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    [SOLVED] Updating Race Driver Grid to 1.3

    I think moddb can be considered a trusted source: https://www.moddb.com/games/grid/downloads/patch-1-3-5 file is codemasters signed…
  2. Imagine Grid2008 maxed without Yellow filter ! Its everything more balanced. Grid2019 is not bad, compared look too much saturated.
  3. - no regional setup lobby matching (the old trick to configure uk as regional into game setup should be not needed anymore) - main lobby list public, with all the custum lobbys listed, who join online the first thing is to check how many people are playing. - NO AI into multiplayer, easy ! - and please we are asking for years built in text chat (everywhere, lobby and racing). - The possibility to spectate the race from inside lobby and inside race (retire, car totaled etc). Make a mega patch with this inside, enjoy multiplayer and grid2019 success. More wait more people will refund this game, at now is totally unplayable online. Big fiasco.
  4. FlashStealth

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    Classic circuits are Always the same, and right, racing on tracks is done over and over to improve skills. I can agree to have more tracks and more new urban tracks btw. to Have something completely new is a nosense unless you wish for Space Driver: Grid, where you fly around the universe trying to catch first the flag on the planet target.
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    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    Race Driver: GRID was a BAFTA winner ! 🙂 keep in mind that also
  6. FlashStealth

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    barely grid2019 keep up with graphics on GAS, no sense if they ''remaster'' it with the same graphics or worse… would be the first ''remastered down'' of history videogames lol. The poll is about grid1 cause was the most successful game of the series, and cause online was a real full feature multiplayer, where you can stay hours without the need killing time anywhere. Every side of online was covered, no need to list all features… you know 🙂
  7. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    this thread hurts me... thats my wish: I wish the TEAM who made the Race Driver: GRID come back together and make the REAL sequel.
  8. FlashStealth

    Bring back DEMO DERBY!

    funny part is that whoever did this thinks it was a smart move…
  9. FlashStealth

    Watered down damage.

    really ? this way next step can be a power limiter to 90HP to every car so everyone can drive the perfect trajectory line… 2019 realism should be only improved… full damage and custom lobby where there are enough settings to choose your game...
  10. Over the years i seen multiplayer of the grid series become unplayable. I think this is intentional. There is a big problem when you nail a multiplayer game (grid1), this make very hard to moove customers to new upcoming episodes. So they put inside new games an uncomfortable and unplayable multiplaer (just to say there is one). So after few week online is already deserted. I'll Always remember what happen to the community of GRID1 racers, game was alive and full of people, a game with full features multiplayer (ranked and not ranked online, custom lobby, text chat, spectator mode from lobby, national flags, kick vote, no regional settings to force for lobby discovery, and many other). That game multiplayer was CLOSED in 2011 due to 3d party owner of online servers expire contract, without a warn from CM, a word on forums or blogs, and without any apology after. Just closed and people f0c5ed. Funny… very funny. My opinion is, STOP preorder games !! STOP pay for beta and uncomplete games. And most important, don't buy game if there is something missing that previous episode already had, this set standards drop to the ground.
  11. FlashStealth

    Multiplayer modes

    you are young i bet… very few things will be addressed with a patch. Asking to Add missing features will require lot of time… and i bet they will try to sell it back as ''new features pack'' so you can finally build your custum lobby… years ago we used to call games with partial features and content DEMO version. Now marketing wasted our minds so we can buy a game with the half of tracks and features of a 5yo previous(gas) episode for twice of the money… Take a look into grid1... custom lobbys, ranked and not ranked, full options, kick vote, text chat, spectator mode from lobby, etc...
  12. FlashStealth


    ahah i remember, indeed was a lot of fun cut the track on spa ! Well, the whole idea is great… lets see if someone in charge take it seriously. Would be a jackpot party for codies…
  13. FlashStealth

    A Hope for GRID series

    Agree with you SRBIJAdeadyet ! Check the thread grid 1 remastered, i say exact the same, lets this idea grow big inside community people.
  14. i would love too if they will make a mega patch with everything inside…
  15. The old thread was not clogged… just the most viewed and followed… and i suppose that if was named ''why grid2019 looks so stunning'', instead to close it, they would have already pinned on the top page and i don't think any patch will going to fix graphics, trees etc... they will fix hopefully loading errors and something directly related to controls and adjustments (and major bugs)…
  16. FlashStealth


    Exactly as you said !! a plain and simple engine upgrade... maybe finally thay can nail it !! p.s. glad to see old racers, grid1 multiplayer online was absolutely the best fun !
  17. don't worry, “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”
  18. FlashStealth

    Welcome to the new GRID

    agree, we already seen all the focs given into to wishes thread and text-chat/spectator.mode.from.lobby ! And when i want to feel better i just take a look into the dirt section
  19. FlashStealth

    [GRID 2019] Multiplayer Thread

    i doubt first patch will fix features… look a tech issues sections… is enough if they will fix just a part of many erros…
  20. FlashStealth


    my comfortably numb thought… grid1 remastered would be a killer app racer, there is no competition… even now maxed the graphic look modern… (ye without Yellow tone). Specially multiplayer is the N1. No doubt about that.
  21. FlashStealth

    [GRID 2019] Multiplayer Thread

    i read about it on steam… just trying to understand better…
  22. FlashStealth

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    yeah waiting for Santa…
  23. FlashStealth

    Real Concerns Instead of Superficial Ones.

    you can state whatever you want, and at least this is something that make sense…
  24. FlashStealth

    Real Concerns Instead of Superficial Ones.

    You are missing a point… did you remember text chat on grid1 ? there is not private text message to someone !! if you write something into a public lobby the text rolls out for everyone ! So is the same as voice… there is no logic in your point. and who have something bad to plan i think there are better option out there than a not encrypeted built in chat ingame…