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  1. And don't complain when Verstappen and Norris say "this is arcade, this is not Formula 1"
  2. Another year for casual players, another year of ****....thank you Codemasters
  3. Casual Pad gamers (the vast majority of customers) are not interested in professional leagues, They play just for fun in single player career or random multiplayer lobbies, so in my opinion the problem does not arise. But a Pro Pad player could get an unfair benefit in this situation
  4. News about F1 2020 ? Pad overpowered next year too ? šŸ˜±
  5. C'mon guys, pad is more performing on equal terms (by most important youtuber's own admission). We hope in F1 2020
  6. Another solution is back to F1 2018 (where pad and wheel were better balanced) Please don't forget this thead in F1 2020
  7. No assist pad is much much easier this year. 100% tested. The rest is just empty words
  8. If you are a bad player, you're bad with pad or wheel, but trust me, i use both, this year PAD is faster up to 1 sec. (depend on the circuit, for example in China pad has no equals)
  9. (F1 2019) PAD + No Assist = Victory Great Job Codemasters
  10. No, i switched to a wheel 3 years ago (always top 200 in time trial on every circuits), but this is the first year if i switch to pad, improve my performance up to 1 sec. Very sad...
  11. The situation is all the more serious if one considers that Codemasters is working with an important Company wheel like Fanatec
  12. Yes you're right, before the first patch balancing was perfect. But they want an arcade approch always and however.....it's a shame
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