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  1. I am now tired of always reapplying settings when I want to drive a single track now and then. I have not been playing your game anymore. You don't care, then me neither. I have tried everything, reinstalling the game as well, nothing helps. Why don't you force the game to check the .xml settings file exist in the first place? PS. This is most likely a Cloud Save issue. The useless cloud tries to get the settings file from time when I had GeForce GPU and they won't work with Radeon. This is my assumption. In any case, no .xml files exist and nobody is willing to upload them for me and I don't understand why. Are they sacred or something? EDIT. Yay! Issue was fixed via email with Codemasters customer service. This case was a classic anti-virus problem, even though I browsed Bitdefender many times. Also remember to find the 'dirtrally2.exe' and make it run as administrator. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Offline Multi Player

    Hi! I found your rather new post right after I suggested basically the same. Let's hope this happens!
  3. Hi! My simple suggestions to your game are: - Hotseat mode where you drive with friends next to you. You could drive against your friend in a custom event. Progress should be saved to continue later on. Multiple ongoing events should be able to be saved and continued later. Most importantly you choose the number of players like in pinball and after you finish one stage, the next player will drive the same stage. After everyone has driven then we move to the next stage. - You should be able to start a new career with another profile. My friend visits me from time to time and it would be so nice if he could play his own career. I understand if this messes up RaceNet results, so my suggestion is that only upload results from the primary profile and not from others. If the hotseat driving also interferes with the internet results, then just make hotseat mode so that no results will be uploaded, only comparison should be possible. Both of these suggestions are very simple to do and would make your game feel complete. Now it's just a single player with an online component. Please make these happen! Cheers!

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    @PJTierney My specs are: Ryzen 1700 16 Gb RAM Radeon 5700 XT Windows 10 x64 Game is installed on SSD on the system drive and has been never moved anywhere. After I swapped GTX 1070 to 5700 XT I got this problem. I first used DDU, then installed Radeon driver version 19.11.1 and haven't updated or installed any other version since then. To be clear the graphic settings have not remained with the Radeon card installed ever. Is this a driver issue or the game behaving wrong?

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    I bought a new GPU and now the game resets graphic settings every time I start it. This is very frustating issue. Please fix ASAP! Deleting the 'hardwaresettings' folder doesn't help nor checking file integrity on Steam. Steam Cloud is also not the issue since the settings which the game resets to are the very default settings. EDIT. I realized there are no files in the folder I deleted and which was recreated. Why verifying files doesn't download the .xml file? I disabled and enabled Steam cloud, but it doesn't download anything. There is no file with the settings now (.xml), could somebody send me this file please? EDIT2. Okay it seems the 'hardwaresettings' folder is write protected, so you can only read files in there. The problem is when I untap the option of read only and hit apply, after checking again the read only option is enabled again. How is this even possible? Codemasters fix your messy game please. EDIT3. This is a common and old issue across many Codemasters titles. Why is this not issued? https://www.google.com/search?biw=2226&bih=1118&ei=Q03QXdHEGeuFmwWrr5r4BQ&q=codemasters+settings+reset+default+site%3Aforums.codemasters.com&oq=codemasters+settings+reset+default+site%3Aforums.codemasters.com&gs_l=psy-ab.3...5506.6414..6495...0.0..0.67.469.8......0....1..gws-wiz.nRCD-BAyk2k&ved=0ahUKEwiR8sf3uu_lAhXrwqYKHauXBl8Q4dUDCAo&uact=5