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    The Positive Thread

    oh Thanks trees are bad… you give us that… we are so lucky...
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    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Agreed, i think cm is stuck with an old kind of development process and very bad design/marketing choices, add also they have tendency to rush deadlines… the result is big potential wasted. We got grid2019 after 5 years from gas and 11 years from first grid… and yet is a game with an multiplayer mode buggy and incomplete. I would like to know how someone can think to put ai inside multiplayer and think ''oh nice, well done'''... *** !! entertainment of a racing game is a delicate balance of many factor… you cannot just going forward filling holes left by rush and buggy design… ai inside multiplayer is big bs as the one they made into grid2 by removing cockpit view… they said ''only few people use it'' so lets cut from the game… lol
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    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Another wish. For future. The next grid episode (grid 5) should be developed based with community, with a official list of accepted suggestion posted and updated on forum. And maybe a wide beta testing with early access on steam. This should be a big project, maybe call it Project GRID (i know remind pcars who care), and should be at least 2years of development. No shortcut, must be the best in every aspect.
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    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    I now is early, the next grid episode (grid 5) should be developed based with community, with a official list of accepted suggestion posted and updated on forum. And maybe a wide beta testing with early access on steam. This should be a big project, maybe call it Project GRID (i know remind pcars who care), and should be at least 2years of development. No shortcut, must be the best in every aspect.
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    bingo !
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    Thankyou codemasters._. Bout time._

    kinda trolling guy…
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    ai now have negative lap times

    did you already tried reversegear racing ?
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    if cm not change develop method an early access game with community feedback would turn into a nightmare… just they will never do that.
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    i know, as i suppose they readed and ignored again. Is about transparency and can be good to build a real cooperation based on community. It feels like a joke, all people suggestion are so good and detailed, and everything ends with a "Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions". I think since people paid a lot of money for this half finished game, i think we must know what is the actual content taken into development from suggestion. So i'm not saying that all suggestion must be addressed, just cm should write a list of the ones they choose to develop. So at least we know there is a relationship customers-softwarehouse. Otherwise is just time lost. 
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    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    cm will release soon a patch… don't make too much expectations. This game is clearly not focused on multiplayer.
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi boss, just an idea for the thread, everytime i write a suggestion or i read something interesting from Others i have the vibe like is all wasted time ("Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions"). To make things more interesting and also reward our contribution, you should update the OP post with a list of all suggestion are actually taken into development, with updates on the status. This way we know what is going on with future patch and fixes. example: First patch hotfix work in progress contents, estimated release date .. .. .. : - possibility to have public custom lobby in multiplayer - on off switch for ai multiplayer - built in text chat - etc - etc
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    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    i understand him, i still think multiplayer is not the place for AI… is just a nosense.
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    this thread reminds me the wishes thread 🍌
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    There is so much missing ....

    where is this thread ?
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    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    i translate for mere mortals: The boss opened a clone thread to show you (torque99uk) appreciation. Cause most of the threads are about complains and critique, and its nice to see also some good content about gameplay, like good photos and videos. Don't tell me i'm wrong boss. 🦊
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    This is an old idea. Imagine the classic grid1 2008 remastered with a photorealistic graphic engine, with new cars models, more detailed tracks etc. (maybe new car sounds). Everything else exactly the same as grid1. So menu structure, car Handling, camera bouncing, online system etc. Then additional content with DLC: new tracks dlc and new cars dlc. The idea is to have back this classic, like the halo1 anniversary… why not grid1 ? And i think about some new features: - Interactive leaderboards (feature like cloud ghost car, replays etc) - Total customizable livery system with parental control. - No car power tuning, instead a total customizable setup for car Handling (suspensions, gear ratio, camber, etc all parameters of car). With setup upload online (and download also from specific player racenet account). - Nicknames as steam and avatar preview visible on track. - Nicknames gold color for long service player, example who have codemasters account 5year old or more. - No a single old feature cut, so everything we had is still there (text chat, spectator mode from lobby etc). - New penalty system for track cutters. - An infraction system. - Watermark for unfair racers, an automatic watermark when player get a specific number of infraction.. the watermark go away with 2weeks of inactivity online or no infractions. - Classic kickvote for lobby, with the number of times a player got kicket into stats. - leaderboards and track records replays avaible with browser. - Interactive stats panel for each player, with some social media account integration (YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc). - a gift system, gift for milestone achievements, example rare livery for racers with 10000victories etc.. etc. What i want here with this thread ? The first a community feedback, so everyone click like and comment with NEW ideas. The second i want that someone in charge at codies read and maybe think about it for real.
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    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    this is very specific, in this case i agree with you. I would prefer a kickvote option to cut out rammers btw. On Off switch is the best option.
  18. FlashStealth

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Can you explain me the purpose to have fake ai racer car on multiplayer ?
  19. This thread is not related to any comparison with grid2019. I just want to write some ideas. the goal is entertainmet, gameplay, racing, competition. Call me old fashioned guy, i think this kind of fun can exist only into a full features and well designed multiplayer game like the one we had into grid2008. So my idea is: A completely new game called GRID online, a free to play with some bonuses at payment. So, lets talk about details: GRID Online, Fully features online only game, no single player. Now, full feature mean that online must be designed by someone who know what i mean. So: - no bullsht, no AI cars, no flashbacks, no random quick match. - Just a fully customizable lobby system. - A main room with everything listed, the eye need to know instantly how many people are playing. Then good marks simbols to know what lobby choose. - no regional matching for lobby, just you can find everyone default online, no trick to set UK into steam game settings or things like that - THE STATS player system, is important, you need to track the stats, how many races, how many vicories, how many cars totaled, etc, etc. - KICK VOTE system. - the built in text chat - the spectator mode from lobby and on racing. - a free to play base packet of circuits, tracks and cars. Additional content at payment. - Full damage system (we don't need ferrari, let lost them). - Two different modes, tuned cars and stock cars. So two different branch of leaderboards. Not a separate lobby list, just an option inside the lobby. - Moderated Leaderboards, no fake time lap like 00:00:01 etc - Leaderboards showed into a new page on racenet from browser. - Stock cars can allow a minimal setup, tuned cars a full setup customization. (all parameters, gear ratio, suspensions, tyre pressure, camber, etc) - You can build your garage, keep your tuned cars, and use them into tuned competitions. - A meter for tuned cars, so example 4 parameters and a point 1 to 10 for each paramenter (so you can see other players car is more tuned than yours). - The possibility to save different setups to use into specific track, (you can load car setup directly inside lobby). - so on.. i'll add more Now this is not a dream list or something impossible to develop (most of the things i listed are already into grid1), i just want to share this ideas with community, and improve with other people ideas. Let make this happen !
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    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Okay. I understand your point @Leo Natan you are missing the OP and going off topic. Stick to the thread. We are not talking about what is fun or not, everyone cannot have fun with everything, is subjective. And the OP is not born to make stats about that. I open this thread just to write this idea and add other people ideas on it. Market analisys is not our job (even if i already done something similar), if this idea will take a place into development projects, codemasters will make the right choice about it on the marketing plan, and try to offer an entertainment for bigger audience possible. Of course a game never born to please everyone, there is a target. If grid series not fit your gaming target you should play what you like and don't mark as unrealizable what you don't like.
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    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Demolition derby and drift ''have to to'' with grid, people want it inside the package, so people will play it… read how many people are asking for drift and dd... The amount of money to pay is not something you can guess, is related to a market analisys. I know a lot of friends who are grid players here on forum, on Facebook and steam. So i have in mind clear what people want and what can be succssful. Just some numbers to you: around 100 gridders on Facebook, other 100 to flash team group on Facebook, 80sub on ytube (all gridders), 150friends all racers on steam and 130 racers on flash team steam group. I have a network of 560 people. When i say that just demolition derby, drift and Touring will fill up around 1000 people the first day of release, trust me, are not random numbers.
  22. Many people have the same questions, i think cause developers and the team (executive, producers, designers, etc) is everytime new with new people inside. And every year is smaller, so less people and more work… at the end you have to cut something, while this people are maybe making a grid episode for the first time… thats can explain why newer grid episodes lack of some content.
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    There is so much missing ....

    don't have too much expectation on that, will be a patch not a miracle lol
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    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    grid style drive mechanics is not terrible, is halfway arcade-sim. Just imagine grid not raceroom (i played it since was beta and is totally different). Don't forget, grid means also drift (huge fan base) and demolition derby. And grid Touring cars have also lot of people following that style… I can make a bet, a grid style game with all the good stuff inside, just this 3: (demolition derby, drift, Touring) you have Tomorrow 1000 people online playing actively. free to play is not free ! check on google how it works... I know lot of so said casual players with over 2000h of game into grid1... multiplayer is what keep alive a game, once you done with offline the game is done… multiplayer is infinite.