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  1. Dear Codemasters First i must say Congratulation to this Game. You need 2 Years to Copy 1:1 F1 2018 whats new in F1 2019 1.) F2 with a Short Career Story and the total F2 League (but you can never grow up in F1 League you Race for Nothing) 2.) Driver Transfer 3.) Visual Updates and new Car Handling And thats it, yeah thats it.. and for this you guys need 2 years?? The next is, you Guys have NO RESPEKT to the drivers the Dies. Niki Lauda a Legend, one of the most Popular Drivers in F1 Historie and i can not see one Austria Flag in this Game this is a JOKE. You have Official Support from the FIA! There is a AUSTRIA RACE and Zero Flags in this Game ***. Same for other Countrys. Hubert dies 2019 in Spa, i can See in his Driver description NO Tribute from Codemasters but new Stuff in Shop is Important!!! The next is your F1 2018 Copy: 1.)NO LASER SCANNED TRACKS IN YEAR 2019 why Codemasters? 2.) Same Reporters, Same Quesions 3.) Same Cut Scenes Pre and after Race 4.) Same Commentator and say always the Same Stuff 5.) Same boring Workstation with same Laptop same Menu 6.) **** this is all F1 2018!!!! No sorry this is incredible! You Guys patch some stuff in F1 2018 and Call it “New Game“ this is not a NEW GAME this is a better F1 2018 Patch. This Call a New Game is SCAM I write today the FIA a mail the Have guys the what are responsible for this. This is a BLAME Copymasters.