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  1. On 8/8/2021 at 3:34 PM, Oscar97 said:

    Yes, maybe you should.

    OscarMotors its you ? 

    are you pointing out that i'm the only one here asking for old legacy grid features ? (big LOL)

    Too bad recent grid games are far from being good. Of course, if we forget what made grid a good game... then we can play every piece of **** they split for us in dozens of DLC.

  2. Just my opinion:

    - a new grid game is a good news.

    - the real grid game experience is long gone, lost somewhere in 2011 when grid1 was killed. After that the brand was tortured over and over without any compass or goal except for making money.

    - No pre-order, no day1. And as soon i see there is not spectator mode and text chat = shelf. 

    - There is only a company on the global-market who can do worse than Codemasters.... and here we are !! so lucky isn't it ? (LOL)

    - we people should stop asking for classics grid features... nobody at devs knows anymore that lost knowledge. 


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  3. Hope some big shot guy or someone who can reach people in high ranks at EA (managers, exe, etc) read here this thread.

    There is a win-win easy job for you

    Here the instructions:

    - Ask someone to start the remaster edition of the ******* Race Driver GRID ! Don't even bother to make a market analysis, I'll tell you, will be an HUGE success.

    Thank me later.



  4. 8 hours ago, Johnnnn said:

    PC3 costs more and PC2 has the same content so you paid twice for it. Dirt 5 is not out and is more expensive and you can use older assets from Dirt/Dirt rally.

    Grid 2 and Autosport are last-gen game, it was easier to build game assets before.

    I don't have a problem to say Grid was overpriced but I don't see any competition. Who can do it better and cheaper? I have around 40 hours in it already and still it's not boring at all so the price is OK from that perspective.

    Check day1 and preorder cost of grid2019 ultimate... $79.99 (LOL)

    Grid 2 and Autosport are more next gen than grid2019, except trees and instagram sunglare filter and blur of course.  

    Better and cheaper ? Any competition ? Buy grid1 for $5, is better and cheaper, specially for you since you never played it before.  


    1 hour ago, Johnnnn said:

    I know, I checked a lot of stuff about the game. The problem is it looks like fans wanted too much for the money. Everybody wants more cars, more tracks, more everything but it's not possible now. Why Grand turismo sport went out in that state? It's probably too hard to build a racing game today. It's not 2010.

    I could be wrong but it looks like it's not possible to build "complete" game for normal game price. Who knows. I saw a lot of ads in the game and it should be another source of the money?

    After all the game has everything for me. What other better choice I have? None. What about fans? Maybe they just wanted too much, I don't know but friend of mine played all Grids and he's very disappointed with the game. I am still not sure what is going on but I loved playing like no other racing game yet. Something there is just right.

    we never asked the perfection or a complete game... people asked to put inside into this so called GRID what was the usual GRID fun. People asked for demolition derby ? They made it into that stupid pointless skirmish waiting room. And many other examples, like AI cars inside multiplayer just to show up Alonso named car (at the price to ruin the whole online experience) and many other nonsense like that. (is a very long list).

    Is all about marketing nowdays, and don't talk about money, they are not a no-profit company ! There is always a better choice and it starts with leave game like that on the shelf.

  6. 59 minutes ago, Johnnnn said:

    I am late to the party because I thought reviews and people are right. Bought it recently for the test and I love it. It's so good and I don't understand why it got so much bad reviews. OK, I got fixed version but current state is very good for me as a gamer. Many ppl say arcade racer but it's not, I love the physics there. I just completed all base races and continue with the seasons. So good game...

    The game had the potential to be a real 2019 version of the grid racedriver. Try read some of the long reviews on steam, there are a lot of people explaining the details.

    Can be a good racing game and enjoyable for some hours of fun in single player, and for few money (under 10eur). If this is the goal, i would rate it positively too.

    People who loved the brand and the first grid knows exactly what is missing. And people who bought on pre-order the limited uber edition for 80eur was simply scammed.

  7. 11 minutes ago, CordedQuill42 said:



    1. A new person who hasn't heard much of the game yet, and has plenty of time to decide. They can be swayed either way.
    2. A person who likes the game and enjoys it, even in the face of criticism. They mostly remain silent and hide the fact that they enjoy this game.
    3. A person who hates the fact that people are still enjoying this game, and will be very toxic to anyone who disagrees. This is NOT a valid way to dislike the game.

    I am a person who thinks this game can be improved, and I am basically playing Devils Advocate. I understand why you are angry, but when you call the game dead when it STILL has people playing it, then you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "What have I done?"

    i call the game dead meanwhile 3 or 4 people are still playing it ?? ahahaha of course you are right, i should shut down their pc first !! LOL

    you cannot be serious, is that a new horizon of trolling or what ?? LOL :classic_biggrin:


  8. 3 hours ago, minetti said:

    All we need is season four with new tracks that they, after all, only transplant from Autosport, just like most of the content.

    Also, they should add the promised split-screen because it's a game changer sell breaker option.

    Cool if they unlock possibility to run multiclass races because now the choice of cars in free race option is very limited - need "all cars" option in free race.

    Statistics section is for improvement. It doesn't remember the settings you are looking for. It doesn't visualize car groups or tracks and it's very clunky to use it. People love stats imho

    will you help us claim the split screen?




    You are still into the ''motivated and hopeful'' phase.

    As soon as you realize some few fact about this company you will join the ''screw all'' club.

    Good waiting for all that feature adding to the game... :classic_biggrin:


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  9. On 9/4/2020 at 1:57 PM, OugaBooga said:

    minetti, you are a very aggressive fan boi

    good job, you deserve split scream

    ...meanwhile at cm headquarters

    CM community managers: '' why that minetti guy is continuously tagging us on the forum ?"

    dev team: '' uuhhm we think he asking for that split thing''

    CM community managers: ''what thing ?''

    dev team:'' dunno, he posted a video about banana something... must be a BANANA SPLIT !!''

    CM community managers: '' right doh !!''



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  10. i see all the tag, not only in this topic. Is always the same.

    They don't answer, the ''selling days'' are over, there is no interest anymore. The maximum answer you can get, is ''yes, wee keep an eye on the forum guys, about adding new stuff not promises though'' or something like that, just circumstances political correct answer. Nothing for real.

    And i'm sure they will not ask the dev team to put again the hands on the game to add split screen feature... 

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  11. On 7/1/2020 at 6:12 PM, CaptainJack said:

    I referred to Bathurst because the exclusion of that one has been an issue in the past with one game although it might not have been a Codemasters game. But excluding Spa is completely ridiculous, back in Grid 1 we walked that track to learn every corner.

    Hello Eras how are you !!

    I start to believe grid1 was some kind of alien gift to codemasters... is impossible they really make it in 2008. :classic_biggrin: 

  12. 47 minutes ago, BenRogue said:

    My fear with this is that it'll only get minor bug fixes and the season pass content and then Codies will move on, like they usually do. I wish they'd revamp their games when they're received poorly. Look at titles like Driveclub, which launched in a very rough under developed state, it received a near complete overhaul, got tonnes of content and features and has become a legendary racing game.

    I'd suggest you to do the early access model for future DiRT Rally and GRiD Autosport titles at least, so you get the community feedback before the game launches.

    I just want Codies to put more time into their games, cramming as many features in as possible. This game is so bare bones, it's as if you wrote a list of every feature from any previous games, then crossed almost everything off it! And don't hold so much back for season passes, it feels piecemealed

    if cm not change develop method an early access game with community feedback would turn into a nightmare… just they will never do that. 


  13. 34 minutes ago, MrMadArnie said:

    Lots of us have been asking for this but sadly Codemasters is unwilling to be transparent

    i know, as i suppose they readed and ignored again. Is about transparency and can be good to build a real cooperation based on community.

    It feels like a joke, all people suggestion are so good and detailed, and everything ends with a  "Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions".

    I think since people paid a lot of money for this half finished game, i think we must know what is the actual content taken into development from suggestion. So i'm not saying that all suggestion must be addressed, just cm should write a list of the ones they choose to develop. So at least we know there is a relationship customers-softwarehouse. Otherwise is just time lost.


  14. On 10/8/2019 at 2:08 PM, ChrisGrovesMCM said:

    Hey all,

    Alongside the usual tracking of your feedback regarding in-game content, I'm also keen to see what you'd like added to GRID! 

    Whether it's modes, features, a new option in the menus, or a car/circuit, feel free to drop your suggestions into here, which I'll then collate and regularly run by the GRID team. 

    Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions, but stuff like this really helps us know where to focus our efforts for future GRID content. 

    Thank you 🙂

    Hi boss,

    just an idea for the thread, everytime i write a suggestion or i read something interesting from Others i have the vibe like is all wasted time ("Obviously no guarantees that the suggestions will turn into in-game additions"). To make things more interesting and also reward our contribution, you should update the OP post with a list of all suggestion are actually taken into development, with updates on the status. 

    This way we know what is going on with future patch and fixes. 


    First patch hotfix work in progress contents, estimated release date .. .. .. :

    - possibility to have public custom lobby in multiplayer

    - on off switch for ai multiplayer

    - built in text chat 

    - etc

    - etc



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  15. 4 minutes ago, AGPxSnipeZ said:

    It's simple. The same reason why a lot of people hated Forza 7.


    There are people that hate to play against randoms on the internet, 'cuz people are arseholes and ram like idiots.


    So we want to play custom and 1 vs. 1 is boring as hell, so we like to add A.I.

    And to be honest, I don't think the A.I is boring. Just don't post suggestions without thinking about other people, who might like a specific feature.


    The proper way to change this would be an on and off switch.


    this is very specific, in this case i agree with you. I would prefer a kickvote option to cut out rammers btw.

    On Off switch is the best option. 

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