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  1. Hey Ben, I've asked about fixing FoV before. Nothing is going to be fixed with this title. The Devs obviously think that having the correct view is less important than having a clean car! It really ruins immersion for me. Sorry there isn't any more positive news. Maybe you could let @CMTGK know how you feel.
  2. I agree with this 100%. @ChrisGrovesMCM any news that greater adjustment of FoV and moveable seat will be implemented?
  3. Exactly. I use cockpit view in F1 2019 and I can adjust the view to how I want. If this game uses the same engine (as mentioned above) this should be a quick fix that will keep those that 'take it a bit more seriously' happy.
  4. I know this has been mentioned before but the FOV setting needs a wider (lower number) adjustment range. I use a wheel and a full rig, I sit 60cm away from a 49" 32:9 monitor and the vertical FOV should be around 31 degrees. For the minimum 55 FOV to be accurate I would have to sit 32cm away from my screen or use a 90" projector! At higher FOV values the situation is worse. For proper immersion, sense of speed and braking accuracy, this is very important to set up correctly. I can't believe this is not an issue for almost everyone that uses cockpit view, maybe everyone uses huge screens,
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