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  1. Marko4455

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Give us 1986 turbo beasts...it's turbo era again, why we have only mp4/4...where's lotus 98t? Brabham bt 55, williams fw 11, where the hell is benetton b186????? And get a speed data for all classic cars...speeds of those we have are too low...every one of them was faster in straight line...or better option are gear ratios, give them back...
  2. Marko4455

    Classic Cars for 2020

    It is funny, why nobody wants...1986 monsters?? With swichable turbine pressure boost? If i am not mistake in f1 2013 was lotus 98t, why is now not??? It was easy drivable car...in real life it was ultra hard to drive it..and they should make that way Since this is the era of turbo hybrids..and we only have mp44 with turbo, what about others?? Bt 55, benetton b186, williams fw 11, or 1987 fw11b, lotus 98t..., those were crazy historic cars