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  1. On 7/1/2020 at 6:12 PM, CaptainJack said:

    I referred to Bathurst because the exclusion of that one has been an issue in the past with one game although it might not have been a Codemasters game. But excluding Spa is completely ridiculous, back in Grid 1 we walked that track to learn every corner.

    Hello Eras how are you !!

    I start to believe grid1 was some kind of alien gift to codemasters... is impossible they really make it in 2008. :classic_biggrin: 

  2. On 7/7/2020 at 11:14 PM, Miatakias_GR said:

    After Grid's 19 failure i dont think CM will release a new game under this name.. Project Cars franchise will probably  the replacement for this target group..

    sounds like the end of project cars franchise is also arrived... 🤣

  3. 9 minutes ago, Leo Natan said:

    @FlashStealth So far, both Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 "definitive editions" are ranging from mediocre ports (2) to just as terrible manure as original (3). Mafia 2 looks worse in "definitive edition" than the original, due to shader nonsense, while the PhysX effects are removed completely, despite the possibility to implement them with compute shaders instead of PhysX. Mafia 3 is the same manure buggy garbage that was released in 2016. They didn't even fix the damn shadows in that trash. So what exactly does Codemasters need to look at exactly? With Grid 2019, they've accomplished exactly what 2K accomplished with the "definitive editions": lazy game with less content that looks worse than the original. 😂

    is just latest example, all companies are making remasters and remakes, the time is now.

    A grid1 remaster is a must, just that :classic_smile: i miss that multiplayer system, there is no other game with so much gameplay and challenge online. 

  4. Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster coming soon... another great on the list.

    RACE DRIVER: Grid Remastered is a must.

    Do it Codies. Success like that must be replicated. Buy licenses again, do everything is needed. I'm sure is totally worth it.

  5. 1 hour ago, _BorisTheFrog_ said:

    Tell me, if new Grid would have been released with a sensible price tag and ALL it's current content available at launch, complete with a proper structured championship (like F1) for the various classes and a similarly structured multiplayer setup do you think it would have been a suitable replacement for old Grid?   

    The one thing Grid 2019 gets absolutely right is the fact it feels like a Grid game and with a little more emphasis on structured racing my personal feeling is that it would have been good enough. 

    If that ugly hairy woman was instead a tall stunning blonde with big boobs and round booty since the first time you meet her, she would have been suitable for a ride ? 

    If you put inside grid2019 all the content, drop the price (now on steam offer at 16eur), rebuild feature set missing on multiplayer (on the top text chat and spectator mode) of course i would have take as good replacement... 

    Here the point, maybe a grid1 remaster is a good chance to refresh an incredible success on sales and have then the only multiplayer properly developed back online... car license or not... i think if they really want is not impossible.

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  6. A proper Remaster of grid 1 have 100% success rate, already inside top career and the best multiplayer. A well deserved BAFTA winner.

    All the people are asking for it. It can be with all the graphical boost they want. Just they must keep intact all the other things.

    License issues, maybe a workaround exist. Nothing is impossible. Is the only game from cm i would preorder right-now.


  7. So, what the f. i mean with this title ?

    Heard the latest news ?

    CRYSIS 1 REMASTERED is real now !!

    And this is the latest of a long long list. See for example:

    - Halo series (many of them) is remastered.

    - Skyrim Special Edition.

    - Resident Evil 2 and 3.

    - Call of Duty MW Remastered 1 and 2

    - Assassin's Creed all

    - Half Life 1 (Black Mesa, born as mod end up as masterpiece)

    - Half Life Alyx (not just a VR, is the Half Life universe coming back).

    - Tomb Raider

    etc etc (the list is very long)


    So instead to focus on next chapter of Grid, you should stop torture this series for a while. Get everything you can as resources and start a serious plan for the:


    Do it now, and do it carefully cause people cannot accept another screwup. If everything will be at the right place you can literally sell the f.ing hell out of it.

    p.s. don't you dare if you will ever remake the grid1 to cut off anything from the whole original feature set, must be remastered, not re-crippled.





  8. 38 minutes ago, Leocp said:

    Yeah, why not? A lot of people seem to want it, so it would be a really good idea.

    What's more, why don't they remaster the entire trilogy (Race Driver, Grid 2, and Autosport) for the current gen. 

    Even without online modes, I think this would be a no brainer for a lot of people. And it can please both who likes the new Grid and the ones who don't...

    wait, wait, wait... you started good with this post...

    Just grid1 should be remastered, and specially to have back a good multiplayer !!


  9. 17 minutes ago, Leocp said:


    So? What are we supposed to do? Keep telling them how great Grid 1 was and this one isn't

    Or try to tell them how to fix the game to make it better for all of us that already have it? Let alone people who are on the verge of having it.

    Obviously, if they even think about releasing a new game, they MUST acknowledge their mistakes in this game and make it way better day one! But in the mean time, we have a game barely released some months ago, a game that can be enjoyed my many, with just a little more work on it 🙂

    You nailed it.

    After grid1 cm totally ruined the series. Grid2 was not a sequel, was totally different as physics and features (they don't even bother to put cockpit view)… 

    Grid autosport i think is good as amount of content, still lack of basic features grid1 had… 

    about this one… as soon as they think is ''enough'' with sales this game will be left alone and not supported anymore. Same old. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Leocp said:


    Anyway... gotta say, I think I never felt like this for a game before, lol. Like ever. 

    With every update I feel like cheering for you guys, to keep improving and working on your game. You are so damn close! A few features more to create a really good racer.

    I think AI should be reviewed. cut

    Another thing that, for me at least, is a must (now that other things are outta the way) is the signature CM challenge mode, like in F1 and Dirt games. cut

    Oh, and last but not least... please, please, PLEASE, review the amount of money per race in free mode and online. cut

    Maybe the secret of the community is to try to listen them before game release… how much time lost here for nothing ? oh gooosh we have to Thanks that finally ******* custom lobbies are here ?

    Did you remember the community, the real one, with all the guys who used to race and chat all the evening into the game? (and not the forum). Was a decade ago... that was the real community (GRID1)… here on forum we are just the most old (someone at least) and loyal fans who cm used to ignore… ah sure they are listening NOW cause the game failed hard… and people maybe think something is added just cause someone here is asking… LOL 


    ah nothing against katzen is just funny guy… so thats why i put smileis on op :classic_biggrin:

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  11. GRID: Dreaming of, version.

    Just imagine the grid game of your dreams, rich of content, full track set, tons of cars (included the all old ones like lacetti etc), full features set, everything like the first one, demolition derby, drift, 24h lemans and the best multiplayer ever seen on racing games… all of this improved to the maximum level and supported by the new photorealistic graphic engine (Dreaming Engine GFX™).

    Dreamed it ? Good, keep dreaming. :classic_biggrin:

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  12. 1 hour ago, Omiley said:

    Then by all means continue your course of only 1 track per season and see how the community reacts. I dont think you guys understand how dire the situation is. GRID is a beloved series, and its announcement was highly anticipated. Launching the game in its current state says alot. Everyone who is a fan of CodeMasters games are watching very closely, cause if this could happen to GRID, how long until something similar happens to DIRT or F1 for that matter. 

    The old school guys like me (and everyone who set GRID1 as refer point/measure for a good sequel) has long stopped considering Codemasters a money Worth for upcoming AAA titles. 

    This company can only fool newborn kids (15-17yo) by showing them Alonso and some gfx filters Instagram style.

    People who want a proper GRID1 game, with the same style, amount of content and features, are still dreaming.


    This games are good for 5$ just to spend 2hours and uninstall it after one day, or for free into mega-bundles packs.

    This game was just a fast money grab, pushed it all the way on ads marketing and already abandoned from community… if you check on steam there are 30ppl playing it Worldwide right now. pretty dead already.

    Well done codemasters… custom lobbies and 2 tracks/car for season cannot save it from the oblivion. I feel sorry for people who spent 70 or more euros on Ultimate version on preorder LOL 🤣

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