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    Cross platform play?

    ahahahahah no way
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    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    they can still do it 🙂
  3. FlashStealth

    What i want to see in GRID !

    we never got any answer from codies, not even a ''no guys we cannot do that''. They don't read o don't even care. Seriously, what it takes to develop an integrated text chat ?? is a 5min job !! And spectator mode ? The same, is just 2line of code !! And i don't think mr. Chris Smith read the forum searching for cool ideas…
  4. FlashStealth

    What i want to see in GRID !

    community requests are transparent to codies, they will never listen to us !! we asked the for same stuff ooa for grid2 and autosport… we barely had cockpit view back and thats it. online will be the same pointless boredom ****, blind waiting or bouncing around busy lobbys… with no way to text chat hello or spectate meanwhile… i'll not buy that !
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    GRID pre-order links

    Hey Chris, links are all broken, they redirect me here: I don't know how is possible 🙂 p.s. pardon crosspost.
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    FLASH TEAM recruiting reboot

    The legendary FLASH TEAM is recruiting again members for the upcoming GRID 2019. The team is open to everyone, we just want to have fun playing online together. The group is made mostly of old grid1 players from 2008- 2011 years, (of course many of us are still playing autosport and other racing games from cm and more). How join the team ? Is easy, just add "FLASH'' word to your gaming tag-nickname and let everyone know you are part of the team. (this point is not mandatory btw ). The brand new club here: Then, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/146465425422731/ And STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/flashteamgrid Later in time we will have also a site with official members list and other stuff… for now just join have fun with us. Thanks. Jo.
  7. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I'm like a sleeping volcano ahahahah well just life keep me busy and once a year i check on steam for news.. i live in many digital worlds, so not easy to keep update everywhere 🙂 I'm glad to see you all !! And i remember years of grid1 playing was the best funny times online ever... I also i'm not very optimistic about this reboot. Marketing destroy everything touch it, and this happen badly to grid saga. Is a fact that codies was not able to replicate what made grid1 a masterpiece. So i already know, we are talking to the wind… anyway october is enough far to add this 2lines of code feature, for a company named ''codemasters'' lol should be easy. Let's see… and keep n touch 🙂
  8. FlashStealth

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I'm an old grid1 player. Years ago in this forum i said that grid1 can be considered as the 'halo' of racing games. Did you ever saw Jaime Griesemer interview speaking about halo ? that 30sec of fun he talk about is the heart of the succes, the fun and heart of the game. They can replicate the success, cause they not change what people are used to have fun with. So Codies can ''reboot'' the game, and maybe reboot the old fun also. I'll not be vague. I know exactly what is the fun made of, specially regarding the online side, the most important side and what keeps player join the game after years: 1- A lot of people likes tuning, and a lot of people like fair comparison (stock car without tuning) of time lap and driving-only performance. If you want to bring tuning into the game you should set the options online for tuned lobby and stock lobby. 2- Leaderboards, the challenge is about that. Leaderboards listed online only for stock car racing. Lobby with tuned car must be not ranked or must have a completely separate leaderboard section. 3- TEXT CHAT ingame and into lobby. Simple as that. Without text chat the game is mute. (you can't rely on steam chat !! ) 4- SPECTATOR MODE FROM LOBBY WAITING. (and text chat also inside spectator mode, as the old grid). Why that points ? Old grid was funny online cause you can wait to join race by text chat and spectate and talk and see what happen into the lobby. A game without text chat is mute, without spectator mode if you want to join the lobby where your friends are already racing you have to stare the lobby wall for minutes. This break the game and the fun. So you can bring all the news you want into the reboot, is also important to keep things that made grid1 a bafta winne, a funny game and the most populated racer online after years. (the server shut down kill it, otherwise people would still be there). Thanks. Jo