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  1. Just my opinion: - a new grid game is a good news. - the real grid game experience is long gone, lost somewhere in 2011 when grid1 was killed. After that the brand was tortured over and over without any compass or goal except for making money. - No pre-order, no day1. And as soon i see there is not spectator mode and text chat = shelf. - There is only a company on the global-market who can do worse than Codemasters.... and here we are !! so lucky isn't it ? (LOL) - we people should stop asking for classics grid features... nobody at devs knows anymore that lost knowle
  2. The first grid is still the best, a remaster would be great, the grid1 multiplayer is also the best.
  3. Hope some big shot guy or someone who can reach people in high ranks at EA (managers, exe, etc) read here this thread. There is a win-win easy job for you Here the instructions: - Ask someone to start the remaster edition of the ******* Race Driver GRID ! Don't even bother to make a market analysis, I'll tell you, will be an HUGE success. Thank me later.
  4. lets find The race driver grid remastered thread ahaha need to up it ! EA is coming to save us LOL
  5. Okay, i was thinking last night... how CM can be worse than that ? maybe Electronic Arts should buy the whole CM thing... OPS !! done... good for everyone with game pass at least...
  6. Hello Denys, everything is fine here ! I miss so much the old days 🙂 Is so clear to me how the only good grid is the first one.
  7. i think is the core grid-team compared to f1 team and other cm department, cause on the credits there are a lot of people included the ones who make the coffee.
  8. Check day1 and preorder cost of grid2019 ultimate... $79.99 (LOL) Grid 2 and Autosport are more next gen than grid2019, except trees and instagram sunglare filter and blur of course. Better and cheaper ? Any competition ? Buy grid1 for $5, is better and cheaper, specially for you since you never played it before.
  9. we never asked the perfection or a complete game... people asked to put inside into this so called GRID what was the usual GRID fun. People asked for demolition derby ? They made it into that stupid pointless skirmish waiting room. And many other examples, like AI cars inside multiplayer just to show up Alonso named car (at the price to ruin the whole online experience) and many other nonsense like that. (is a very long list). Is all about marketing nowdays, and don't talk about money, they are not a no-profit company ! There is always a better choice and it starts with leave game like th
  10. The game had the potential to be a real 2019 version of the grid racedriver. Try read some of the long reviews on steam, there are a lot of people explaining the details. Can be a good racing game and enjoyable for some hours of fun in single player, and for few money (under 10eur). If this is the goal, i would rate it positively too. People who loved the brand and the first grid knows exactly what is missing. And people who bought on pre-order the limited uber edition for 80eur was simply scammed.
  11. i call the game dead meanwhile 3 or 4 people are still playing it ?? ahahaha of course you are right, i should shut down their pc first !! LOL you cannot be serious, is that a new horizon of trolling or what ?? LOL
  12. You are still into the ''motivated and hopeful'' phase. As soon as you realize some few fact about this company you will join the ''screw all'' club. Good waiting for all that feature adding to the game...
  13. ...meanwhile at cm headquarters CM community managers: '' why that minetti guy is continuously tagging us on the forum ?" dev team: '' uuhhm we think he asking for that split thing'' CM community managers: ''what thing ?'' dev team:'' dunno, he posted a video about banana something... must be a BANANA SPLIT !!'' CM community managers: '' right doh !!''
  14. I'm your dream, make you real I'm your eyes when you must steal I'm your pain when you can't feel Sad but trueeeeee
  15. i see all the tag, not only in this topic. Is always the same. They don't answer, the ''selling days'' are over, there is no interest anymore. The maximum answer you can get, is ''yes, wee keep an eye on the forum guys, about adding new stuff not promises though'' or something like that, just circumstances political correct answer. Nothing for real. And i'm sure they will not ask the dev team to put again the hands on the game to add split screen feature...
  16. minetti why you keep tagging community managers at every post ? there is no answer from them...
  17. I only care about online, i just need to check if it's done properly (and you know what i mean). If not i'll pass.
  18. Your is very good attitude, looks like a bit a Ned Flanders type... I mean, imagine walk into a bar and order a cup of coffee, instead you receive a cup of petroleum... let's keep our attitude good and say to barman ''thanks the same for the effort, is not a cup of coffee okay but is still black and instagram photo looks good''. ''Here my 2dollars...'''. Now my curiosity is about project cars 3, i not know much info yet, looks good anyway, let's see if will turn to be a good racer.
  19. I partially agree with you here. And if you read old message of last year, a lot of people asked for refund for that game. And is the same warning of the OP. The criticism exist because me and many of my friends (and other upset people) we are the most loyal to the company. And we are asking and making post of ideas and suggestion every-time a game is under development. And every-time we are completely ignored. Read how many thread i started since spring 2019 full of ideas and suggestions... The company well deserve our hate. This is the time to lets say we wasted every ce
  20. Totally agree with you. The point is that CM is not making games anymore, is making marketing products with the shape of a game. And with this goal you can see how unplayable an AMAZING game like GRID1 has become in 2019 !! They ruined the original idea, the style, the damage model, the game mechanics, all the racers interaction are zero (no text chat). They put AI cars online just to show up the ******* ALONSO named car !! And after how many months to see the custom lobbies ?? And the list of idiotic mistakes into this game is so long, i cannot put everything to write a book. I
  21. not playing grid man, good luck with your request...
  22. blabla blabla blabla i'm an old customer and part of the forum since 2009 (the yellow and black forum shutted-down on the night of 2011 by CM for too much shame, it was exploding of complaints the day this company killed grid1 online community). You can say you opinion, is not your right to ask other to stop say anything. so go gently to **** off
  23. Achievement tab (and stats player?), custom public lobbies and adjust race length are something should be already into the game. Cmon !! Is like forget to put the wheels on cars and after people ask you say: ''see? we listen''. Meaningful features we asked, like text chat overlay, no ai cars online, spectator mode from lobby, demolition derby etc etc. nothing of that features was made after community request (all said in a development stage, months before release date). This features are not minor or secondary. Is what we ask since forever. Of-course agree with you about pre-orders.
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