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  1. 31 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    That is generally impossible with games as audiences are so large and diverse.

    The teams do review feedback however and if there are common sentiments they are given greater focus.

    Look at DiRT Rally 2.0, and how things like Dashcam, Oculus SDK and more have come post-launch 🙂 

    agree, we already seen all the focs given into to wishes thread and text-chat/spectator.mode.from.lobby !

    And when i want to feel better i just take a look into the dirt section


  2. The rose tints in the glasses of the grid1 fans just doesn't fade does it. Yes was ok game but compared to autosport the handling is too easy and the colours are annoying. Evolve people. It only had such a huge community out of convenience because of the choice at the time. We just need a new Autosport with all those niggles ironed out. Text chat, spectate more tracks etc. Autosport is fantastic and I find full lobbies public and custom day or night most of the time on ps3. It was just bad timing because of next gen and not very long lasting support. Get over it, Grid wasn't all that it just had a better community
    i would like to agree with you,
    imagine autosport with text chat, spectate mode and a proper detailed working cars interior... and other few important things grid1 had since begin....
    I can make the bet here: nothing of this features will never appear into autosport.
    Much better push people to move on by open the wallet, okay then grid4 with text chat, cmon guys, "we made it finally", after 10year cm reintroduced text chat and sold it for gold.... and maybe you discover spectator mode is still missing.... maybe for grid5 maybe.
    This is the point. All we ask is already into grid1. A remake is easy and with next gen graphics most probable stunning.
    Nothing else to ask... autosport can be good, to me lookslike an indie game, interior of cars look better on gta4... cmon!!
  3. As always, you talking crap. GAS is not dead. I can play whenever i want for hours with good and fair players. Pll that are not hackers like you. I'm really glad you think that way, coz that makes u stay away from this game.
    I actually prefer GAS coz of Steam which doesnt allow idiots like u to create false identities, apply hacks and pretend they are someone else they want to put shame on.
    yes, i talk crap cause since grid2 i stop play that racing games, i'm a gamer on steam since 2006 (and ytube by 2007) and the only shit i done was into grid1.
    in spite of  many claimed fair, and by truth spoiled as hidden cheater, i never hidden myself. And i'm sure you don't need the list of real and definitely busted hidden punks as many was your friends.
    I stay away from autosport because i don't liked it as grid1, and if i will ever join some your lobby, first of all you will not recognize me, because i'm using my old stem account, and second because i'm done with that shit and there is nothing to mess around with you anymore.
    flowa, place the war hatchet with me, i really not have any interest to prehistorical stuff, move on and lets fun on games, is not real life and if
    someone push your car on the wall, is not your real car... so stay cool !!! :D 
  4. Can I just ask a question,  why would you want to race alone lol :)
    we not want to race alone, sometime happen for example at 5.00am u want to play and there is empty lobby, in this way u can start a game without do nothing into a lobby. The point is avoid games online walls, like all the time u join on already started session and the only thing u can do is stare lobby walls for 5-6-7minutes....
    btw grid2 is dead by years, autosport is dead too , this two games are an online failure, in the meanwhile if u chack tunngle maybe you can find more ppl playing grid1... is just the way cm made recently games, lot of lack of features, indie style details, and multiplayer short life.

  5. Didzis said:

    There's nothing wrong with DLC's, as long as it's not day one DLC and is for a reasonable price
    So you think that for real ? since grid2 you remember a different policy ? in my memory there is dlc day1 both grid2 and autosport, plus dlc is not additional content to extend lifetime game, was just a trick to sell the game piece at once. raising price trick with high cost dlc. and u think will happen in different way in future ?
    I'm enough of games made with templates, with bugs, lack of basic feature and splitted into many dlc !!
    nothing wrong with dlc. lol
  6. Features list to have:

    - Cockpit cam view with detailed interior (imagine grid3 without that... "a bitch please")
    - grid semi-sim style handling
    - slipstream
    - detailed hud
    - great damage model
    - real tracks and cars
    - text chat stream lobby and race
    - spectator mode from lobby and race
    - methodical lobby organization with few rooms
    - custom list sorted by host, with host kick
    - public list sorted by event with kick vote
    - both public and custom, ranked and customizable !
    - racenet cloud, to save on racenet account ghost lap times and replays and cars livery 
    - custom livery visible online
    - time trial with upload of trial record online leaderboards
    - all leaderboards visible on game and browser
    - show best lap times for all players at race end
    - weather system
    - pitstops, flags and rules. Safety car.
    - online nickname of racenet account and not steam nick !
    - improved wheel support
    - le-mans 24h
    - demolition derby
    - full collision settings (on, off and forward) for all kind of lobby.
    - Assist On or Off 
    - Manual or Automatic shift as users settings and not by lobby.
    - Full option for who join already started lobby race.
    - show name and flag of racers on the street
    - search for name of racers into main lobby
    - old style grid1 drift mode
    - female names
    - sector times multiplayer
    - dedicated servers
    - assist off for public playlist
    - new penalty system
    - more real tracks

    Feature list to delete:

    - flashbacks online
    - track cut penalties (or make community poll) 
    - no upgrade and tuning, one field level of game, and lap time challenge.
    - no region steam-wall, all the world listed into the same custom/public list
    - DLC (avoid fragmentation)
  7. We're working hard on some other things at the moment but a new GRID is never off the cards. Why not tell us what kind of things you would want.

    Maybe start a next GRID game wishlist and just start posting up ideas like the DiRT guys did?
    the whole forum is a living wishlist, but i can make easy, a good racer who assure us thousand hours of playing is racedriver grid. period.
    copy and paste from it.
    last game we got, claimed as community born (autosport) was still missing of a text chat (!!) and the spectator mode... two things so much important. Then delete the idiotical region lock on steam... NO dlc, NO car upgrade/tuning, no penalties etc... the old good one game we know...
    Lobby structure as the old one, online...  clean leaderboards etc...
    you can do that, copy and paste... once u know how make a good game, just focus on graphic...
    And please if you achieve that, once again, please don't kill after 3years just cause u make a fight with 3d party agreement...
  8. flash , you are not right that GAS is not game for full price man! Its great game with way more content compare to Grid 1 (tracks , cars etc) similar handking and physics etc... In my opinion its the best simcade in PC ....
    We miss text chat and specating mode but these features are under consideration for codies ... 
    I would strongly reccomended to you.. ;;)
    ahaha nothing worth full price, the game worth only if online "survive" after the first year.
    Next year, summer 2015 we will see if online is still populated... if not, and GA die short like grid2 is just a money waste.
    At now i prefer to keep the patience and wait to see what happen. 

    I mean i don't like jokes... "we listen the community" was the announcement, okay i don't want to over criticize, because there is a lot of good stuff... but pleeease fix car interior, i'm not going to buy a indie cheap... full price 50eur top game with lazy stuff inside ? no.
    And the text chat? is on the way i hope...
    And spectator mode ? 
    And a steam region lock workaround by default for everyone ?
    And vac is enabled ?
    And again with savegame corrupted ??

    cmon :D

  9. I'm waiting for text chat and spectator mode(maybe a working mirrors, but that would ask too much...), 
    this mean at least 2years LOL
    so i meanwhile this game will drop to 5eur and will worth all of that money.
    Is not a game for full price. I think for cheap is pretty good simcade...
    Grid1 is history, the team at CM who makes this game was great.
    Now there is time for new gen, maybe there is hope for another masterpiece...
    This days top racing game are elsewhere 

  10. (first of all, i not tried the game yet, i'm waiting for drop price and some impro for online)
    I think the first patch must have are:

    - Working mirrors !
    - Cockpit view with detailed high res texture
    - Streaming Text chat online
    - Spectator mode from lobby and inside the session.
    - Steam region lock workaround by default for everyone
    - Some kind of leaderboards moderation
    - steam vac system (if is not already enabled)
    - minor and major bug fix reported 
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