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  1. so incredibleeee lol
  2. FlashStealth

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    the forum should be flooded with this threads !!
  3. FlashStealth

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    wait, wait, wait... you started good with this post... Just grid1 should be remastered, and specially to have back a good multiplayer !!
  4. FlashStealth

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    we need more people voting here !
  5. FlashStealth

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    yeah thx cm
  6. FlashStealth

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    You nailed it. After grid1 cm totally ruined the series. Grid2 was not a sequel, was totally different as physics and features (they don't even bother to put cockpit view)… Grid autosport i think is good as amount of content, still lack of basic features grid1 had… about this one… as soon as they think is ''enough'' with sales this game will be left alone and not supported anymore. Same old.
  7. FlashStealth

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    Maybe the secret of the community is to try to listen them before game release… how much time lost here for nothing ? oh gooosh we have to Thanks that finally ******* custom lobbies are here ? Did you remember the community, the real one, with all the guys who used to race and chat all the evening into the game? (and not the forum). Was a decade ago... that was the real community (GRID1)… here on forum we are just the most old (someone at least) and loyal fans who cm used to ignore… ah sure they are listening NOW cause the game failed hard… and people maybe think something is added just cause someone here is asking… LOL ah nothing against katzen is just funny guy… so thats why i put smileis on op
  8. FlashStealth

    Not On My Screen!

    you can say ''not on my screen'' also when you uninstall that thing
  9. FlashStealth

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    GRID: Dreaming of, version. Just imagine the grid game of your dreams, rich of content, full track set, tons of cars (included the all old ones like lacetti etc), full features set, everything like the first one, demolition derby, drift, 24h lemans and the best multiplayer ever seen on racing games… all of this improved to the maximum level and supported by the new photorealistic graphic engine (Dreaming Engine GFX™). Dreamed it ? Good, keep dreaming.
  10. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    and yet...
  11. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    The old school guys like me (and everyone who set GRID1 as refer point/measure for a good sequel) has long stopped considering Codemasters a money Worth for upcoming AAA titles. This company can only fool newborn kids (15-17yo) by showing them Alonso and some gfx filters Instagram style. People who want a proper GRID1 game, with the same style, amount of content and features, are still dreaming. This games are good for 5$ just to spend 2hours and uninstall it after one day, or for free into mega-bundles packs. This game was just a fast money grab, pushed it all the way on ads marketing and already abandoned from community… if you check on steam there are 30ppl playing it Worldwide right now. pretty dead already. Well done codemasters… custom lobbies and 2 tracks/car for season cannot save it from the oblivion. I feel sorry for people who spent 70 or more euros on Ultimate version on preorder LOL 🤣
  12. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    agree. This happen when fan base community have more (by far) hours of playing into the milestone game (grid1) than the average developers team… The community is not supposed to be a design teaching here or tell how some features have central importance. This is dev team job. They should already know that. So, that's why they screwed it so bad… designers and team managers are living into a fantasy world made of ''skirmish mode'' and multiplayer with AI inside... This game is dead, no matter how many seasons will come !!! Guys, better move forward !! Happy 2020 everyone.
  13. FlashStealth

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    you are waveing stuff around too much, is much more easy !! you want a multiplayer that it works and attracts people, and keep people playing and make feel comfortable the online mechanism ? just exact copy GRID1 multiplayer, is not all about custom lobbies !! is the Whole system that make multiplayer working. The multiplayer must be oriented to create this: - A main list where you can know at sight how many people are playing. - Custom lobbies as part of the mechanism to create multiple game options (OPTIONS), so customize everything you want (car, tracks, discpline, damage, laps, tuning etc). - a TEXT system of communication for human interaction (hear people screaming on mic is a ****, and a muted game is also a ****) - a spectator mode system where you can be part of the race since the lobby joining. - the player STATS system (yes!! this also missing, with who you are racing with, vicories rating, total km, car crashes, etc) - a democratic kick vote - NO AI around the balls Now i'm sure there is also other important stuff to say, is not only about the custom lobbies, is just the Whole multiplayer completely out of any entertainmet criteria. That list make a game balanced and accessible. So i'm sure introducing this feature now will not change much the game population…
  14. FlashStealth

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    absolutely not… if you want to try it, wait some heavy discount… 75% at least on steam…
  15. FlashStealth

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    My comments are part of the feedback. I'm glad to see finally custom lobbies are coming, not misunderstand me, i not want to take the bad guy part here (i already opened a lot of threads full of ideas and constructive feedbacks…), just as i said, is not enough, the missing list is still long and for me custom lobbies is something that had to be with the game since the beginning. Now let's hope is not too late to introduce them… And let's say… if people don't want AI… they just do not want AI ! no other workauround ''science'' based to reduce it.