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  1. There's nothing wrong with DLC's, as long as it's not day one DLC and is for a reasonable price So you think that for real ? since grid2 you remember a different policy ? in my memory there is dlc day1 both grid2 and autosport, plus dlc is not additional content to extend lifetime game, was just a trick to sell the game piece at once. raising price trick with high cost dlc. and u think will happen in different way in future ? I'm enough of games made with templates, with bugs, lack of basic feature and splitted into many dlc !! nothing wrong with dlc. lol
  2. Features list to have: - Cockpit cam view with detailed interior (imagine grid3 without that... "a bitch please")- grid semi-sim style handling- slipstream- detailed hud- great damage model- real tracks and cars- text chat stream lobby and race- spectator mode from lobby and race- methodical lobby organization with few rooms- custom list sorted by host, with host kick - public list sorted by event with kick vote- both public and custom, ranked and customizable !- racenet cloud, to save on racenet account ghost lap times and replays and cars livery - custom livery visible online- time
  3. the whole forum is a living wishlist, but i can make easy, a good racer who assure us thousand hours of playing is racedriver grid. period. copy and paste from it. last game we got, claimed as community born (autosport) was still missing of a text chat (!!) and the spectator mode... two things so much important. Then delete the idiotical region lock on steam... NO dlc, NO car upgrade/tuning, no penalties etc... the old good one game we know... Lobby structure as the old one, online...  clean leaderboards etc... you can do that, copy and paste... once u know how make a good game, just focu
  4. Goodbye !! you done great work for cm community.
  5. Until people keep to buy that games at day 1 or worse make preorders without a piece of demo released... why cm would start to do that ?  You are playing a beta for a price of 50eur.
  6. ahaha nothing worth full price, the game worth only if online "survive" after the first year.Next year, summer 2015 we will see if online is still populated... if not, and GA die short like grid2 is just a money waste.At now i prefer to keep the patience and wait to see what happen.  I mean i don't like jokes... "we listen the community" was the announcement, okay i don't want to over criticize, because there is a lot of good stuff... but pleeease fix car interior, i'm not going to buy a indie cheap... full price 50eur top game with lazy stuff inside ? no.And the text chat? is on the way
  7. I'm waiting for text chat and spectator mode(maybe a working mirrors, but that would ask too much...), this mean at least 2years LOLso i meanwhile this game will drop to 5eur and will worth all of that money.Is not a game for full price. I think for cheap is pretty good simcade...Grid1 is history, the team at CM who makes this game was great.Now there is time for new gen, maybe there is hope for another masterpiece...This days top racing game are elsewhere 
  8. thats a great feature: delayed text chat up on forum, we love this kind of high tech.
  9. so, autosport don't use steam cloud for savegame ? vac is enabled ? whats the point to have a steam game so ? 
  10. flashbacks are not gaming mechanics for serious racing title, as tuning.tuning and flashbacks are kids features. and as kids i mean 4-6yo ppl.   
  11. (first of all, i not tried the game yet, i'm waiting for drop price and some impro for online)I think the first patch must have are: - Working mirrors !- Cockpit view with detailed high res texture- Streaming Text chat online- Spectator mode from lobby and inside the session.- Steam region lock workaround by default for everyone- Some kind of leaderboards moderation- steam vac system (if is not already enabled)- minor and major bug fix reported 
  12. and spectator mode.I'm cannot stare a dam windows for minutes before to play, waiting for the session end.
  13. lol there is a whole section here or check my signature...  
  14. i will play only grid2, i wasted my 25eur to make this preorder time ago.So i will play grid2 to wait for a price drop for autosport. maybe for 10eur on steam sales.... would be ok
  15. graphic settings for both are maxed ? cause grid1 seems the new generation compared... btw the old good grid1 developer team is elsewhere, so we will never seen again a grid game(sequel) like the grid1 style.They can do better, or can do worse. What we had into grid1 is gone. 
  16. blur is used because interior detail is low, so they blurred to trick the "first view" impact... i
  17. cockpit view "reintroduced" just as view.... you cannot call cockpit this thing, at 2014 for a 50eur game.A interior like that is okay from some indie brand games for 3.50eur. lets see with patch what happen... for me is not a day one, is a good deal after 2-3 patches with minor and major bugs and quality fixed.... and with a substantial pricing drop...
  18. No preorder for me too... this time i will wait, a wasted preorder of grid2 last time is well enough... p.s.  50eur on steam...  
  19. what u want to see from grid ?paddock girls
  20. first patch with streaming text chat + spectator mode from inside the lobby + reset steam region lock to global for everyone. if you can do that... dunno, maybe next year with a brand new autosport2 we will able to have a full feature multiplayer.Honestly i cant bear playing a game by mute all and chat through the steam layer with friends only. Steam chat is friend-to friend based and not something really part of the game.
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