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  1. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 crash whit ego dump error

    Hi Matu, I'm not sure if you're still having issues but for me the game has been stable now for around ten days. My problem appears to have been a BIOS update not playing well with some other aspect of my hardware config. I rolled my BIOS back to a previously known stable version and so far everything has been ok. I can see that you're running an INTEL system however and mine is AMD Ryzen based. That said it's definitely worth checking if all drivers are up to date and the BIOS & chipset driver versions you're running are also upto date and known to be stable. StevieJay is really helpful here so he may be able to help if you post the info requested. good luck 👍
  2. Agreed re ASUS, I'm already looking at some MSI/Gigabyte X570 boards as potential replacements for my Strix B350. I've been very gradually adding programs, drivers and peripherals one by one and thankfully the system is still stable. I'll be reinstalling my wheel next and hopefully be back to crashing like the lovechild of Maldonado and Palmer again in no time.
  3. Evenin' Steve, hope you're well. After pulling my hair out for months on and off and my system stability getting worse over time (ultimately some games/apps were causing BSODS/locking up) I retraced my steps back to when all the problems seemed to start, either with this game or others and it was around the time I upgraded to the 2070 Super. Now it was becoming increasingly unlikely that the GPU was the issue but I couldn't think of anything else around that time that changed...until I checked ASUS site for my MB and realised there had been a BIOS update (to AGESA around 2 weeks after I upgraded my GPU. I flashed my BIOS back to the previous version (AGESA and so far, everything including F12019 has been stable. SO relieved and I hope my good luck continues here. Unfortunately ASUS seem to have pretty much abandoned support/updates for my board as their BIOS is now a good few versions behind where it should be so I'm likely going to have to upgrade my MB to something like an X570 at some point this year...most likely swerving ASUS is the process!
  4. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 crash whit ego dump error

    you're not alone, it seems a lot of people are having stability issues. many with higher end cards. I have a 2070 super and the game has recently become very unstable again. keep an eye on the forums here and look out for updates after the holiday period. If I find anything that helps I'll let you know. good luck!
  5. Thanks for the response Steve, you should be on the staff here! it's always worked fine with my Corsair Void wireless setup, really strange that seemingly out of nowhere the game became unstable again. At this point I'm getting kind of angry with it. If the game cant work with my shiny new Logitech wheel, my headset or anything else then I'd rather uninstall the game than any software/peripheral that doesn't cause any problems with other titles. I've sent all of this through to CM who'll likely get back to me after xmas/new year. I'll post any findings back here. All the best for xmas & new year Steve, hope you have a good'n
  6. Another day another issue hey. Been playing this series for years and never known it to be this unstable. I'm definitely not picking up the 2020 release unless things are drastically improved.
  7. and the game just crashed again, less than a minute into a SP race with Ghub uninstalled. No idea why the game has become unstable again seemingly out of nowhere 😫 crash_dump#584887-20191221-181036-0.zipF1 2019 Crash 21.12.19 2.txt
  8. well, here I am back here again! After the 1.18.1 update my crashing issues seemed to disappear for over a week, similarly the problems didn't appear to come back after the 1.18.2 update either. Yesterday I installed my Logitech g920 setup with GHub and now the game is crashing again. I've just uninstalled GHub and will test again soon though I've got a feeling the problem will persist anyway. Really tired of this game at this point and I'm close to stripping the PC and selling the parts, I've attached all crash, dxdiag and system info in case it sheds any light on anything. I'll also send all this info through to CM. Looking back at all the crash dumps over the last few months the overarching theme is an "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" any advice, as always would be greatly appreciated. F1 2019 Crash 21.12.19.txt F1 2019 Crash 21.12.19.txt hardwaresettings.zip crash_dump#584887-20191221-145154-0.zip DxDiag 21.12.19.txt
  9. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    yeah i'm running a 2070 super on a 1080p/75hz display so I'm already running everything maxed out without vsync I hit average 130-140 fps with everything cranked up. Who knows, maybe locking the framerate too will have some effect? Remember the 2017/2018 games having those weird stutter issues when using vsync? Incidentally I really should get a 1440p or 144hz monitor at some point 😫
  10. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Y'know I was just thinking that even though I use vsync @ 74hz maybe I should try capping the framerate too. I'll give it a shot this evening. Cheers mate 👍
  11. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Evenin' Steve, Sorry for the late reply, I had to take some time away from the PC or I think I might have taken a bite out of it by now. It is funny and very true how you mention higher end setups having issues....my 1050ti and 1070 never have any problems. My 2070 Super is an NVIDIA founders edition card which haven't had the best reputation so I've monitored it with HWinfo and afterburner for a while, though I removed afterburner as I've heard it's overlay can cause issues itself. I would crack it open and take a look at the pads etc but I've only had the card since Sept so if it is having a crisis I'll leave it to NVIDIA to sort it out. My system locked up briefly the other day and I found the attached errors/warnings in the event viewer (no thanks to NVIDIA). I've that I DDU'd the NVIDIA driver and reinstalled the latest one and my system seems fine. NVIDIA have gone from saying there doesn't seem to be anything wring with the card but RMA it anyway to those errors refer to the card so RMA it. I've asked them on multiple occasions if there's a benchmark I can use to prove that the card is OK or not and they ignore the question EVERY time. I'm playing other really taxing games like 'control' and 'shadow of the tomb raider' with no issues and after already shelling out over £80 for another ram kit I don't want to let NVIDIA potentially replace this card with a refurb unless I KNOW it's borked. I realise I'm going off topic here and I apologise but is there any benchmarks/stress tests that would confirm that card condition? It's already passed multiple runs of timespy stress test temps are all within norms and I'm going to reinstall valley, heaven and superposition tonight. With regards to your other question re stuttering before crashing...nope. No stuttering or artifacts so far. Thanks Steve Display Warnings both at 0749 this morning 22.1119.txtnvlddmkm error 22.11.19 0746.txtnvlddmkm error 22.11.19 0254.txt
  12. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 Game Crashing during gameplay

    how've things been CK80? Recently I've been having ego dumper crashes too. switched to dx11 and had days of happy racing until it crashed in a similar way. Not sure if this is an NVIDIA issue?
  13. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Thanks Steve, lots of useful info there. I'm running my RAM at it's DOCP (AMD's term for XMP) settings @ 3200Mhz, so yeah in CPUz/HWINFO and BIOS all timings check out. Great to be able to bounce info off someone so knowledgeable & helpful. Hopefully, I wont need this spare ram kit anyway but time will tell.....I'll probably have a whole new exciting problem with F1 2020 EDIT: Ah....nevermind, after all these days the game just crashed in DX11 mode after about 1.5hrs of gameplay. Same behaviour as the crashes in DX12. now I'm really stumped....and stressed
  14. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Much appreciated Steve, I think since F1 2019 wasn't crashing for me in DX12 until recently, and as long as I can play it in DX11 I'll wait and see what happens. I cant really judge recent events on the instability I had with 'The division 2' as one look at Ubisoft forums show how much of a mess that game is! Bit by bit I'm reinstalling my game library and will put in as much testing time as my kids will allow, if something does go wrong again I'll switch out my Corsair LPX kit with the G-Skills I have here. I'd be surprised if this doesn't end up being some kind of driver/dx/windows issue or maybe even AMD AGESA related (similar to the recent destiny 2 problems)? Whenever I read that people still chuck in mismatched ram modules I'm reminded of trouble I had with an earlier build when I found corsair would sell multiple ram kits with the same part number but different revisions that would cause all kinds of problems if thrown together. I learned that lesson HARD. One more question if I may? If I do swap out my Corsair for Gskill ram will I have to reset my CMOS via the jumper/battery or is 'load optimised defaults' from within the BIOS sufficient?
  15. TheRichie2k19

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Thanks Steve, Thanks for the advice. To be honest I think I've already done much of it however. Since the reset I made sure drivers were indeed up to date and I haven't reinstalled MSI afterburner (which I only ever used for monitoring anyway) or Asus AURA or any other non essential apps etc. Interesting point re the controller/webcam though I haven't had any issue with either peripheral whilst playing this/any other game before. With regards to RAM..As I said earlier I was having severe problems with 'The Division 2' in DX12 too (I haven't reinstalled that yet to try Dx11 as it completely BORKED my system). It was because of the problems with that game that I did the following the steps prior to my system reset; *DDU nvidia driver and reinstalled latest version *DDU nvidia driver again and rolled back to a previously known stable version Reseated RAM & GPU Swapped out PCIE PSU Cable *Completed 4 passes @ around 3 hours of Memtest86 and 2 runs of windows 10 memory diagnostic with no errors (I didn't test 1 stick at a time but I assume an error would still be flagged, I just wouldn't know which stick/slot was the problem). My current RAM modules are not on the QVL buuuut RAM support was greatly improved between Ryzen 1000 and 3000 series CPU's and their BIOS revisions and the QVL hasn't been updated in a long time. I have bought another RAM kit that is on the QVL but I'm reluctant to swap them out as I will lose a little performance and as only these two games in DX12 seem to have problems. Would I be right in thinking that if a game is unstable in DX12 but fine in DX11 and all other games seem to be ok that my RAM is most likely ok? AS you've suggested I've emailed all the crash dumps I have along with DXDIAG info to CM and they've said they're looking into it whilst being happy that I can play the game without problems in DX11 😏 Apologies for the long post, just wanted to be as detailed as possible