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  1. Ads220

    League in progress for 2weeks

    Hi sorry for this but now the league is frozen and can not be entered
  2. Ads220

    Suggestions for game f1 2020 improvements

    I have a few Console Full design option for helmets and suits Full car design suite maybe a few different options on side pods Sponsors for helmets and suits More old cars Brabham, bettenon,Toyota,jag, Tyrell,minardi,suaber, Old track or a DLC track pack,sepang, Istanbul,Korea,inda, Classic track dlc monza , Hockenhiem, Silverstone, Adelaide Fuji, Adia In race full power option from pits Quaily mode Cross platform access Pre season testing with car progress pathways and large points haul for season Both drivers accure points for development and lead driver arrange spend . Lead driver has say in teammate options Yearly contacts How about just a F1 total game and yearly DLCs for the rules change period
  3. Ads220

    F1 2019 - Helmets

    I wish like to see a bunch on sponsors either real or fake And please allow console a design booth please please please
  4. Ads220

    League in progress for 2weeks

    Thankyou all work Thank you
  5. Ads220

    League in progress for 2weeks

    Thankyou On Xbox league name is LNR offseason My G/T is hre220
  6. Please help . I have lost my league . Can not enter it always comes up with error and head page just reads league in progress . Have installed and reinstall no difference