FOV settings it is especially bad, and frankly unplayable with so little adjustment range. (I run low FOV because it fits my monitors and distance) We need to be able to get lower and further back in the seat. Please make this happen Codemasters, or allow for third party mods to fix it. Example attached. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Group A, with the lowest seat option available. Triple screens spanned with Nvidia Surround. And it does not work to pitch the viewing angle down, because then the road goes up into the sky from where I look.